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Mailbag: Mailbag: CNET stickers are coming!

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Mailbag: Mailbag: CNET stickers are coming!

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The stickers are in the mail (and hopefully headed to the CNET store), and we've got tips on how to make our HD video look even better.

Hello, everyone! I?m Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where we read your feedback, answer your questions, and even open your sketchy snail-mail packages. Let?s get to your emails, shall we? Let?s see, I?ve got a good stack of them here ? I want a sticker Give me a sticker Could I have a sticker, please? I would love to have a CNET sticker! Seeking CNET STICKERS!! Ok ? well. I?d better not do that sticker thing again, because this show is only as good as your email, you know what I?m saying? Anyway, we?re sending stickers to about the first 100 people who asked for them, and then we ran out. But I THINK they might be available soon in the CNET store, and I?ll let you know when you can buy them yourselves. Don?t worry, they?re not that expensive. Oh, one thing I want to warn you about before you go slapping these stickers on your laptops: they don?t seem to come off too easily. So, just keep that in mind. Ok, here is some of the other non-sticker-related email I received this week: This Valentine's Day, say it all with iPod touch. (That?s from Apple.) Hey, Mailbag, check out my Facebook page! And: Need to send big email campaign? We can help! Moving on from STICKERS, here are some birthday wishes to Loaded, which had its one-year anniversary last week. Marshal Ray says: Natali: Happy Birthday to your show! It's been a pleasure watching your technology reports the past year. They're always very interesting and often entertaining. You've done a fine job at CNET and CBS both. Although I don't know when your birthday is(probably not yet this year)I'll wish you a happy b-day in advance. That?s very nice, Marshal! Dan has a question about CNET TV streaming: Whenever I click the watch in HD link under the video(or whenever watching any HD video), it gets choppy. I'm wondering is it my computer or is it Firefox? I have 4GB of Ram and a 2.5ghz processor (vista). Well, Dan, it could be your bandwidth. To run HD video, you need at least a 2.5 megabit- per-second connection. Your computer has enough RAM, although a 3GHz processor is recommended for our HD streaming. One trick, though ? for those slower computers, try going to full screen. The computer and video card actually optimize better for the bigger image ? even though I know it sounds weird. Also try upgrading to Flash 10. Let me know if it helps, and good luck! And finally, some hilarious ? hater? Mail? I guess? From apolune 2009, who says: Something must be done to conceal Ms. Wood's arms. They are freakishly long, and those elbows look lethal. Can't watch the video -- she is just too distracting. I?ve never heard that one before. Ok! That?s it for this week, send me your non-sticker- related questions and comments at Mailbag@cnet.com, or send your snail mail to 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. Thanks for watching, everyone.

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