First Look: Logitech Speaker System Z523
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First Look: Logitech Speaker System Z523

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If you're looking for an affordable PC speaker-plus-subwoofer system, the Logitech Z523 is one of the best in its price class.

[ Music ] >> David Carnoy: Hi. I'm David Carnoy. I'm here with the Logitech Z523 2.1 PC speaker system. This is a relatively affordable speaker system that costs right around $80, and we did think it was a good value at $80. It's not super snazzy. These are plastic, but they do look pretty good, and they come with this nice little baby subwoofer, which is a four-inch subwoofer, and that adds a good amount of bass that isn't typically found in just 2.0 speaker systems that do not have a subwoofer. While you do get a good amount of bass, one of the drawbacks of the system is there's just not a tremendous amount of clarity. You shouldn't expect all that much from an $80 speaker system. So if you really want to step up in the PC speaker category, you really have to go up to something more along the lines of $150 with a bigger sub, a little bit bigger satellite speakers to get to that next level, but this does sound pretty good for the money. It also does offer good connectivity. On the right speaker, there's a built-in cable that allows you to jack right into the headphone jack on your iPod or another mp3 player. There's also an auxiliary input on the right speaker on the side of the right speaker along with a headphone jack, and on the front you'll find volume controls as well as bass controls, which is very important because you can adjust the bass levels. One of the things worth mentioning is that Logitech speakers do have something called Omni Directional Sound, or 360 degree sound. There's actually a speaker on the back of the speaker that gives you that effect. It's a little bit of a gimmick, but you could set this in the middle of the room, and you would hear sound coming from the back of the speakers, and you will get some reflection if you do put these up against the wall. On the subwoofer itself, you also get another auxiliary input. This one is a composite input. So you could actually connect these speakers to your TV. Most HD TV's these days have a composite audio output, and you can run it to these speakers and get a little bit better sound than your typical TV speakers. By the same token, you could also connect a PS3 or another game system directly to these speakers. So all in all, a pretty good sounding system for the money. Again, not a tremendous amount of clarity, but there is a good amount of bass, and this does play fairly loud and is decent for games as well as movies and music. Just don't expect too high-end audio, and also be aware that you do have to find a place for this little subwoofer on the floor. So long as you don't mind that, we have no problem recommending this PC speaker system. [music] That's the Logitech Z523 PC speaker system. [ Music ]

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