Crave: Memory foam chair expands when hot, Ep. 118
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Crave: Memory foam chair expands when hot, Ep. 118

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A Belgian artist has invented a memory foam chair that expands when heated up. We take a look at a solar-powered scooter and try on the Predator Helmet for size. All that and more on this week's super futuristic episode of Crave.

Payment received -- the -- -- and this is great. -- The reinventing the wheel music pad yes that's the real name is a kick starter project that lets you use your steering -- it's an electronic drum -- The -- had links wirelessly with your car speakers in your iphones and -- drum sounds to your car stereo via an FM transmitter per line in Jack. The reinventing the wheel has eight sensors that can be set to trigger snared -- -- -- any jumps on you want. It also has sound effects like dogs -- larger -- how. -- The solar electric scooters -- when you -- crowd funding project that features a solar panel built into the deck of the -- The scooter can travel about twenty miles on a single charge and has a top speed of fifteen miles per hour. The writer can charge -- -- by plugging it into a regular wall outlet which takes about four hours to fully charge. Using the sun's solar energy to turn to scooter can take up to eight hours for -- full charge. Currently the scooters available at 15100 dollars for early bird ledgers. And will be priced at around 19100 dollars -- the creators reefs are 100000 dollar goal. While you're out racing around on your solar powered scooter you better have a cool helmet. A Russian company called NLL moto has created the predator helmet. The -- predator model starts at 780 dollars offering a bunch of extras including the protective face shield. Police are controlled -- Carbon fibre tips for the predators dreadlocks. Teeth. Into carbon fiber shell. Unfortunately the helmet is not certified legally for road use we would recommend actually wearing an on the road but it does look very cool. Belgian designer Karl -- it is an artist and inventor of the memory -- chair that assembles itself when heated. The chairs are made from a shape memory polyurethane or SMP which is -- material invented by Mitsubishi that expands when heated. After -- produces a new chair he's able to squash it down to 5% of its size for packing and shipping. -- be under open that a home it blows up like a balloon with a little heat is applied. This process takes about 10 minutes and -- well if you -- -- -- comfy chair. The Human Rights Watch has officially launched a campaign against killer robots. The campaign kicked off its efforts this week in London with a robot in parliament square handing out literature calling for a bit of -- -- weapons. The campaign to stop killer robots needed a press release its urgent action is needed to preemptively -- lethal robot weapons. That would be able to select an attack targets. Without any human intervention. Human Rights Watch is calling for an international treaty banning the development production and use of fully autonomous weapons as well as local laws against them. It's just in breaking news and you now -- Order Pizza Hut from your Xbox I repeat you can now order Pizza Hut from your Xbox that is all. India based designer -- -- cigar has been working on a prototype for the first ever braille enabled Smartphone. Cigar has been collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology in the LB -- -- eye institute to develop a Smartphone with the haptic touch screen. The touch screen -- and depresses transforming data detachable patterns. The hardware contains an intricate grid of tiny -- that move up and down to create text and images on the screen. To guard says the phone could be on the market as soon as this year. Sorry guys these are watching this show has always you can find all these. -- to cnet's crave blog X -- dot While you're there check out this week's crave giveaway we're giving away the Sony connect two portable media alert on him. Go to the blog and enter to win. -- -- abuses of its human brains.
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