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Car Tech Video: Maserati Quattroporte Cento

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Car Tech Video: Maserati Quattroporte Cento

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Special edition Maserati ramps up the cabin tech. We take a first look at the 2008 Detroit auto show.

>> [ music ] Yeah hi Dick? Yeah sell IBM, no, no,no sell the whole damn company. Right see you at the Four Seasons for lunch. That's the kind of captain of industry you feel like in this car. The Maserati Quattroporte Cento, Cento 400 because they're only gonna make that many of them, very limited edition. Right away you can see one beautiful touch, the pultrona frau leather with the diamond back upholstery. I haven't seen this since I last drove my 69 Mark 3, very nice. Now technology's what we're really here for. Check out the screens, 2 ten inch touchscreen LCD's in the back of the seats and these by the way, are just running a standard Windows PC, you can see as I move around, check out the menu bar, it's all very familiar stuff. That can connect to the internet because this car just needs a SIM card to then use 3G data. I think it's the first car from the factory that I know of that has a 3G cellular internet connection built in right from the beginning. That's kind of cool. Now down here you've got a slot or I should say more accurately, a tray for optical disks and that's really quaint to me because there are much better ways to play media in this vehicle. You'd find those in here. Here's a couple of USB jacks, there's an OX, here's an iPod holder as well. I see an SD card slot, oh by the way if you don't want to use those touchscreens, the thing I just took out of the way is a folding Maserati branded blue tooth keyboard. You can actually do full computing in this car on the run. That's pretty cool. There are many other luxury tech options in this car but they aren't quite as novel as what's back here. Now I'd say go get in line for one of these when they arrive later this year, but since they're only gonna make a 100 and they're a hundred and fifty grand to start, you probably don't qualify. Now I have to go sell General Electric. Bye. [ music ]

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