First Look: Maingear X-Cube
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First Look: Maingear X-Cube

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Maingear's sharp, tidy X-Cube computer packs a mostly powerful gaming punch, but it loses a few steps due to Vista, and we wish it had a few more features.

[ Music ] >> Hi, I'm Rich Brown, senior editor for Today we are going to take a look at the Main Gear XQ. Now the first thing you'll notice about the system is that it's small, the second thing is probably that it is bright blue. As you can see main gear extends the paint job from the system to the keyboard and all the way to the mouse, definitely costs a little bit extra but it's a nice touch if appearance matters to you. On the front of the case there is a standard def DVD burner as well as room for another optical drive, along with the standard row ports at the bottom. Now other systems in this price range do come with an HD DVD or blue ray drives, so it's a little thing against it, that this is only standard def DVD. One of the things that impressed us most about the system was how well the main gear put it all together, this is one of the cleanest small form factor PCs we've ever seen and that's really pretty crucial considering how tight it is and with high-end parts, airflow in heat management really become an issue. Now probably does stand out part in this system is the G. force 8800 ultra card, this card is in videos highest end graphics card just on the market a little bit ago, and it gives you top end XP performance, we still found a little bit of a lag in Vista, mostly do it in video drivers but overall it's going to give you a great game play experience. Now on the other side main gear also included Intel's highest end quad core CPU, as well as two gigs of memory, again we've seen systems in this price range that have four gigs, so two gigs is a little bit behind the curve but still not bad and you are going to get great performance for the most part. Main gear also included a nice big 750 gig hard drive, if there's any feature missing though it's a WiFi adapter, you can get it as an option, you can see there is one extension port available, but there definitely are motherboards out there that haven't integrated, it would be nice if they'd include that feature and not lose the port. Overall this system a little bit pricey, maybe missing a feature or two, but the trade-off is really fast performance and really great looking PC. So I Rich Brown in this is the Main Gear XQ. ^M00:01:46 [ Music ]

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