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Mailbag: Mailbag: Mac mouse attack!

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Mailbag: Mailbag: Mac mouse attack!

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This week, computer mice are of paramount importance, it seems. Also, CNET TV on an iPhone? Yes. Someday.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Hey everyone I'm Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mailbag. The mail is rolling in people so let's get start. A CNET TV fan writes in "I love watching CNET TV but since iPhones, iPod tooches [assumed spelling] can't support flash is it possible to watch it without downloading Podcasts like QuickTime or something?" Let's check it out. >> Hey how come we can't get CNET TV on iPhone? ^M00:00:25 [ Music ] ^M00:00:26 >> We're working on it? >> When's it gonna be done? >> Maybe sooner if you leave. >> Okay. Next up we got a lot of feedback about Tom Merritt's Top Five differences between Mac's and PC's, and most of it was not very nice. >> You spot on Mac versus Windows has a false statement >> Please don't purposely downgrade the capabilities to keep a stereotype alive about Apple. >> At least have some dignity and tell the honest truth in your reports. >> Have you ever took the time to figure out the Apple mouse? >> The Apple mouse does in fact have up to 4 possible configuration buttons. Worthless. >> Single click on a Mac? What? >> Completely inaccurate regarding the mouse clicks I have. >> Not informative, not fun, not to mention side scrolling built-in. >> Oh whoa. Okay. The jest of it was that Tom said that the Mac mouse only had one button; heaven forbid. I guess he was talking about the older Mac's, the chip with that one button model, but most of the new ones now come with the Mighty Mouse which apparently has 4 buttons and a scroll ball, even though some of the buttons are virtual or something like that. My producer, Sarah by the way, not happen that she has one of the old ones. But second see, that's why I try not to talk about Mac's stuff too much. I mean those Apple fans are lunatics. I don't know why you'd risk igniting the wrath of those crazy wack-job mouse loving Apple fans; they're just really sensitive. Plus you know it's no surprise they're mad; I mean it is a mouse. Who wouldn't get furious about a mouse? Okay here's Bob--"I was wondering why you guys always seem to forget Canada?" He goes on to say it's mostly abc.com and the Apple iTunes stores that shut out Canada, but hey Bob "We love Canada at CNET TV. In fact we do a show there on Depot-Tech TV; see, check out the opening. >> Hello Canada I'm Tom Merritt from cnet.com. Hello Canada; hello Canada; hello Canada; hello Canada I'm Tom Merritt--welcome to CNET TV. >> There you go; yeah Canada. And finally, Joshua writes "Have you thought of doing a How it Works, OLED's, Blu Ray hardware, wireless charging, et cetera type program on CNET TV?" You know actually we did do that; it was a show with Rich DeMuro called The New Edge 2.0 but I guess nobody watched it so maybe that's why Rich left. He was sad. Okay that's it for this week's edition of the CNET Mailbag. Keep your feedback coming--Mailbag@cnet.com or send me a postcard; thank you again Shaleen; 235 Second Street, San Francisco, California 94105. See ya next time. ^M00:02:41 [ Music ] ^M00:02:44

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