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Car Tech Video: Mercedes-Benz Blue-Zero
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Car Tech Video: Mercedes-Benz Blue-Zero

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Brian Cooley takes a look at the new Mercedes-Benz green car concept.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:08 >> There are so many kinds of power trains envisioned these days. All electrics cars, cars that are electric and gas hybrids, cars that are fuel cell, Mercedes is trying to put all three of those together here in one concept. They call this the Blue-Zero concept. And in one car, one kind of power train packaging they say they can do all three. So if it's battery only, 200 in kilometer range on the charge. If it were to be a fuel cell vehicle, 400 kilometer range on the charge. And if it could be set up with a gas engine generator and electric battery for electric drive, 600 kilometers total range. Everything goes down under here. Under the floor pan, it's where all of the guts of the power train would be driving of course right out to the actual. The packaging gives you great benefits inside they say because you're gonna put a really open space in a small car, an incredibly low dense center of gravity for great agility and handling and of course the usual Mercedes safety benefits. Now clearly, the Blue-Zero concept is exactly that -- a concept. But it's interesting how car makers are placing their bets on a variety of configurations for varying power trains. Nobody really knows which ones gonna win yet. ^M00:01:18 [ Music ]

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