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First Look: Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad

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First Look: Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad

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No need for extra cables: Logitech's clever iPad case charges itself, and even automatically turns itself on.

I'm Scott Stein and this is the Logitech solar keyboard folio for the iPad now I know what you're saying. Scott why and other -- case for the iPad it's true there have been a lot of these. Because there hasn't been a perfect solution and a lot of people take their ipads on the go to right well this one has a wrinkle which -- kind of just revealed to -- its solar powered. And that means that you -- to carry an extra USB charger with you in fact this doesn't even come with one. But if you charge it on the back for what Logitech says could be as much as six hours or even faster. I you're gonna get up to two years of use if you type two hours a day I haven't had time to review this keyboard case for two years. I have however in the past few weeks found it to be very good at charging fast. And so far it's been working great as advertised. The keyboard here is a very high quality keyboard. Launch -- really bingo and -- lately with their iPad cases. And their keyboard solutions the ultra thin keyboard cover was one of the best reviewed once we -- CNET. And launch attacks made a variety of them. This one is a thicker larger keyboard really feels like a laptop keyboard may be a little more plasticky. Definitely feels comfortable for extended sessions. And what's nice about this case is as a second viewing angle that's right if you move -- -- this notch. It'll go into a video viewing mode and all these buttons down here will activate and turn to volume buttons and fast forward buttons. -- the something kind of automatic about this to use -- -- That this connects via Bluetooth without having to turn on or off the moment that you take this case. And folded over into this mode it begins the pairing process and when you deactivated. While I like magic it turns off. That's really nice in terms of saving power and education folded up and accidentally pressed a key you won't be typing something crazy in your iPad. Now the drawback to this is -- one -- 130 dollars that's expensive but a lot of keyboard cases and covers for the iPad are pretty expensive. But to. Even though it looks great trust me it doesn't feel as good as you'd expect. Now I'm not talking about the keyboard -- not the case this is meant to be a folio case so he opened up like a book hopefully you can use it that way. But between heavy keyboard on one -- and this sort of almost off the role feeling upholstered strip that connects the whole case it feels a little flimsy. And that's not saying that I would have expected on -- 130 dollar accessory. -- when you fold this up it does -- nice and flat and it feels very rigid and sturdy. And has big tubular batteries -- here. You know I guess -- needed to be necessary but when you close that's sometimes sometimes -- -- up against the iPad cover. And it makes for a little bit hard negotiation to make sure you've -- today. Just right. You get past those elements and the fact that well this. However here for the gas solar part is a little flimsy and flexible feeling -- -- -- -- -- last over time we do get dust under the edge of hours. I it's a very good keyboard and to keep it folded up the memo when you're traveling. You might really love the fact you don't have to charges I'm Scott Stein and that's a look at the Logitech solar keyboard folio. For the iPad and that's iPad two and --

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