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Loaded: LulzSec calls it quits
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Loaded: LulzSec calls it quits

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Google Health and Google PowerMeter are shut down, MacBook Air's low inventory suggests a new model is coming soon, and LulzSec apparently shuts itself down after 50 days of hacking.

It's Monday, June 27, 2011. I'm Wilson Tang on, and it's time to get loaded. The hacker group, LulzSec, which has been terrorizing corporations and governments around the world, has decided to call it quits. In 50 days of hacking operations, LulzSec has attacked the likes of Sony, the CIA, the US senate, FBI partner Infragard, AT&T, AOL, Arizona Department of public safety and much more. In a statement, the hacker group says that it is time to say bon voyage. The group retirement comes after Ryan Cleary who has been linked to the group was arrested it he UK. Skype for the iPad is expected to be available in the app store on Tuesday and it comes with conferencing support. Only users with the iPad 2 will be able to broadcast video because of the front facing camera, but original iPad should be able to receive video. CNET has been testing the app for the last few days and says that video quality is good over Wi-Fi, and may actually be a strong competitor to Apple's Face Time technology. The state of Nevada has passed a bill that required its department of transportation to create rules and regulations for driverless cars. Now, we've all seen movies and read stories about driverless cars in the future and it seems that the moment is coming sooner rather than later. The new rules are expected to benefit Google who has been developing driverless vehicle for its Google Maps street view project. CNET has been expecting a refresh line of MacBook Air soon, and the rumors keep filing up. Reports are servicing that Best Buy's website is low on inventory for the highly popular ultra portable laptops. The MacBook Airs would like run ultra low voltage Intel Sandy Bridge processors, which will bring a bring big bump to computing power as the current MacBook Air still run Intel's core 2 dual processors. A new LED light bulb coming from Artisan promises to bring you light and audio. It's called the MusicLites model 1 and will fit into a standard Artisan light socket. The bulbs include a 70-mm 20 watt amplifier, wireless receiver, and a microprocessor and signal processor. The MusicLite can output stereo audio and access multiple audio sources. It comes with a basic remote, but unfortunately the light does not react to your music. Years after the watch, Google is shutting down Google Health and Google PowerMeter. Google Health was the company's personal health record service and Google Power meter meter monitor to home energy use from the web. The company had high hopes for both products, but neither product received the usual levels that Google wanted. In the meantime, users will be able to download their health records and PowerMeter users have until September 16th before the service get shuttered. Those are you headlines for today, I'm Wilson Tang for CNET.comand you've just been loaded.

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