First Look: Mondo Mint DMS300
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First Look: Mondo Mint DMS300

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The Mondo Mint DMS300 delivers a bigger, brawnier sound than the average iPod speaker system, but its unique wireless iPod dock is more a curiosity than a must-have feature.

[ Music ] >> How're you doing? I'm Jeff Bakalar, Assistant Editor at and I'm here with the Mint DMS300 from Mondo USA. The Mint is primarily an iPod dock but you can hook up anything via the line in jack or USB. Basically you could take your PC or laptop, Mac, hook it up through the USB port and then you basically have external speakers for your computer. All of the accessories in the Mint have a white piano finish. On top of the Mint you'll find all of the audio input selections, volume and power. The included remote mimics all of the buttons on the main unit. The main feature of the Mint is that it comes with a wireless dock so you can actually take your iPod plug it into this wireless dock and then transmit the audio to the main unit. The wireless dock isn't exactly wireless. It requires you to have a power cord plugged in at all times. Something like a rechargeable dock might have been a better idea for something like this. You are able to remotely control your iPod but you are limited where you can go. Overall the sound quality of the Mint is exceptional. It has a deep rich sound and was able to handle a variety of sources that we fed into it. Occasionally when the bass was a little too much for the Mint it did provide some sort of bass distortion but overall it performed very nicely. Unfortunately it doesn't offer any sort of equalizer, nor does it offer any sort of display. Also you can't output video or pictures from the iPod. So if you're going to do that you'd need a different product. I'm Jeff Bakalar and this has been the Mint DMS300. ^M00:01:48 [ Music ]

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