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Car Tech Video: Mild-mannered Chevy Malibu sedan features modern, smartphone interface

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Car Tech Video: Mild-mannered Chevy Malibu sedan features modern, smartphone interface

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Although lacking in the way of emotional engagement, the Chevy Malibu drives easy, and it gets the MyLink cabin tech interface, which emulates the style of smartphones.

The seven Malibu this is mild mannered as any part midsize sedan segment. Let's put -- modern soon for the best podcast -- With the Smartphone let's say to look at the -- fourteen sent him -- and check back. A midsize sedan is more about practical. -- that an emotional one. This got a car the entire family chimes in it's got to meet a lot of needs. Another semi valid -- does pretty well at all considerations to comfortable ride gets good fuel economy. And it's got a lot of interior space the design is pretty conservative this car really -- -- it's kind of the opposite of ostentatious. We see a lot of the standard -- design cues like does grill with -- bar right across hosting the bow tie. Been back we've got those big square tail lights -- they're using these days underneath we've got a McPherson style suspension in front. And -- we've got a four link independent suspension that's pretty standard stuff for this type of car which -- does a really good job of giving the -- nice ride. -- take a look under the hood and see what motivates and. It. Kind of everybody here we've got the -- engine for this guards at 2.5 liter four cylinder from. Chevy's go to -- -- it's got direct injection. That's raise fuel directly into the cylinders now it's -- -- about this is. It's not quite as loud as a lot of direct injection engines I don't know back flattering of adapters which you do -- a lot of these types of engines. As engine makes -- 196 horsepower -- a 186. -- -- -- -- -- the front wheels. In this adversely mounted engine it's a decent amount for this satisfies vehicle but the best thing now is. It turns the EPA estimates -- -- five miles per gallon city. 36 miles per gallon highway that's why I said we've -- -- direct injection engineer -- pretty efficient. Now this is of the holy engineering got for the Malibu. Chevy also offers a two liter four cylinder with a Turbo charger policy is direct injection Baghdad's sort of 59 horsepower total 95 pound feet of hard. That's a lot of power that's actually more than a lot of V6 and produce. But he also take a pretty big hit in fuel economy that'll get 21 miles per gallon city. Thirty miles per gallon highway -- -- gotten -- what is still economy got a lot more power. That's gonna mean into the some people are gonna want but those days and you'll do for better fuel economy all around I'll take a look at the cabin to with the -- really all about at the. Top of the stature I have a seven inch color touch screen this comes with a 795 dollar navigation package. And this interface to look really familiar to Smartphone users because it's all icon based position he's -- Infotainment system -- icons at the same size they look pretty much similar. -- going for navigation different audio sources phone different offline information sources here as well. On the sides of the bezel we have these capacity of touch areas here so I can go straight to navigation despite getting that. Or I can go to destination by hitting the side -- iPhone button here. And that -- back home they'll bring it back to this this icon view there's the source of area appeared for the capacity of touch Basil. And I don't really like this is much -- this doesn't bring up an -- screen this really. And a scrolls through toggle -- the different audio sources. So. He doesn't bring you directly about -- -- you gotta keep on hitting it can get through the different -- gonna go to the navigation area. I get this nice up pretty good looking map. It's showing me out traffic of course on the major freeways around that area here. Public see a little more coverage for the surface streets to a lot of navigation system dressing covering more surface streets of navigation are not really seen that I don't know if that's because there's no traffic problems and here right now or. It just doesn't cover that area now when -- -- enter a destination. I hit this area like I mentioned before I get a lot of options for destination IP address entry and exit points of interest previous destinations like it's -- even. Go to actual GPS coordinate entry I've also got this little travel -- this is a pretty cool feature like this a lot. But bring this out I can search through a lot of local points of interest these are businesses necessarily because there's things you might wanna find if you're gonna -- a road trip -- news channel looking around which will be interesting to see of course we got our. Phone area here and we got the normal stuff for the phone -- system integrated here. I can that tickled my phone book -- -- all -- different. Different contacts user visible on the screen here. I'd also hit via voice command button and bring those up but as they call Wayne Cunningham or something like that. And it'll -- the options for the numbers I have stored here in in place that call right away voice command in this car also works with navigation. And it lets you see an entire address at a single string which is nice but. I haven't been very successful with that I tried to stay -- -- the Alley run right now test chemistry. And that's a tough one for a lot of cars some get a better than others this one never got one so it's not so successful what that. The -- thing though is seven iPod attached here and also have a USB drive. Get of that and I can actually get voice command and -- play an artist or play a song -- -- an album so ultra right now. Play artist. Frightened rabbit. And it finds all the songs I have by that artist brings up I can see it's playing right now so. That's pretty cool and this car also has -- hands free but it is over navigation to have I didn't have a navigation system here any that's kids stuff. That's what the Miley infotainment system here one thing I should be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this last a couple weeks is they're gonna have something called app shop. I don't know if this is gonna just be in the 2015 Chevy Malibu and not on this generation or they might retroactively -- it'll be nice to see -- on the console here we've got the ship -- for the six speed automatic transmission this is that's pretty standard print the mission for this that classic car right now. I boiling this has is a manual mode which you know -- -- see that often so I put all the way back. And the manual mode. And it whether rocker's switch on top of the sister that actually lets me go through the gears. He is this in situations like if you're going down -- -- -- you wanna hold -- -- third or something like that they use engine breaking it down the hill. Or it may be some situations where you're going up -- a slippery -- really -- you wanna keep it in a single year without having it up shift and change of course it's your wheels cells take this up. -- -- error error the -- is really yeah but it's very very. And that's very appropriate for a mid size add one thing is engine does have -- I also saves energy content auto stop feature itself appears not gonna stop fighters on the it'll stop the engine where you and sometimes those features aren't done very well sometimes there -- definitely -- really. And that really intrusive but in this car. Barely feel it at all one thing we haven't started -- -- part of its entertainment and electronics. -- -- -- -- -- -- This gives us the rear view camera when it could reverse that blind spot monitors and little a little icons on either side here. If there's a -- -- -- Weinstein there's. That's a really nice to have there's also -- lane departure and alerts so pirated ripped across a lane lines like I was proud here's something like that they would definitely -- Must intercede between here and collision. There's a warning a wounded in the brakes for you and -- -- it morning but it is this camera looking forward as does the -- in the market system state camera. Man man if you're coming up on another card you fast sort. Of sort traffic -- distracted by something. Utilizing flash -- red light on the inside and video windshield and it'll give you alert. You know I'm gonna tell you it's time to hit the -- it is you're not -- current revenue. All right let's price our -- -- fourteen Chevy Malibu. This model in two LT trim. You know its port 25215. Dollars added navigation. Or seven or 95 dollars that get to the touch screen. And also we have the electronics and entertainment package but it does mean that collision warning and blind spot monitor your view camera and upgraded pioneer stereo system. That package costs 1007 and fifty dollars and with a few other options here Pope writes for this model there's 30125. Dollars. The Chevy -- -- a lot of competition in the midsize sedan segment. That's better looking cars like the Ford Fusion of the -- the students but one thing which came out and outgoing port to finally get what segments but it's -- one -- the better. My payment interfaces I've seen it's got a lot of good features we got that on -- -- -- -- -- problematic functions. That might sway you -- the parts of this time.

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