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First Look: Magellan Premium Car Kit for iPhone or iPod Touch

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First Look: Magellan Premium Car Kit for iPhone or iPod Touch

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Magellan's new Car Kit attempts to give the mighty iPhone a helping hand.

^M00:00:03 [ Music ] >> With its ever growing library of navigation apps, the iPhone seems like a great way to get turn by turn directions without getting a whole other device. But with a loudspeaker the size of a pin hole, GPS draining its battery and occasionally questionable location accuracy, perhaps even the mighty iPhone could use a little help which is where this guy comes in. I'm Antuan Goodwin taking a first look at the Magellan premium car kit for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Magellan premium car kit aims to fix all of the issues that I outlined earlier. The kit charges the iPhone so you don't get to your destination with a dead battery, acts as a noise cancelling blue tooth speaker phone for clearer calls and features a built in GPS receiver presumably straight out of one of the manufacturer's road mate devices for even more accurate GPS location. The Magellan car kit will enhance any iPhone app that utilizes GPS but Magellan would prefer you use their road mate app for turn by turn directions. If this is all sounding familiar it's because Tom-Tom's car kit does essentially the same thing. However, unlike the Tom-Tom kit, the adjustable Magellan kit will accommodate all but the bulkiest of iPhone cases and will adjust to accommodate the smaller iPod Touch. The Tom-Tom offers two non-adjustable designs for the iPhone and iPod Touch but you can't jump back and forth like you can with the Magellan. At $10 more than the Tom-Tom kit, you'll pay for that flexibility but when you are talking about $130 accessory, really what's the difference? Check out our full review of this kit to see if we think it's worth the high price tag. Until then, I'm Antuan Goodwin. And this has been your first look at the Magellan car kit for iPhone and iPod Touch. ^M00:01:43 [ Music ]

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