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Mailbag: Mailbag: How to get a CNET sticker

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Mailbag: Mailbag: How to get a CNET sticker

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Why CNET's logos are all over CNN (and where else you'll find us), what happened to our podcast feeds and "Planet CNET," and how to get a CNET sticker, this week in your mail.

Hello, everyone! I?m Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mailbag! This is the show where we read your email, open your packages, answer your questions, and let you complain about all the things we?re doing wrong. Let?s get started with this week?s Burning Question! What is up with the podcast feeds? John and others said: What happened to your podcast feeds on January 29th? When I launches iTunes, instead of the usual All CNET HD Podcasts feed, some strange RSSmix.com MIX#?84353 or something appeared with all the CNET videos in it. WTF?! Something similar happened to the BOL feed as well. It's all fine now, but please, don't let this happen again. Well, John, as with so many things in life, it?s Google?s fault. See, we use Yahoo Pipes to combine all of our feeds into each uber-feed. And then we use Feedburner to give them their podcast tags and all of that. And then Google, which bought Feedburner in 2007, just moved it onto their internal infrastructure, and that totally broke Feedburner's communication with Yahoo Pipes feeds. So then Jason had to reconstruct the uber-feeds with RSS Mix while Google works on the Pipes/Feedburner issue. PHEW. Hey, but did you know you can subscribe to feeds that deliver ALL the audio or video podcasts that CNET puts out? Yeah! It?s cool! Podcast.cnet.com. They?re working fine now. Now an update on a previous burning question. Matt says: You mentioned on a Mailbag that the reason we couldn't get CNET stickers for our laptops was because they didn't send you any, and that they were never going to send you any. But on the Quick Tip where Tom Merritt shows us how to get Windows 7, has a CNET (new logo) sticker on his thinkpad! Tell us the truth about the stickers, Molly! The truth is, Matt, we finally got new stickers! YES! I have some! IF you want one, email me your address at mailbag@cnet.com, and I will do my best to send them in a timely fashion. Ok, ANOTHER burning question about CNET TV. MANY people asked, like Sherman did: since kara is no longer with cnet, who will host planet cnet? planet cnet give different trends & clues around the world. it is a good show. so will cnet bring it back? The show?s on hiatus right now because, yeah, we have to figure out who?s going to host it! But I?ll keep you posted and it?s good to know there are fans out there who want it back. In other CNET information, Paul says: Holy Cow Molly! Cnet logos are found everywhere on cnn.com! How crazy is this? Cheers and Booze for everyone @ cnet! You guys did it! Heh. We have arrived! Thanks for noticing, Paul! Actually, yeah, CNET?s tech news and information is so awesome that we have a whole content-sharing arrangement with CNN and MSN, and other sites, like the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, AOL, USAToday.com, and YahooTech. Why? Because we?re awesome. Everybody knows it. (Ok, that was annoying. Sorry.) A little Boxee tip resulted from last week?s show. Chris lets us know: I just wanted you to know that you can get CNET on boxee. Its not built in, but it can be added through your RSS video feeds. It doesnt work perfectly, but it works pretty well. I use it all the time. Nice! Thanks, Chris! That?ll work until we get something more pretty going on up there. And finally, a little tiny lovermail. Molly, One thing: You looked lovely on Buzz Report (01/30 Episode) just... Wow :) Have an excellent week! Cheers from M�xico Marco Aw. Thank you Marco! It?s because I just returned from YOUR home country, and I have a good tan. Ok, enough flattery for one week. Keep that mail coming! Email me at Mailbag@cnet.com, or send your snail mail to 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. All I got this week was this PMA catalog. Hook me up! And thanks for watching.

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