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Mailbag: How to spell 'loser': Mailbag

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Mailbag: Mailbag: How to spell 'loser'

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Why bad spelling will ruin a good point every time and whatever happened to Road Warrior, this week on the Mailbag.

Hey, everyone, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where we take your feedback about the stuff we do here at CNET. I thought I'd start with ... some postcards! Douglas from Aberdeen Scotland sent a postcard AIR-MAIL to ask, "Whatever happened to Tom's show "Road Warrior"? It just disappeared!!!!" Well, Douglas, Tom told me to tell you that he was on the road in L.A. and he got beat up by Mel Gibson, the original Road Warrior, so we realized that even though Tom may be on the road, he ain't no warrior. He just wanted it to sound more interesting than the truth, which is that ... not a lot of people watched it, and it took a lot of work to produce, so he moved on to other projects, like Top 5! Which EVERYONE watches. Good for Tom. Thanks to Emily, who sent a postcard from her trip to New York, where she saw Young Frankenstein on Broadway. Thanks, Emily! And to Sebastian, who sent a very eco- friendly letter that's also an envelope, there WILL be a podcast form of Geek Pop -- it might already be available by the time you watch this. And we're glad you think we're cool. Moving on to email, Bruce wrote to us and asked: did anyone consider to make mailbag a daily show. Would love it. love molly Aw, thanks, dude! And actually, now you CAN have Molly every day! Announcing my new show, Today in Tech History. (music) It's ... pretty self-explanatory, really, and it comes out EVERY DAY. Even on weekends. I do NOT know what we were thinking. Check it out on CNET TV, podcast coming soon. Moving along, Shamik wrote in: I'm 10, and I just wanted to say: Yeah! Right! A few episodes ago, you gave you producers "awards", Ferrero Rochers, and Nutella IOUs. But the awards were simply bookstands! (See the attached pictures.) Real appreciation. Dude, Shamik, check these out. These are REAL awards. They're Tellys, even! But ... you know. What does anyone do with awards once they have them? They make good book-ends, you know? Ayatollah wrote in about our latest Prizefight: Does Brian Tong only have 3 friends? on the latest prizefight he said that 4 instruments keeps the whole party busy, so he must only have 3 friends, or a three person party. What a looser! Dude. It's loser. Only losers spell loser with two O's. And if four people are playing instruments and everybody else at the party is rocking along and laughing, which they WOULD be, then boom, the whole party is busy. Do I have to explain everything? Speaking of which, b47619 wrote in to ask: In the video when the video is talking about speech recognition why did it say beach wreck ignition? It later changes to speech recognition but I am wondering why it said beach wreck ignition? Let's countdown the top five tech flops. Sliding in at number two, speech recognition. Forget light pens, we're supposed to be able to just talk to everything by now. And granted, this one is making progress so it might unflop, but for now, Window's Vista and telephone support aside, we are not where Star Trek thought we'd be. If b47619 were the only one to ask this, I'd let it go, but ... c'mon guys. Speech recognition? Beach wreck ignition? Speech recognition is ... really bad ... and it spells things wrong ... oh, never mind. And finally, let's end with this lovermail from Cyquest. For Molly the hottie, you should have your own signature dance, so everyone can start Heh, there's an idea, maybe I could do like ... uh. Yeah. No. I'm not gonna do that. But thanks, Cyquest. That's really sweet. And that about does it for this week. Keep that feedback coming. Mailbag@cnet.com, or send me a postcard. 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. See you next time.

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