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First Look: Marshall Major headphones bring the rock

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First Look: Marshall Major headphones bring the rock

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The Marshall Major 50 FX may look a little gaudy but the company's rock tradition is safe with a premium build and exciting sound

Hi. I'm Ty Pendlebury from CNET.com and today I'm looking at the Marshall Major FX 50 headphones. While most of the current crop of celebrity-endorsed headphones, Beats, Simon Cowell's Xs and so on, a voice to sound good with pop and urban music, there are very few designed for rock and this is where the Marshalls come in. The company has been designing guitar amps for 50 years, and these headphones are designed to commemorate that. And like Marshall amps, these cans are also designed to go to 11. The headphones features sturdy build, are collapsible, and come with a cloth bag for storing them away. As far as looks go, these wouldn't be Marshall headphones if they didn't include some details from the iconic amplifiers. While the Marshall Minor ear phones look like amp knobs, these look like the amps themselves with the gold trim, a tweed-type cloth on the earpieces and the same vinyl that covers the boxes on the ear band. They're just okay comfort-wise but you can bend them to fit and they reject noise quite well. If you have an iPhone, there's a 3-button remote and mic, and the mic will also work with other smartphones. The cable also features a coiled section so they can stretch up to twice its length if you need it to stretch to the back of your computer for example. Sound quality is rocking as you'd expect with a very warm yet detailed sound that really suits heavy music, but they're not hamfisted or overly pumped like Beats. There is more midrange than anything else. Treble detail is a little bit reticent and cymbals can be a little bit splashy, but they're very well balanced overall. Compared to the Bowers & Wilkins P3, they're much more exciting and fun and also 30 bucks cheaper. If you're looking for a sturdy rock-centric pair of headphones that will match your [unk] t-shirt, these are the ones to go for. This has been Ty Pendlebury for CNET.com.

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