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Loaded: Loaded: When in Rome

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Loaded: Loaded: When in Rome

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Google Earth takes you to ancient Rome; YouTube starts to monetize its videos; and Cisco lets you check the length of the bathroom line at the new Yankee Stadium before you leave your seat!

>> Google Earth takes you to ancient Rome. YouTube starts to monetize its videos. And Cisco lets you check the length of the bathroom line at the new Yankee Stadium before you even leave your seat. It's Thursday, November 13, I'm Natali Del Conte in San Francisco this week and it's time to get Loaded. ^M00:00:15 [ Music ] ^M00:00:19 >> If you wanna visit ancient Rome you can either hop in your DeLorean Time Machine or just go to Google Earth. Google has launched a new 3D layer in Google Earth that lets you explore ancient Rome as it existed in the year 320AD. This information is courtesy of the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. As far as I know this is the first time Google Earth has actually gone back in time rather than being predictive or news-based with its layers, it's really fun. If you wanna activate this go to the gallery folder in the layer's panel and select Ancient Rome 3D. YouTube is gonna test out live video with the new webcast called YouTube Live. The show will launch on November 22 at 5 PM Pacific or 8 PM Eastern. It will feature real celebrities and YouTube stars in a live forum. While YouTube has long been considered the king of web video it hasn't really been able to grow into other forums, such as professional content or live events. YouTube founders have said that they would do these live events, but this is their first experiment. They are launching it with people who have already been popular on YouTube. But the things that are popular on the web in live format are things like Madonna concerts or sporting events. Can a personality-driven variety show really be successful on a live format? I guess well see. YouTube has also found a way to monetize its videos -- finally. The company launched sponsored video which is essentially an AdWords system for video. You can purchase search terms the way advertisers purchase key words in Goggle search. Users are then directed to various sponsored videos based on those search terms. Advertisers pay per click and the ads will be thumbnail size with three lines of promotional text. I would say this is one of the first serious attempts that Goggle has made to monetize YouTube and it capitalizes on what Google does best, Search. So all of our jokes about how Google just doesn't know what to do with YouTube may have to stop soon. The days of putting illegally copied videos of the Family Guy on your MySpace page are over. Now you can share legitimate videos on your MySpace page with the company's new primetime widget. It's a video player that lets you show professionally creative content from MySpace TV directly on your profile. You'll be able to pull videos from Hulu, Warner Bros., Sony and other MySpace TV partners. This is for MySpace only though you can't embed this video elsewhere like on your blog. To use this go to MySpace.com slash primetimeapp. Yahoo has redesigned its homepage yet again. It's being tested on a small number of users and you can't opt in to being one of them. But if you are one of those users, you will notice that it's smaller, faster and less cluttered. It also integrates third party services like eBay. Yahoo's ultimate goal is for their homepage to be integrated with all of your web accounts. It's a lot like My Yahoo. Actually I'm wondering how they're gonna make the distinction between the two or maybe they don't even want to. Maybe the two things will just become one which I think is preferable. AT&T wants U-verse customers to rock out with Guitar Hero. If you sign up for AT&T U-verse now you'll get a free copy of the Guitar Hero console game and a new guitar controller. The game features AT&T branding in three venues, AT&T Park right here in San Francisco, Pan Tang Bay and Times Square. For more serious musicians AT&T is also holding a sweepstakes through U-verse to give one user all the gear he or she needs to start a real band, real guitar, drums etcetera. The contest runs through March 31 and you can find more information at att.com slash guitarhero. Yankee fans who are still weeping over the old Yankee Stadium can find some solace in this story. The new Yankee Stadium is gonna be powered be Cisco. This means a high-tech stadium that includes 1,100 HD video monitors that do interactive things like give game stats, order food from your seat and check the bathroom line link before you even leave your seat. Those features are only for the luxury boxes though. Those of us who frequent the cheap seat have to actually walk to the bathroom to find out how long the line is -- primitive. Those are your headlines for today, but before I sign off, I am sorely behind in my birthday wishes, so here we go. Happy belated birthday to Loaded viewers Ashwan, Sam, Rick, Josh [assumed spellings] in New York, Henry in Mexico, Daniel who's also in Mexico and Robert in Poland. Also congratulations to Reggie [assumed spelling] on his new baby boy Ian [assumed spelling] who he promises to raise up watching Loaded. That does it for me this week. I will be back in New York on Monday, but if you've missed any episodes from this week make sure you catch up. You know where to go loaded.cnettv.com. Thank you for watching. I'm Natali Del Conte with CNET TV and you've just been Loaded. ^M00:04:43 [ Music ]

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