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First Look: Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2

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First Look: Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2

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The Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 does exactly what it promises, offering a highly portable Bluetooth keyboard for use with an iPad; however, it's a better keyboard than it is a case.

Hi, I'm Scott Stein, senior editor at CNET.com and this is not a netbook. This is an iPad 2 docked into the Logitech keyboard case by ZAGG for the iPad 2. It's not even plugged in. It's just rest here and for those people that are looking for a perfect keyboard solution for their iPad. Hey, add a keyboard just like a laptop; well, this is the type of device you might be looking for. At $99, it's pretty good price compared to other iPad peripherals and it doubles as a case, and as you can see, it's a real keyboard. This isn't a sort of glued-on rubbery keyboard or any sort of a fake-feeling keyboard. This keyboard has keys that feel like a real keyboard, although compressed, it's a little more like a keyboard you find on a netbook. It's not a real full size keyboard, but the fact that it comes inside this case and allows the iPad 2 to be set up within it, it makes it a really nice solution for an own one type of device. Now, there are some drawbacks of the case. It's not really a perfect case for the iPad. It does allow the iPad to fold down and store inside it, but you can't really easily remove it, so it's not gonna be the case you wanna take with you on a subway for some quick iPad reading. Also, call us crazy even though there are rubberized bands here that will protect contact against the keyboard when the iPad is folded down, it makes us a little bit nervous to get the glass upclose to a keyboard. On the other hand, this has some really nice ergonomic features to it. You can stand this thing up in a landscape or portrait mode. You can flip it up like this. Now, the back connector over here is a flip-up plastic. It's not great. It's probably one of the weakest parts of the case, but it does the job and allows you stand up. It also has a really nice set of bluetooth keys here, the control functions on the iPad. You may not be aware that it could control. For instance, there's volume control, tracks skipping for music. There's also undo and redo buttons. So, if you're working in a word processing, they'll actually work. It also has cut and paste buttons, but of course if you're gonna be using those, you do still have to the select text on the screen so that maybe in reaching up and touching the screen, you actually typing on this keyboard really does make it feel like a laptop. It kind of gives us nice a little coffee shop vibe. You can relax and loose yourself in your writing a little bit. Just got to be careful because after you work on this for a while, you're gonna wonder where that mouse or that track pad is and you're gonna have to press back on that screen and it's get a little bit confusing. This Logitech keyboard connects by bluetooth, so that's why there's no dock connector here or 30-pin connector. You need to set up bluetooth on your iPad then you turn the keyboard on and you hit the connect button. If it's already set up for pairing, it's good to go. The first time it will ask you to enter a 4-digit code on your keyboard to initiate the pairing process. This also has a micro USB connector and its own little charge cable for plugging in via USB to charge the battery on this case. It's long enough of a charge. You really not have to worry about charging it too many times. Overall, it's actually really nice, attractive case and it creates a nice, clean profile for the iPad 2, really makes to look like a laptop. If you're looking for a keyboard, you really might want to check this one out. I'm Scott Stein and this is the Logitech keyboard case by ZAGG for the iPad 2.

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