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Loaded: Loaded: We'll do it live!

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Loaded: Loaded: We'll do it live!

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Comcast pledges to stop filtering broadband, we take a look at the technology of vino at the Wine 2.0 event, and Bill O'Reilly learns the hard way not to mess with hackers.

>>[Background music] Comcast pledges to stop filtering your broadband. We have more news about wine technology as promised and Bill O'Reilly learns not to mess with hackers. It's Monday, September 22nd. I'm Natali Del Conte and it's time to get loaded. ^M00:00:13 [ Music ] ^M00:00:18 >>Comcast has started to discuss plans to allocate broadband so that no more web filtering is necessary. Comcast was the first ISP to come under file for slowing down broadband and the company recently disclosed plans to the Federal Communications Commission in which it promised to not do that anymore. It will use analytic software to determine which users are their heavier users so that they can allocate around them in order to get everyone their fair share of bandwidth. This new plan could be in place by December. A few weeks ago we discussed a proposed cap on text messages in the European Union. Reuters is confirming that the proposed cap is eleven euro cents per message. The proposal also includes a billing by the second system where the user is charged from the thirty-first second on to prevent being charged a full minute for a call that only lasts a few seconds. These new plans could go into effect as early as next summer. Apple issued a recall on Friday for the USB power adapters that charge the 3GI phone, as if the poor phone hadn't had enough bad press. The company had found that in some cases, the adapter's metal prongs could break off in the outlet and shock users. Not good. If you have one of these, you can ship it to Apple at the company's expense or bring it into an Apple store. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported. This is just preemptive. Last week we promised to stop by the Wine 2.0 expo and we happily kept that promise. For the most part, it was a lot of companies promoting their brands, but there are some venters [assumed spelling] who are combining technology and wine in a very cool new way. Take a look. ^M00:01:42 [ Music ] ^M00:01:52 >>[Background music] So behind me we have this new feature which we call the Snooth Pulse and it's basically a live geotag representation of what people on the site are actually searching for. We literally launched it here tonight, like two hours ago we switched it on. But like, yeah, I mean we're definitely going to work it into the site pulse.snooth.com. ^M00:02:11 [ Music ] ^M00:02:15 >>[Background music]Twitter Taste Live is basically a way for any consumer to taste wine online and be directly connected with the producer of the wine. So last month, we had Etssie [assumed spelling] and Bugle [assumed spelling] from [inaudible] France and we had over ten countries online through Twitter. You can ask any types of questions you want to the producer or you can also just post your tasting notes if you want to do that. The Winepod is the world's first personal winery. What that means is it allows a consumer to experience wine making on a professional level on a small consumer scale. So the Winepod itself is a sleek, stainless steal unit. It is your winery. So this wirelessly communicates to software on your computer which teaches you how to make wine. That is your consulting wine maker and then we ship you grapes. This thing actually measures sugar and the grapes although you can't see any wires or anything, it sits inside the sink. This sensor tells you when it's time to press the grapes. It tells you whether the temperature should be raised or lowered. We just shipped our hundredth unit two weeks ago. We released this version in March 2008 and it's available at Winepod.net. >>[Background music] Google is now allowing companies to buy Adword campaigns using the keyword abortion. This comes after a lawsuit in which the company was sued for not allowing a Christian group in the UK to purchase an advertisement protesting an abortion bill. The group sued Google which is why the search company has had a change of heart. Google has always tried to be diplomatic with its Adword polices. For instance they don't allow campaigns around keywords that are violent, but they sold abortion keywords to doctors or education sites, which means religious groups should have that same right. Or should they? What do you think? Ring in at loaded@cnet.com or of course you can Twitter me your response as well. I am Natali Del Conte on Twitter. >>ABC launched its new video player this week in high definition. Keep in mind this is web HD, not blueray caliber HD, but it is good looking web video nevertheless. Just in time for the new season of Dancing with the Starts, which starts tonight. Sadly there is no full episodes in [inaudible] only short form content. >>Cisco now owns Jabber, the instant messaging program that lets you use several messenger clients at once. Cisco announced this acquisition on Friday, although there were no terms of the deal disclosed. Cisco wants to add more messaging to its collaboration tools such as Web X so you may be able to instant message your way through a group project a bit easier. The deal is expected to close in 2009. >>A new line of the Sony Vaio may be released today, or at least some time this week. Sony insider reports that the new line of Vaio notebooks will be called the TT line [assumed spelling], which I find an unfortunate name. They're also supposed to have 80211N bluetooth and EVDO. They may be eleven inches which seems small, but Sony insider speculates that these won't be net books, which are the cheap and light line of notebooks, but rather real power house notebooks. Stay tuned and we'll do our best to confirm. >>EA Games has changed the DRM policy for Spore after the game came under fire for its installation protocol. You can now load the game on five computers instead of three. EA said that seventy five percent of its players only use the game on one computer, which seems like a high percentage to me. They also said that fewer than one percent of players wanted it on more than three computers, which seems a bit low to me, but nevertheless you are now allowed five and you can get additional activations if you want them. >>We can all learn an important lesson from Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. Don't provoke hackers, they'll come after you. O'Reilly's website BillOReilly.com was hacked over the weekend and over two hundred subscribers had their personal details exposed. The hackers posted screen shots of the administrative pages to prove it. This was retaliation for remarks that O'Reilly made on the air about the hackers that got into the email of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. He called the incident despicable, slimy and scummy. This was the hacker's idea of poetic justice. Now, I know we journalists are supposed to be committed to exposing injustice and all, but even I think twice about taking on a hacking community. That's like provoking a hungry bear. >>Tomorrow's the big T Mobile Android release here in New York and of course the Loaded crew is planning to attend. Rumors have been flying about this phone for it seems like an eternity. The phone may be called HTC Dream or the G1 and it is rumored to cost one hundred and ninety nine dollars. Now we don't know if any of that is true, but we won't have to wait long to find out. You can find coverage of the conference here on CNET TV and of course here on Loaded. >>Those are your headlines for today, but I will see you tomorrow. Thank you for watching. I'm Natali Del Conte with CNET TV and you've just been loaded [Background music]

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