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Loaded: Loaded: No pain, no gain

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Loaded: Loaded: No pain, no gain

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Yahoo Music looks like MySpace, the first solar-powered airplane takes flight, and how to get in shape with your Nintendo DSi.

>> Natali: Yahoo Music looks like MySpace now; the first solar powered airplane takes flight and how to get in shape with your new Nintendo DSI. It's Tuesday, April 7th, I'm Natali Del Conte and it's time to get Loaded. ^M00:00:11 [ Music ] ^M00:00:19 >> Natali: Today is the day that Apple announced its iTunes Store would be DRM free, well just the music part anyway, and at an initial glance it looks like Apple kept its word, maybe a little too much, some songs that were previously available as protected music are now just no longer available at all. Apple has yet to comment on this officially but we suspect that Apple's intentions for a DRM free store might be a little too ambitious for some of its licensing agreements. Also the online Apple Store is down as of the air time of this broadcast that usually means that Apple is launching new products, what could it be? We'll keep on the story and let you know. Yahoo Music now looks confusingly like MySpace the company launched Artist Pages on Yahoo Music it has profiles of over 500,000 artists with information like tour dates, music videos, downloads, streaming music and more. It also aggregates places to hear the artist's music from either free streams like Last Fm or Pandora and downloads from places like iTunes and Amazon all of which Yahoo has a partnership with. You can also friend other lovers of the same Beyonce tunes, basically, this is what MySpace Music was supposed to be. I'm not completely sure what I think of it yet but see for yourself at Music.Yahoo.com. The first solar powered airplane took flight on Monday. A pilot named Eric Raymond [assumed spelling] is on an 8 country tour of Europe manning a plane that gets its charge from the sun. The environmentally friendly aircraft is called The Sunseeker 2 it weighs 292 pounds when empty, 506 pounds when fully loaded which is approximately the weight of a motorcycle, it's 23 feet long, 17 feet wide at the wingspan, has 4 lithium polymer batteries and can hit a cruising altitude of about 3,000 feet. The batteries can recharge in 30 to 45 minutes, there's no word on when we'll actually see this in commercial air travel but I'm guessing at anytime soon. Besides I don't think it has WiFi. The Obama administration continues to push for open data standards. In may the government will launch Data.gov in an attempt to ensure that all government data that is not restricted for national security reasons can be made public. It will be interesting to see what the government's idea of not restricted data is. I don't want innocuous tid bits I want the juicy stuff like who killed Kennedy. Our parent company CBS just launched MoneyWatch.com it's a portal for all things financial, it has financial articles, stock quotes and between 5 and 10 new videos per day. We told you that this would launch a few months ago and its big debut was on Monday. This site is a result of BNET and CBS coming together and I think it's rather nice, of course, I wouldn't dare say anything bad about it but I also could just not say anything at all. Anyway form your own opinion go to MoneyWatch.com. Google and CVS, the nationwide pharmacy, have announced that customers will soon be able to import their prescriptions into Google Health. The companies had previously had a limited deal but it will now be expanded to CVS retail pharmacies. Google believes that 100 million consumers will have their drug histories online, consumers will need to sign up for prescription management on CVS.com. The newly launched Nintendo DSI may help you get in shape for bathing suit season a spokesperson for Nintendo told Joystick that the DSI would soon work with pedometers or activity meters to work as a personal trainer the program is called Personal Trainer colon Walking it communicates wirelessly with the pedometer that you wear around all day to monitor how active you've been or how lazy. It can interact with your Me from your Wii although I'm not sure if the exercise will actually slim down your Me automatically but it probably will slim down you if you eat according to your exercise plan that is. This week is National Cell Phone Recycling Week it's basically a PR push to get you to recycle your mobile gadgets, but did you know that only 10% of cell phones are recycled, that's surely not enough. Various manufacturers will be helping you recycle your gadgets in their own ways. It is mostly a gimmick you should always be recycling your cell phone not just this week, but it's a good reminder and you can find out more at EPA.gov. Those are all your headlines for today, thank you for watching. I'm Natali Del Conte with CNET TV and you've just been Loaded. ^M00:04:27 [ Music ]

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