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LL Cool J drops in on the CNET stage at CES 2013: CES 2013

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CES 2013: LL Cool J drops in on the CNET stage at CES 2013

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CNET's Brian Tong interviews LL Cool J on his new Liquid MyConnect Studio App, the world's first-ever real-time music collaboration tool for a mobile devices.

-All right, guys. Hey, I'm Brian Tong here at the CNET stage at CES 2013. We're excited, you know, last year, we laughed, we cried, we made some music and we even hugged. L knows what I'm talking about. You guys welcome back to the CNET stage, live at CES, Mr. LL Cool J. What's going on? What's going on, baby? There you go, there you. All right, your mic is right there, man. I hear, I hear, let's hear it. -What's up, everybody? Excellent. -That's good. That's nice. -Great, great desktop. -So, this is year two at CES. -Yes. -How are you feeling the energy here? What's L like here? -You know what, the energy is amazing. The people have been really nice to me, you know, they've allowed me, they've given me my gate pass, you know. -He's got gate [unk] for real. -You know, hate some people too. You know, I have my inner pick, LLPJ for today. -Oh, no. -And we're having a good time. -Yeah. -You know, it's a lot of fun. -Yeah, now, last year, you showed up your Boomdizzle studio-- -Yes. -through a PC. -Yes -Here today, you're gonna show us a little some, some right? -Okay, yes. So, to give everybody some back story, we-- Boomdizzle, my company Boomdizzle Networks, we came up with this-- I thought of this idea called the MyConnect Studio, which basically allows let's say, a kid in Los Angeles and a kid in New York or you know, a kid in Idaho and a kid in Montana to go online and create music in real time. So, let's say out here in the crowd is a you now, a 40 or 50-year-old rock star who happened to become a lawyer but really a rock start deep inside. You'll be able to go on this application and collaborate a real time with somebody else across the country and it's-- we're not trying to like replace Pro Tools or able to you know, anything like that. We're making those systems collaborative. So, you know, someone across the country can load up the beat, you can load up-- you can sing. They can load up a bass line, you can load up the drums and together you'll be able to collaborate and create music in real time. And for me, the reason I wanted to do it is because I'd be on tour or I'd be, you know, doing my TV show but I'll always be in a mood to go in the studio but didn't have the ability to really do it. So, my friend will-- or my engineer or producer would have to e-mail me a track, then I'd do something to the track then I'd e-mail it back. Then they e-mail me something else and I e-mail that back and it was this whole back and forth thing and you lose the creative vibe and the collaborative feel of you know, working together when you e-mail us stuff back and forth. So, we came up with this app, you know, in case you didn't know, I don't write code, so-- -Yeah? -I got some friends, got some engineers, put the team together and said, look, this is the vision, this is the idea and this is what I wanna do and they help me build this thing and I think it's really cool. It's for any kind of music, you know, if you don't happen to be an authentic hip hop fan, then you can-- if you're into country, you wanna do a Nashville thing, you wanna get some Brad Paisley on, you could do that. If you wanna, you know, if you will rock-- if you like the wear, you know, jeans so tight that they make your calf muscles burst out and going rave and-- -Don't look at, don't look at my jeans like that. Come on. -and go-- you're kidding me. You can do that. Whatever kind of music. So, it's good for any kind of music but that's basically the technology. -All right. -And this is called Liquid Act. -Yeah. This is the Liquid My Studio. -The Liquid MyConnect Studio. -Okay. -And it's actually, if we leverage Windows 8, so what's on Windows 8 platform, so we basically, we call in liquid. It's like we took that Windows 8 platform and we just pour the MyConnect Studio into it and it's great. It's for touch devices and mobile. -Yeah, now, you guys, you're gonna be able to see the app as he's working on, we have our camera man back here. So, don't worry, it's not like you're just gonna be staring at the back of this, you know, -Yeah. -of the Sony Tab. -Well, I actually-- what I do was I gave up the control, just like I do on a real session. I have my engineer in a separate location. You can assign control of the app. So in other words, if you're the one who's more of the engineer in your collaborative relationship, you can control the studio so to speak. If the other person is more of the engineer, then they can control the studio. You see what I'm saying? So, you can give up controls. So, for me, my engineer right here, Glenn. How are you, Glenn? Smile, Glenn. -I'm doing good. How about you, buddy? -All right, smile. Glenn is in the separate location. So, Glenn, why don't you-- so you can get this thing rolling, why don't you give me a loop, you know, you know that funky loop that I like. Put a loop up here. Just give me a little loop or something, you know, so I can feel a vibe and get my toes tickle and all that. All right. All right, put-- now play the loop. Okay. All right. So, now think about it. Now, this happens to be from a song, I think, called Take It, but this could be something that you created, that's original or something that you know you just came up with, you could have played it, do whatever you wanted to do and you know, upload it to the Boomdizzle MyConnect Studio as we speak. Okay? So, just really, really envision what I'm saying. This could be whatever music you wanted to be. Sinatra, you name it. All right? Okay. All right, Glenn. So, now, you know what, add-- give me some drums. Add some drums to that. And mind you, remember, if you have Pro Tools or if you have Ableton, you can hook those systems up to this and it can export sounds. And it's integrated with Sound Cloud, just so you know. I just want to be clear about that. It's integrated with Sound Cloud. So, Glenn, now play it for me. Give me the loop and drums, you know, extra funky, crispy, you know. Turn if up a little bit. Let me feel it, you know, like I'm in a studio. Uh. Uh-huh. Yeah. Look, if you're ready to start sing it again. Look at you. I saw your face moving, you made that face. -The eyes. The eyes-- -Yeah the eyes never lie, baby. The eyes have it. All right. All right, Glenn. So, all right. So, now, let me do a vocal. Let me do a little lead, let me record a lead on here. Now, if you, you know, if you happen to be more of a Neil Sedaka fan, you might wanna cover your years. But this is LBL, you know what I'm saying and you know, it's a-- this is a good thing. CNET with your MyConnect Studio. You know what I'm saying? And okay, it goes something like this. Looking at my Roley is about that time for me to paint pictures on the walls in your mind. These quality masterpieces are hard to find that's why from 6 to 9 I stand on line. I feel like an underdog coming from behind, [unk] fights, relax, you'll be fine. LL got the remedy intervention define. I gave you the gift for missing me it's all by desire. Stop it Glenn. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Let me do it again. Let me do it again. I don't like that take. We'll do it again. But remember, we're in a studio now. This is how it goes, you know, I mean-- -Everyone like it. That was perfect if you ask me. -You know, no, it wasn't perfect. It wasn't perfect. One more time, Glenn. One more time, Glenn. You know, he's processing it, right? So, you don't like it, you can go back, you can erase it, you can delete it, you can do what you gotta do. You see what I'm saying? Everybody with me. I just wanna make sure I'm not speaking like a foreign language over here, you hear me? All right. Okay. So, you're loading it up. All right. Now, let's do that again. One more time. Let me get that again. Let me get that. Let me get that again. Now, remember, this could be The Star Spangled Banner. This could be whatever you want it to be. It could be, you know, My Funny Valentine, you know, it could be David Bowie, ACDC, whatever you love, you know what I mean. Or to be LL Cool J. Check it. Looking at my Roley is about that time for me to paint pictures on the walls in your mind. These quality masterpieces are hard to find that's why from 6 to 9 I stand on line. I feel like an underdog coming from behind, [unk] fights, relax, you'll be fine. LL got the remedy intervention define. I gave you the gift for missing it's all by desire. It's a privilege to be mine. I put it all on the line. All night you could come, all day you can shop. Let the bills jing a ling and let the champagne pop. All right. That's good. I like that, Glenn. I like that. -Come on. Come on. -All right. Now, Glenn, can you play that back for me? Can I hear that in a few-- you know, work it out and then yeah-- -Absolutely. -Okay. -It starts processing right now. -All right. -Ten seconds. -And remember, this is all leverage on Windows 8, so, you know, and just so you know, we snap Skype in so the communication is seamless. So when you're on here, you just, you know, you can hit Skype, go on there and invite you friends, you don't have to have a user ID, it doesn't drive you bananas. You can have a ball, all right. You come home from the rave and slightly tipsy. -Yes. -You've been dancing with those funny glow sticks all night. You go on to MyConnect Studio, you do your thing. All right? Your wife thinks you're ahead over time. Okay. -This could be whatever you want it to be. It could, you know, My Funny Valentine, you know, it could be David Bowie, ACDC. -Okay. Hold on a second. Glenn, do me a favor, stop it for a second. Stop it, I want you to turn my vocals up a little bit so I can hear him a little louder. Turn the vocals up. -As you guys can see here on the screen right there. -Yeah. -This could be whatever you want it to be. -Yeah. -It could, you know, My Funny Valentine, you know, it could be David Bowie, ACDC. Whatever you love, you know what I mean? -And mind you, you can EQ it, you'll be having EQ8, add effects, do what you need to do, compress it to make it sound the way you want it to sound, just so we're clear. -Looking at my Roley is about that time for me to paint pictures on the walls in your mind. -And you also-- now, you see how a sound will be able to place it on the grid. So, you-- if there's any delay or anything you could move it on the grid so that it's perfect. Stop it right now, Glenn. So, any place that is on the grid you'll be able to move it and it'll be perfect. So, you know, it really works. Go back to the top one more time, Glenn. Let me do it again. -It's not perfect to you. -No, it'll be there now. It's there. It's there. -Yeah, you're gonna get it there. -No, I promise you. I promise you. I promise you. It's part of the, you know, it's part of the process. -Yup. -Okay. Testing one in here. Hands in the air like this. Put your hands in the air, CNET. All right, let's just test it. Testing one two. Testing one two. Test. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. All right. All right, stop it, Glenn. Now, let me hear that test back. Remember, this is somebody across country. So, your man in Montana, you know, a friend in Idaho. -You got friends in Idaho? -I got a couple. -Yeah? -Absolutely. -Okay. -They got the bar in the whole night. Absolutely. Big Scott baby. Big Scott. -Just checking. Just checking. -Absolutely, please believe it. I got friends everywhere. West Virginia, got a friend named Bubba from West Virginia, absolutely. Bubba, that's my man. All right, Glenn, play it back. Play it back. -Okay. Testing one in here. Hands in the air like this. Put your hands in the air, CNET. Now, like, let's just test it. Testing one two. Testing one two. Test. All right, let's just test it. Testing one two. Testing one two. Test. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. Testing one two. All right. -So, you see, that's it. Anybody wanna try it? Anybody wanna get with me? -Yeah. -Anybody wanna get with me? My man right there. Come on up here, man. Come on up here. You, yeah. -He's not messing around. He's not messing around. -You're with it, you're with me or what? -Hey, give him-- -Everybody, you know, the name of the app is the Liquid MyConnect Studio app. Everybody clear up. What's the name of it? No, no, no. Liquid blah blah. Liquid MyConnect Studio. -Liquid MyConnect Studio. -Exactly. Come on up here, man. What's your name? Austin. What do you do? You're a graphic designer, oh, okay. Why don't you come up here and out wrap me in your graphic designing and all that? But just take it easy, don't go hard [unk] 'cause you got that look there, the nice smile or something. Hold on. All right. Are you ready? -The nice smile. -All right. All right. Hold on. All right, Glenn, give me the track. Let Austin rock out. -LL. -LL. -Austin. -LL. -Austin. -LL -Austin -LL. -Austin. -LL. -Austin. -All right. Cool. All right. It's a good job. Good job man. Now, promise me you're gonna tutor me in graphic designs at some point, right? All right, my God, Jesus Christ. All right. All right. Are you ready? All right, play that, play that again. Thank you, Austin. I appreciate that man. All right. Yo. Oh yeah, much love to him. Much love. Much love. So-- all right, play that back. Me and Austin. So, as you see, look, that's basically it is. Really simple. It's not that complexed. It's not like I have to pretend that is something that's not very simple. Two people, two different places, record music, at the same time and collaborate. If you have Pro Tools, if you have Ableton, if you have another system that you wanna work on, you can use this and collaborate and make what you want and then position. -All right. Cool. All right. It's a good job Good job, man. -That's it. Everybody clear? Well, that's it. That's the Liquid MyConnect Studio app. That's it. -There you go. Now, LL, I mean, you've been doing music for a long time. -Right. -And this is part of your dream and ambition, I mean, imagining seeing this type of device, -Yeah. -being able to create this stuff, I mean, -Yeah. -that's something that you're passionate about, right? -Well, you know what, the dream was this. You know, it's really simple. I just wanted to do something that was really cool and really helpful. I never really had a record label. That's not something that I did. You know, we started Deftune when I was 16 years old but this is my gift to the music world and I hope that the inspiring artists out there can use it in good health and create some great music on it. You know, it's really, really cool, you know, it really works, you know, like anything else, it'll get better with time, you know, it's not-- every part of it isn't perfect yet and we have a lot of different ideas that are gonna make it even better as the season has come up. But I'm telling you, this is the future of music, you know, the same way we use social media for everything else, we're gonna collaborate and that was my dream of doing this. I came up with this idea. I did, you know, no big company came to me and said, LL, we want you to put your face on this. I know there's a lot of celebrities running around at CES, you know, and we're told they're pretending that they're doing things that they're not-- is ridiculous. This is it. This is really my-- -Who specifically might it'll be. Let's-- -I'm not-- -Whoever. But this is really mine. This is really my, you know, idea, my vision and you know, I really hope that you guys, you know, give it a chance and you know, right about it, talk about it, and try to use it and if there's anything wrong with it, please you know, send me comments, this sucks, that's great, we will pay attention to it, because we only want it to be better. And it will get better. Any questions? -Yeah, side questions. Take a couple of questions. -I'll take some questions. You have [unk] right now. There's two connect points. In other words, there's two notes but I mean, I could be, you know, me and Brian, it could be five people here and five people there. It's not yet, we're not quite at the point where there's three separate, you know, people on the app yet but we'll get it. -Yeah, the question-- -We're working towards that. We're definitely working towards that. But it's just two right now. Two points. Two set ups. Any other questions? You know what, we're still figuring that out but you can go online right now and try it for free. You know, you could try it for free right now. You can go to boomdizzle.com/studio and try it out for free. And you know, we'll figure out maybe subscription basis or something as it gets a little bit more advanced and as we protect the technology and get the technology in a place where it's just seamless and you know, we'll, you know, people will charge a little bit for it but, you know, this is for you guys. You know, I wanna-- yeah, we all wanna do well and you know, make some change but this is for the world, you know. -Last one. Last one. -No, I'll take a couple more. -Oh, okay. Okay, you want more. -Say it again? You know, we want to. You know, it's possible, but right now, this Liquid app right now, we're just focusing on Windows 8 and you know, Windows 8 is, you know fairly new and we just think we have something really, really cool. We've been, you know, having a lot of problem with Microsoft and Sony has been very helpful with what we're doing and we're just trying to put this thing together and make it right on Windows 8, and once we perfect it, you know, and really nail it all the way down where it's just, you know what I mean, seamless and we'll move on to other platforms as well but definitely. Yeah, my man, you, yeah. All right. Okay. Oh, yeah, that's the whole point. It's any device that uses Windows 8 can use this. So it can be mobile and touchscreen. Well, I mean, yeah, if the WiFi is working, I mean, let me tell you something. I'm a brave guy. I'm doing a demo in here with this, in this area, with this WiFi, you know, this is crazy but yes. You know, if you didn't have 350,000 people on your BlackBerry, you only have iPhones and a different whatever you're touching the devices, yeah. You know, maybe not Blackberry but you know what I mean. Maybe not. God bless so maybe not. You know, but yeah. So, yes. The answer is yes. You'll be able to do it anywhere that a mobile device works. -All right. -Which is amazing. -Okay, guys. Well, you know what? L will be here a little bit. You said you take a couple of pictures with people. -I'll take some pictures, I'll take a couple. I wanna take a couple. -All right. But we wanna say thank you so much for L, come back to our stage. -Thank you. -Thank you so much, man. -Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. -You know, and if you need the vocals on that next time, I got you. -Yeah, yeah.

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