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Mailbag: Mailbag: Redesign faster, monkeys!
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Mailbag: Mailbag: Redesign faster, monkeys!

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Good news for Linux people, our lazy Web designers, and that foul-mouthed Bonnie Cha, this week in your letters.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Hey everyone I'm Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mail Bag. The show where we take your feedback and answer your questions about the stuff we're doing here at CNET. I want to start off with some of your snail mail. First and this is the kind of thing I always find amazing, we got a postcard from Steve in the U.S. Army who wrote in from Iraq--may I say first, it's pretty awesome to get a postcard from Iraq about its archaeological wonders. Any way Steve says he trudges down to the Internet Cafe on his forward operating base early in the morning to watch Mail Bag, the Buzz Report and however many shows I can download in the thirty minutes I have on a ridiculously slow connection. He says keep up the great job and I look forward to when I can get home and see them in HD. And also he says you are not alone when it comes to the belief that Google will eventually lead to all technology to become self aware. A lot of us think that too. Steve thanks for writing. Thanks for using your Internet time to watch our shows and I sincerely hope that Google is the scariest thing you have to deal with today. Come home soon. Engineer Chick from the chat room sent a postcard from the Big Island her fabulous vacation in Hawaii and pointed out that on the Podcast central page at under the description for EIC squared, it says the two editors in chief oui. Please have someone fix that. Oh yeah. Thank you Engineer Chick I talked to Jason Howell and it's already fixed. And speaking of that page, Jonathan writes in, "Why do you hate us? Moreover, why are your web designers so lazy? It's been over a month since you redesigned and you still, still haven't updated No doubt you guys would have heard about the mistake. You've had plenty of time to create a new page and you've done nothing. If you really don't want to do what you were hired for then I'll be happy to do it myself. My eyes and the eyes of thousands of other visitors bleed--redesign the page already." "Wow, Jonathan it's not you okay? We don't hate you. We just have a lot of pages on CNET but I can tell you that we have a new design and it's currently in production; and if you want it to get done faster maybe you can all send me a bunch of e-mails and I'll forward them to the engineers. They'd love that." Okay in other technical issues--I've been getting a lot of e-mail lately like this one from Shawn. "Every time I watch videos on CNET TV I have to refresh the page because when moving from one video to the other, the flash player freezes. Don't know why but it's really annoying, and I really like the videos but they're just so darn hard to get at because of this glitch." And honestly I thought it was just that normal thing where people have an ad blocker on and it prevented the playlist from continuing after an ad. But then it happened to me and we realized it's an actual bug. It happens when you refresh the playlist like load up the Buzz Report or a bunch of cell phone videos while the ad is playing. So now that we know what's wrong, we're hard at work on a fix. In fact, it might be fixed by the time you see this--Hurray. And good news for Linux users who have a problem with our site because the flash menus pull down under the video player, version 10 of Flash just came out and my Twitter friend, Carl Brandenburg, reports that it fixes the menu problem on CNET TV. So go get Flash 10 Linux people. Hurray. In other important questions of the day, R says, "During the review of T-Mobile G1 did Bonnie toss a petty f'ing good and fast at around 2:45 in the video? Just checking." >> Over the 3G network and it's pretty good and fast. >> No R, no she didn't or did she? And that'll do it for this week everyone. Keep that feedback or send me a postcard 235 Second Street, San Francisco, California 94105. See ya next time.

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