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Mailbag: Mailbag: CES on CNET TV

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Mailbag: Mailbag: CES on CNET TV

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This week in the Mailbag, you want CES on CNET TV, and we're gonna give it to you! Plus: hater mail.

Hey, everyone, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where we take your feedback and answer your questions about the stuff we're doing here at CNET. So, you know, this past week we endured ? I mean, held our annual Holiday Help Desk marathon on Black Friday. And one of our callers wrote in with a cool follow-up! Derek says: I wanted to thank you and everyone else for doing the Holiday Help Desk this year. My wife Bonnie and I watched about 8 hours on our TV via the PS3 web browser. I called in during the eleven o'clock hour with the question about kitchen PCs and based on the input from you guys we ordered a 9" eeePC and have decided to save up to get either the HP Touchsmart or the Panasonic Toughbook at a later date. Thanks to cNet we did our part to help the economy in These Troubled Times (TTT). Derek, that?s great! Thanks for letting us know what happened, and I hope you like the eeePC! Ok, enough looking back ? let?s look ahead! Kimberly from Connecticut has CES on the brain. She writes: I realize the CES 2009 show will soon be apon us, and so.. I wanted to write and request that you make the ENTIRE SHOW into segments that we can watch on CNET... CES2009 doesn't show on tv, and when your interested in Electronics as much as I am, you really really want to see the whole show.. And then there?s more with lots more question marks and things. Well, Kimberly, we are going to put as much of the show on CNET TV as possible. For example, we?re doing a special live show Thursday and Friday, January eighth and ninth, that will be TWO HOURS of show coverage, at 1 p.m. Pacific. Plus, we?ll have bajillions of First Look videos and news at ces.cnet.com, and we?ll be doing a live stream of our Best of CES awards on Saturday, January 10th and 11 a.m. Pacific. And we?ll be live streaming all the shows we do on stage, like our podcasts, and we?ll be shooting video at all the parties ? basically, it?ll be almost like we?re putting the whole show on CNET. Don?t miss it. Sound good? Good. Ok, moving on, let?s have a look inside our daily lives here at CNET ? Simon sa ? er. Writes: I recently watched Tom Merrit's video on how to get Mac OS X on a PC and at the start of the video I was mesmerized by the amount of Laptops he had on his desk. I think it was 4 or 5. So I was just wondering how many laptops or computers you guys/girls at CNET go through each week and if you don't mind next time your going to trash one of your millions of laptops... If you wouldn't mind sending me one... or two. Simon Yeah. You should see my desk. The ratio of coffee cups to laptops is usually just about even at 3 or 4. But we?re not ?going through them.? We hoard them. These things are hard to come by, so don?t go ratting us out to IT, ok? Ok, speaking of laptops, let?s do a little hater mail. Jonny K. wrote in and said: Since I'm sure you receive 676,925 emails and postcards a day as you're so popular, I'll keep this short. 1. Everything you and the rest of the CNET crew (This includes everyone. Not just Ms. Del Conte, Mr. Tong, Mr. Cooley, Mr. Merit and of course, yourself) is AMAZING! But, 2. Matt Elliott is too negative in his reveiws. He bashes the laptops to pieces that he's been reviewing lately. I'm sad that this is what sparked my first email to you... But, you still rock and that's the bottom line. Thanks for the bottom line, Jonny, but dang, harsh on poor Matt Elliott! Maybe those laptops just suck! It?s hard to impress us after a while, you know? And in other hater mail, check this one out, from from someone calling himself SOMEONE. On 22nd Buzz report, your video on Mcrosoft price cuts on Zune is f***ing bad. Personally I don't like to watch this kind of things. If I see anything like this again. I'll never visit CNET. That is f***ing f***ing bad. Please dont spoil your reputation. You didn?t like my Dickensian urchins!? No way! Whatever, dude. That was one of the best Buzz Report episodes we ever did. I?m sorry you didn?t like ? no, actually. I?m not sorry. You just didn?t get it. That?s your problem, dude. But thanks for watching! AND that'll do it for this week, everyone. Keep that feedback coming! Mailbag@cnet.com, or send me a postcard. 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. See you next week!

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