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This Mr. Coffee makes cafe drinks in robotic fashion
1:51 October 8, 2015
For $200 the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista has the power to create lattes and cappuccinos almost all by itself.
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Turning up the heat in the CNET Smart Home
2:07 October 8, 2015
We installed a couple of smart thermostats in the CNET Smart Home. Find out why we went with Nest.
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Build a toy car and more with this gadget kit from LittleBits
1:26 October 8, 2015
The New York startup's newest construction set tries to teach novices how to become expert tinkerers.
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How Microsoft's Surface Book could save Windows
2:01 October 8, 2015
Microsoft is hoping the appeal of glossy hardware like its new hybrid laptop -- which features a kooky bendy-straw hinge -- can bring...
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Dell tunes up its premium XPS line for Windows 10
1:33 October 8, 2015
Along with performance improvements, the XPS 15 is now the world's smallest 15-inch laptop and the XPS 12 2-in-1 is the first to get...
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The WRT1900ACS is Linksys' best Wi-Fi router to date
2:42 October 7, 2015
Dong Ngo compares the new WRT1900ACS Wi-Fi router from Linksys with previous champion, the WRT1900AC.
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Adorable smartphone robot RoBoHoN is our new BFF (Tomorrow Daily 254)
5:25 October 7, 2015
Ashley discusses an experiment to teach a drone to help a robot navigate, a special foam heart that could someday become a viable transplant...
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Vizio Reference Series TV has a 120-inch screen and costs $130,000
1:02 October 7, 2015
The bargain TV maker shoots for the Learjet crowd with this cutting-edge screen. And there's also a 65-inch version for $6,000.
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