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Mailbag: Mailbag: Prizefight flame wars!
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Mailbag: Mailbag: Prizefight flame wars!

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Brian Tong's iPod vs. Zune Prizefight brings out the fanboys and we've got all the good dirt on this week's Mailbag.

Hey, everyone, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where we take your feedback and answer your questions about the stuff we're doing here at CNET. You know what I love? The CNET Prizefight with Brian Tong. You know why? Your hilarious and angry emails about the iPod Classic losing its recent bout with the Zune. Let?s jump on in, shall we? Max said: WTH!!!!!! The iPod Classic 2nd generation sooo beats the Zune. The Zune is clunky and a mess. The software is slow in reviews, it is PC only and its Zune Marketplace has like no games, no TV shows, no movies and barely any music or podcasts. The ZunePad (better known as the (CrapPad) barely works to the touch of your finger while my iPod Classic 2nd generation works like a charm. So I came to a conclusion. Get a Zune if you want no media, have a PC, like a clunky interface and poor battery life, HORRIBLE included ear-buds, no accessories , and if you LIKE FRUSTRATION. P.S. Brian, Get some real world users to judge these prizefights. Donald and Jasmine probably feel bad for the Zune so they gave it a high rating. And Donald has a Zune. Not really a fair matchup!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ? Ubernator ? said: Hey Molly, That prizefight with the Microsoft Zune and the iPod Classic is ridiculous. This is a very unfair comparison. Tong said that the classic is like the ipod from 3 years ago and that is why Apple has an iPod touch whitch beasts the Zune. Then, there was one with so many cuss words I can?t even try to use it. And then there was this, from Matthew: I loved the prize fight with the zune v classic but I didn't like the "WOOPA!" at the end. Please bring back the old woopa!. Way to get the heart of the matter, Matthew. Anyway, Prizefight: causing controversy wherever it goes. Why do you think we do it? Real quick, here?s some tech support for Rob from the UK, who says: i love all your shows so when i got my first ipod (nano 4g 16gb) i could not wait to get all my fave videos on it using the podcast feature in itunes but all of them ( quick tips, insider secrets and the buzz report) have been zoomed on so there are bits missing from each side please fix this so i can see all the picture. thaks you Rob, Jason came across the solution to this ? it?s a setting on your iPod. Go to: Main Menu, Videos, Settings and make sure the Fit to Screen option is set to OFF Ok, moving on, we got some good feedback about our blooper reel videos. Ryan says: Wow Molly, How funny are those blooper reels? Thank you so much CNET for making me laugh during my finals. I liked Tom's obsenity reel, but my favorite part was Bonnie BOOM Cha saying "You're five!" to Brian after he made a sex joke on a Crave blooper. That made me miss Crave... and watching Things We Crave on CNET Live does not make up for it!! Bring it back! Sorry, buddy. But yeah, you?re not the only one missing Crave. Sigh. ANYWAY. Wogus says: We fans greately appreciate what cnet gives to us: fun, information and great things to do online. After watching the blooper reels, Brian Tong and [Molly] ended up looking more "human." Tom on the other hand... Tom we need to talk. Happy holidays Cnet crew! Thanks, wogus, but um ? what is ? [Molly]? Speaking of holidays, check out this hilarious Christmas card I got from RJ: Wow. How much does that chick look like me!? Weird. And finally, I don?t want to encourage people to send me presents -- seriously. But Joe in Honolulu? THANK YOU!!! AND that'll do it for this week, everyone. Keep that feedback coming!, or send me a postcard. 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. See you next week!

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