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Loaded: Loaded: Love-O-Meter

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Loaded: Loaded: Love-O-Meter

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We've got a look at the latest Garmin Nuvifone, Tesla wants to make electric sedans, and we've got a first look at a gadget for lovers.

>> Natali Del Conte: We have details about the new Garmin Nuvifone, Tesla wants to make sedans, and we have a first look at a gadget for the lovers. It's Thursday, February 12th. I'm Natali Del Conte, and it's time to get loaded. [ Music ] >> Natali Del Conte: Check out the Garmin Nuvifone we've been waiting for. It runs Windows Mobile. I won't lie. I was hoping for androids, but the M20 is a joint effort from Garmin and Assus [assumed spelling], and it will be shown off next week at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. It will have a fully QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, 3G, a 2.8 inch VGA touchscreen, a 3 megapixel camera, and of course, Garmin satellite GPS. It'll have between four and eight gigs of internal storage, and a service called Chow [assumed spelling], which is a friend locator like Gozol [assumed spelling] Latitude. We'll show you a first look right here on CNET when we've got it. Rest in peace, Palm OS. Palm CEO Ed Culligan has gone on record saying that there will be no more new phones running on Palm's old operating system. From here on out, it's Web OS or bust. That's the operating system that the new Pre will use. Well, actually, they will still use Windows Mobile too. Tomorrow, is more than Friday the 13th. It's also one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero day. Tomorrow at exactly 3:31 and 30 seconds P.M. Pacific time, the Unix time will equal one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero. Unix counts seconds from January 1, 1970, rather than days, months, weeks, etc. So all you geeks, partee [assumed spelling]. Blockbuster will soon add online games to its rental lineup. The company plans to test this service before offering it in July. I'm not exactly sure how this will work, or what types of games will be offered considering that hardcore gamers can already purchase online games on their console, and causal gamers can pretty much get their fill online for free, but OK. Blockbuster and Netflix clearly have a rivalry, and I'm not sure this latest move will earn them more points with their customers, but we'll see. Opera now has something called turbocharged browsing for mobile today. We're supposed to see more of this from the Mobile World Congress, but what we know now is that it compresses the data that you use when you're on a mobile browser by up to 80 percent so that the traffic on the network's freed up. There's no doubt that Opera is known for speed, but we'll have to see this turbocharged browsing in action to form a real opinion. I do love the name though. Tesla is about to get a bit less sexy. News.com reports that the company is about to launch its first electric sedan called the Model S. Tesla's the company that makes cool electric sports cars. The Model S is a four-door all luxury sedan that will leave the factory in 2011 for about $60,000. Saturday is Valentine's Day. You know, the day we celebrate romantic relationships in a highly-contrived manner. Maybe I'm just bitter. Nevertheless, the forlorn and jaded Loaded crew still tried to get into the spirit of things and test a love-related gadget just for you. Take a look. >> Natali Del Conte: Hi. I'm Natali Del Conte, and this is your first look at the Oracle Love-O-Meter [assumed spelling]. I got this on Amazon for $18.00. What it does is measure your capability with any given love interest. The options are all loveda, love is dead, love bird, love flight bleeding, love match, no love lost, lovey dovey, love sick, love actually, tough love, love to love you baby, and can't buy love, which I'm actually not sure I understand as a result. It might be a false positive. I tested it around the office with the hosts of the 404 and got mixed results. >> Natali Del Conte: I need both hands. >> Ok. Both hands. >> Natali Del Conte: Hold my hands. Like you're my boyfriend. >> Ok. >> Natali Del Conte: Apparently, I'm capable with all of them so I'm the office mule, which is ironic considering that my valentine plans are with my mother. >> Natali Del Conte: All loved up. I don't even know what that means. >> Does that mean we make out? [laughter] >> Natali Del Conte: I don't know how this technology works. I don't know how long the battery lasts, and I don't know if it has an internal memory. >> It's a really good idea. >> Natali Del Conte: I donate this to the 404 so that they can find love in their lives. >> Sure you want to see that? What about self love? >> Natali Del Conte: What I do know is that when Justin Yu tested it on himself, he got a love match proving that Whitney Houston was right, and the greatest love of all really is inside of me. Those are words to live by. Thank you for watching. Happy Valentine's Day. I'm Natali Del Conte with CNET news, and this is your first look at the Oracle Love-O-Meter. Those are your headlines for today, and that wraps up your week of getting loaded. We won't have a show on Monday because it's a holiday, and on Tuesday, Mark Lesaeo [assumed spelling] will be hosting so I will see you next Wednesday. Before I go, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to John, Teddy, Rob, George, and Charles Darwin, who would be 200 today. Happy Darwin Day. Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks for watching. I'm Natali Del Conte with CNET TV, and you've just been loaded. [ Music ]

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