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Loaded: Loaded: Can YouTube stop the Muziic?
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Loaded: Loaded: Can YouTube stop the Muziic?

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There's a way to avoid telemarketers on your cell phone, a new service streams music from YouTube, and Brian Cooley shows another concept from the Geneva Auto Show.

>> Mark: There's a way to avoid telemarketers on your cell, Acer may be getting its own app store and Brian Cooley shows us a really cool concept from the Geneva Auto Show. It's Monday, March 9th, I'm Mark Licea and it's time to get Loaded. ^M00:00:12 [ Music ] ^M00:00:20 >> Mark: If your cell phone has fallen victim to the on slot of relentless telemarketers White Pages can help. If you're an Android user White Pages offers an upgraded application to screen telemarketer calls. The company has a large database of known telemarketer firms and when the app recognizes them it will flash an alert prompting you to not pick up. You could also just be paranoid like me and just not answer any unknown numbers but you can miss important calls that way so this app is useful. White Pages will also offer a reverse phone feature that'll let you enter an unknown number to find the said caller's name and location, which means this may be the end of prank calls for me, oh well. White Pages charges $6.99 for 6 months and you can find it on the Android Market. There's a new site that poles from YouTube's music videos but primarily focuses on just the music and not so much the video. The software is affectionately called Music and it lets users stream YouTube's music without going to the actual site. The interface lets you build and organize your music similar to iTunes. As expected though the site is already treading on thin ice with record labels, TV and film rights owners and, of course, YouTube to name a few. The program was designed by a 15 year old boy and his father and while they claim they've made sure to comply with YouTube's API all the record labels will very likely expect compensation if this were ever to be legit. You can be sure we haven't heard the last of this. Brian Cooley covered the Geneva Auto Show last week and he got to check out a really cool concept from Koenigsegg it's called the Quant and the car's entire exterior is one giant solar cell, take a look. >> Brian: So supercar specialist Koenigsegg of Sweden rolled out this Quant concept at Geneva, electric and fast. It has an electric motor at each rear wheel to get you to 60 miles per hour in a little over 5 seconds. Range is an impressive 310 miles on a single charge and check it out the paint on this guy is one big sprayed on photo voltaic cell so on sunny days you might even be able to drive a little further. Even on the gloomy days don't sweat the charging thing because Koenigsegg claims their proprietary battery cell system can be charged in 15 minutes, they're either wishfully thinking or just went to the head of the class in terms of EV's. Oh that's right it's a concept it doesn't have to work. >> Mark: There's a lot of speculation on what Nokia will reveal this Wednesday they've got new plans to unveil the mystery during the wee hours of the morning for us here in the U.S. I will go out on a limb and say it probably will involve music whether or not it's related to their Comes With Music service or some shiny new hardware or it could be nothing, either way we'll keep you posted. Some fresh BlackBerry OS updates are out for the Bold and the 8900 Curve; this latest version for the Bold was released in Austria over the weekend but it works with all carrier models. The Bold's update is said to enhance browsing and add memory with some other improvements. We don't have detailed specs on the 8900 Curve update but if it's anything life-changing we will surely let you know. Acer may be yet another company to get an app store the company's Senior VP said that they are examining the viability of an app store, which would be accessible from its new devices; this may or may not rule out the possibility of Android on future Acer phones and most of their current Smartphones already run Windows Mobile which has yet to get a designated app store. Acer also doesn't have its own OS but this is all still speculation so we can wait it out and see what happens. Those are all your headlines for today until next time I'm Mark Licea and you've just been Loaded. ^M00:03:48 [ Music ]

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