Gaming: Mass Effect 3: Better with Kinect
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Gaming: Mass Effect 3: Better with Kinect

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Microsoft, EA and Bioware run through the latest game in the Mass Effect franchise, this time using voice commands enabled by the XBox 360 Kinect peripheral.

Mary Flynn general manager for virus anti trust -- and sure enough aspects treats -- it can now. Connect lets you use your voice to control the game. This technology doesn't control the environmental interactions lets you use demands for combat -- -- your conversation. With the Kinect I can stay engaged. And continued without pausing the game rhetoric. I just finished telling aspect through thick and -- and is absolutely incredible it's much more involving Alex don't have to point click I DCD screen in the middle of that note -- do is look at -- -- and they do it responsibly games quit. Really likely to precision actually. -- -- -- -- -- In the -- acknowledgment did help my games. But there is one of the -- singularity. -- It sucks -- up -- that's -- the aren't. Yeah I personally won't be buying Kinect just play this game.

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