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CES 2012: LL Cool J brings the Boomdizzle to CES 2012

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CES 2012: LL Cool J brings the Boomdizzle to CES 2012

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LL Cool J launches his remote music-recording software, called Boomdizzle, to the stage at CES 2012 and lays down some tracks with B-Teezy!

Speaker 1: All right everybody. Welcome to the CES stage here at CNET 2012. We have an amazing guest here. We know the ladies love them. The fellas got nothing but love for him, LL Cool J in the house. Make some noise everybody. What's up? What's up? Here you go. All right. There's your microphone and everything, so we'll be good to go. Speaker 2: Good. Good. What's up, everybody? How's it going? Everything good? Good. Good. Speaker 1: All right. So LL well, you had a chance to walk around this whole CEA... CES, all the booths and all displays. What do you think about that? Speaker 2: I thought it was lot of cool technology out there. Lot of people that are you know really smart, really creative. Some of the glasses 3... 3D stuff is cool. Some of these new glasses with the you know... when you can you know cry and watch a movie all alone. That was pretty cool. You know, lot of cool... cool technology out there. Speaker 1: What was it that you said when you saw that (Asteroid?) Belt at the LG booth? Speaker 2: Oh, I said... I said you know in... in a couple of hundred years, it will be like, oh, what 3D? We're going there. Speaker 1: Yeah. Speaker 2: You know what I'm saying? So but that's late. You don't know what. Everybody in this crowd knows that. We're gonna go and I think they're gonna have big casinos on Saturn, it's gonna be crazy. Which is... which is born... we were born too early. That's all that is. Speaker 1: Now, you're involved in (tech here?) and we came here first of all to talk about Boomdizzle... Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: Your audio product. Speaker 2: Yeah. Well, what... here's... here's the premise in what Boomdizzle is, it's a virtual studio and my thinking... you know a lot of times when I would be in LA or I would be in New York and my engineer would be in LA and New York, I would get frustrated. It's like hey, dawg, man, I... I wanna record tonight, but you know I can't go on a studio or I'd have to go on a studio. We have to e-mail songs back and forth, tracks back and forth, etc. So what we did is we created collaborative technology where for example a kid in New York and a kid in Paris or a kid in Orange County and a kind in Miami can go online and create music at the same time collaboratively. So they don't have... there's no delay, no latency, we've solve all those problems and they can actually create a real time. And this is amazing because it won't just be for professional artist, it will be you know Becky in Idaho and her friend (Buffey Yo?) from college in San Jose... Speaker 1: LL in LA. Me in San Francisco you know something like that. Speaker 2: They're... they're gonna be... they're gonna be uploading dance tracks and... and recording music, so you know it's... it's... the world is getting flatter and flatter as we know and this won't eliminate recording studios, but it will definitely change the way music is recorded forever. Speaker 1: Now, (Sargof?) kind of a social music website. How was the launch of it? Speaker 2: Yeah. Well, the launch of it... what we wanted to do in terms of the social part is just aggregate a lot of upcoming artist, a lot of demos. Get a lot of these artists online. Bring a lot of these artists to our site because these are the people that we wanna use the technology moving forward. So we have you know thousands upon thousands of people signed up already and it's really exciting because this absolutely is the future of technology, you know. It's... it's... you know everyone doesn't have money for a plane ticket. Everyone doesn't have money to do these things, so I just wanna show people how this technology works and show them that it's real and you know... Speaker 1: You wanna show it off? Speaker 2: I love to. I love to. I love to show you how it works. So this is my man, Glenn, he's obviously out of town. Hello, Glenn. Speaker 3: Hi, there. How you guys doing? Speaker 2: Hey, can... can you hear Glenn? Can you guys hear Glenn? Speaker 1: You guys hear Glenn, right? All right. All right. There you go. Speaker 2: You can hear him. All right. So Glenn, you know I'm in Paris right now and you're in Glen Cove, Long Island since your name is Glenn. Let's... let's create... let's create a song right now. So for example give me... give me a little guitar, put a little guitar on... in the session. Add a little guitar into the session. Give me some guitar. Now, as Glenn is adding this rem... remember, as Glenn is adding this, he could actually be playing this music live, so you know, in my case, a lot of the music we make sometimes can be... you know it's not always like sometimes where you synthesize this etc. But you could do this with live guitars, live basses. If you're a grateful (Ded?) fan or a Zeppelin fan, you could still do all those cool things. It doesn't have to be only hip hop or only rap music or anything like that. It's for all kinds of music, all the genres. You might be a (Lenon Crowan?) fan and like his lyrics or something. This is good for you. All right. Okay, Glenn. I like that. You know what? This time I want you to go back to the top, go back to the top and this time bring... bring in some drums for me when you... when you play the guitar. So stop the guitar and then give me a little drums with a little bass, etc. Can we turn that up a little bit? Remember you know I'm a little kid. I'm on punishment. My mother doesn't know I'm on my laptop. I'm upstairs with Johnny. I'm creating an album. We're amazing. We're gonna be icons in 20 years and mommy thinks we're upstairs on punishment. This is the future. This is the future. Okay. All right, Glenn. Go to the top now before... go back one more time. Before you do that, let me... let me add a little rap to it and show them that you can actually record some vocals on it. I don't know these words by heart, so you gotta forgive me. You know so I start humming and (hum?) just you know we'll just rewind it like I do in my real recording sessions. Like Mama Said Knock You Out album took 14 times before I get it right, but we won't about that right now. Okay. 'Cause it sounds perfect once it's out. All right. Let's go Glen. Give me a little something. This is a song called No More and we... it's about relationships and being on a (fence?) in a relationship and stuff like that, but feel free to write something more uplifting if you... if you feel the need. I need to hear... give... give it to me on my headphones, Glenn. Let me hear everything. Yeah. Yeah. Make sure I can hear it in my headphones and that you know the (??) is there. Make it nice and loud on my headphones and make it sexy and turn it up... turn it up in here, so we can make it great. Let's go. A lot of fun. Speaker 1: You know... Speaker 2: Brian, my tech guru. Speaker 1: The tech guru? I... I can do (hooks?) too, trust me. Speaker 2: You can? Speaker 1: Do your thing you know when I (??). Speaker 2: Okay. So I have a little... a little Brian Brown over here who... Speaker 1: (A Brio?)... Speaker 2: Yeah. The (Brio?). Speaker 1: Yeah, the (Brio?). Speaker 2: Little (Brio?). (Brushia?) Speaker 1: (Asianasha?) Speaker 2: I got an empty stare. House full of company, but no one's here. We're singing cheers while we're holding back tears. To keep up appearances in front of our peers. We play holiday card tricks every year. Black jack, poker, make the joker disappear. The ace can't breathe when there's tension in the air. Three clubs in one night, but nobody cares. Cause it's still not a full house without a pair. You tipped your hand, but the text wasn't clear. You're dealing from the bottom queen of hearts, play fair. All right. Okay. All right. Stop right there, Glenn. Stop. You can stop it. Please stop. Please stop. Now, go back to the top one more time and let's do it again from the top. See this is the cool stuff, so whatever... if I had a wonderful unbelievable voice and I you know could get my Frank Sinatra one right now you know I could be you know, I did it my way, but I can't do that song. I'm gonna have to be... Speaker 1: That sounded good. Speaker 2: I'm gonna have to do it the Cool J way. But just imagine I have this wonderful voice. All right. Here we go. Ready? Speaker 3: (??). Speaker 2: It's uploading, so what happens is, in order for us to configure a deal with all of the latency issues, everything uploads and then syncs up perfectly. Just so you know how things are working, so you know. All right. Speaker 3: (??) Speaker 2: No, we're not gonna it. I just you know, it was horrifying, I just wanted people to you know... I just wan them to you know that it really works, but we're gonna... I'm gonna record this one and then after I record this one, Glenn, we'll play this back for the people and show them that the technology works. All right. Let's go. Okay. CES CNET, The Future of Technology. Huge crowd surrounding me. Dining room has an empty chair. The mirrored staircase has an empty stare. House full of company, but no one's here. We're singing cheers while we're holding back tears. To keep up appearances in front of our peers. We play holiday card tricks every year. Black jack, poker, make the joker disappear. The ace can't breathe when there's tension in the air. Three clubs in one night, but nobody cares. Cause it's still not a full house without a pair. You tipped your hand, but the text wasn't clear. You're dealing from the bottom queen of hearts, play fair. Okay. I like that. Now, Glenn play that back for the people. This is some cool stuff. Speaker 1: It's a good stuff. Speaker 2: Yeah. It's the future. It's the future and you know you can have your you know (apple bottom dean?), you know you could... you could you know you could have a song playing that's going 100 miles an hour you know... you know whatever you want you know. Do you believe in love after love, you know whatever you need well you know whatever floats your boat musically. Speaker 1: You need (??) on that man. Speaker 2: You know.. you know you might need Swedish Mafia or something or whatever you need up here. That's a DJ group by the way. I just want to put that out and you know (??) What is it? A technology for mafia? Speaker 1: Is that how they talk? Speaker 2: Some of them. All right. All right. Are we uploading, Glenn? Look at Glenn, he's never been... he's never been on television before. Look at his face. Speaker 1: He's looking good. Speaker 2: Unbelievable. All right. All right. Playback them. Can you believe this? I mean seriously. Think about it. You're in Chicago, your friend is in Paris and you're actually recording. No plane tickets. No hotels. Oh, my son is a singer, I gotta get him a hotel room in Boca Raton. He's going down... no, you don't have to do any of that. The world is flat now. So Glenn, add Ne-Yo to it, give me another singer. Let's say we had somebody somewhere else, so put Ne-Yo in. Just add Ne-Yo's vocals so they can see that you can sing over it as well. Well, you don't Ne-Yo right now with your way. It's LL Cool J and this is how we play on CNET stage. Oh, really. I really... I tell you what... I tell you what? I tell you what. You what Glenn? Glenn forget Ne-Yo. I love Ne-Yo, but forget Ne-Yo. Get that (florist?). We... my man is gonna sing on the car... he's gonna sing right now. You're gonna see a technology (??) right now. All right. You're gonna get your Boondizzle on. Are you ready, Glenn? Go Glenn. Yeah, are you ready? I want you to ad-lib all to the track. Just give him a track. You ad-lib all through it. All right. Live on stage ladies and gentlemen. All right. Go ahead. Speaker 1: Okay. Here we go. I love you, man. That's baby baby. It's LL Cool J baby. All around me, babe. I say, yeah, it's the way with LL Cool J. Oh, it's going 'cause this is how do it in a holiday. But you can't breathe. Can't breathe. This is how we do it on the CNET stage. It's the only way with LL Cool J 'cause he's keeping it cool. He like to play play on the CNET stage and now I'm going all around in the Vegas where CES go baby can hear me girl. You know (zappin?) it up 'cause that's how we do it. This is CNET (two days is up?). Speaker 2: Yeah, you gotta love it. Yo. I just you know... you know what? I want you to hear that back. I wanna show you that it work. Yeah, you're gonna hear it back and it's great and you know what? It's real and everybody all over, I got news for you. You sing better than me. I just wanna put it out there. Speaker 1: Well, the bling... bling is not as good. The bling is way bigger over here. Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, all.. all gifts you know you know record companies don't pay royalties. This is what gives. What color that you want LL? Speaker 1: Gold or bling. There you go. Speaker 2: Want some blings for your ears? All right. So, yeah, Glenn are you ready to play that back? Speaker 1: This is so fun guys. This is fun, right? Speaker 2: Play that back to me. Now, think about it. Me... and now he doesn't have to be next to me. He can be in Philadelphia. I can be in Albuquerque. It's crazy. Play it Glenn. Let's do it. You look great, Glenn. All right. Speaker 3: Still uploading. Speaker 2: Okay. All right. He's uploading it. You feel good right now? Speaker 1: Oh, that was hot. That was... come on... Speaker 2: You just blew it down. Speaker 1: You know... we'll do it together Speaker 2: Hey, Glenn. You know what? Glenn, yeah, yeah, just do it. Yeah, when you got it uploaded. You know what? Why don't you combine him and Ne-Yo. Give them a vibe. Yeah, combine him and Ne-Yo after he sings then let... you know let Ne-Yo... Speaker 1: I didn't even know... I didn't even know what Ne-Yo's voice actually sounds like. Speaker 2: I know you don't, Speaker 1: I didn't, yeah. Speaker 2: And you didn't, if you did, you could sing it as good. You got a voice. Speaker 1: Thank you. Speaker 2: You got a good voice. All right. Simon Cowell, you know... you know... Speaker 1: Look out. Speaker 2: But you're good you know Speaker 1: I didn't know Simon Cowell (??) hard. Speaker 2: You know, I got you... I have to get you in the basement before we put you in front of Simon. Speaker 1: (??) a little bit. There you go. Speaker 2: But you are... you're all right. See this is amazing. And then on top of it, we have Dolby technology. Dolby has actually allowed us to utilize some of their technology, so that the mix and the sound quality is amazing as well, so not only will you be able to you know record and actually it's functional, but Dolby has give us their state of the art technology in terms of audio, so that it will sound great. So after you record it, you know you can mix it and make it sound the way you want it to sound, the way it was meant to sound. And Dolby partnered up with us for that, so it's... it's fantastic. Speaker 1: And that was good stuff. Speaker 2: You got your thing. Speaker 1: Hey, you... we did our thing. Speaker 2: We did our thing. Speaker 1: I did it with LL Cool J with the Boomdizzle. Speaker 2: Can we hear it for the future of technology. Speaker 1: This is beautiful. Speaker 2: You can't make this up. You can't make this up. Speaker 1: Now, LL. I do wanna have a follow up questions. You're here before in (??) ever existed. Is this something that this blows your mind, the fact that we can do this things with technology today. I mean, this is something that could have happened years ago? Speaker 2: You know what? And I think a lot of people in this crowd would respect what I'm about to say. It's kinda like the world is catching up with our imaginations. You know with my imagination and that intersection between art and technology, between art and science, there's a sweet spot there and that sweet spot is where creative people wanna live and exist and create, breathe and make great things happen and I think we're doing that with Boomdizzle, so I thank you guys. I thank you for seeing what we're doing. You can do it all around the world and you know it's the future and I hope you enjoy and there are a lot of other great things that I have in the pipe line, so you'll see more. I'm telling you. I'm gonna shock you. Speaker 1: Now, there's one last thing... Speaker 2: Okay. Speaker 1: Rumor on the street has it that you're an amazing hugger. Speaker 2: Amazing hugger? Speaker 1: Like the best hug ever. Speaker 2: Okay. Speaker 1: I'd like to experience an LL Cool J hug. In an agape brotherly love. Speaker 2: In an agape? You use the word agape? Agape love? I'll give you a hug. Speaker 1: There you see that? That was agape. There you go. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, LL Cool J here at the CNET stage. Congratulations. This is... you know I got you on that. Speaker 2: All right. Yeah, Simon, yeah. Simon, help. Thank you guys. I hope you enjoy the technology and enjoy it. It's really good. It's called Boomdizzle. I'll be at Dolby booth at 4:00 and kinda talk about this some more and do another demo and you can get an up close look at technology. Take care. Speaker 1: All right.

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