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Apple Byte: Lightning strikes the iPhone 5

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Apple Byte: Lightning strikes the iPhone 5

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We didn't see too many iPhone 5 surprises, but your wallet won't be happy about the new Lightning connector. Plus, iOS 6, new iPods, a new iTunes, and plenty of Bad Apples!

-- -- I'm Bryan -- and welcome to the Apple byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. The iPhone 5 has finally arrived with really. Very few surprises at all plus there's new iPods and iTunes so we'll cover some of the big stuff and deep into the details. -- the Apple -- was everything we expected to be meticulously accurate -- with this -- for its street and its exact resolution. Four GL TE the new lightning mini dock connector and his team -- designed with an 18% thinner body. Natalie took a lot of thunder away from Apple but some new details announced for the old 86 processor which -- the CPU and graphics performance. And innocent card and better chance. It still takes eight megapixel pictures but there's an improved low light filter so I could tell what that'll really looks like -- -- club. But look at some of these amazing pictures Apple -- that use the camera with perfect lighting of course but still these pictures are great. You can take still pictures by recording video there's an all new panorama mode that -- -- -- until I tried out for myself and the face on camera on the front. Report -- weekly video -- I could see a lot more -- -- -- calls. Now we're also getting the -- at -- designed by Apple. And they really have a lot Fuller sound range the controls are larger and easier to use. Designs its players pretty well might be different for you and I'm a big fan since -- -- free with a folder 29 dollars on their -- plus they also look like. From wall. It now the sixteen gig model iPhone 5 starts at 199. 299 for the 32 gate and -- for the 64 with a two year contract the iPhone four -- is -- 99 bucks and the iPhone four is free with the contract. In the US the iPhone 5 goes on pre order on Friday September 14. At 1201 AM on line for Verizon AT&T and sprint and of course the Apple Store. But if you miss that you can stand in line next to the total stranger on the 21 that won't stop talking -- until Apple Store doors. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now also hate and other regional carriers. Getting the iPhone 5 to -- when he eight. If you're not looking to upgrade your phone what you want all the new goodies in Iowa six Apple will be releasing -- the public on September 19 as well. We also know unlimited data plans Brad. -- -- -- Carriers want you to me more. But with AT&T you can keep unlimited data plan and get the iPhone 5 but you'll be -- -- use facetime over cellular. The -- you change over to the mobile -- plan now Verizon's. Taking its -- different approach and has confirmed that if you plan on keeping your limited data plan all the new iPhone 5. You'll have to pay the full -- subsidized price for the phone. That's 649. But so life -- -- -- people. Now in a -- wonderful support three different flavors of LTE for different regions and it will debut in Canada Germany Australia Japan and others on the -- -- Now 22 more countries will get it a week later on the twenty. Now guys before we continue -- its silence Apple's thirty in Austin. And are. -- -- -- Right now we know the iPhone -- a statement it was a lot. Like. Apple's new lightning connector is a move for the future -- mix of both slimmer yet that and it's reversible so it goes both ways. -- will work with older speaker systems and cars and accessories but. Only if you purchase an adapter that's 29 dollars all. If you've got one with a point two meter cable so it's best 39 bucks. Thanks for the bargain now I'm all for moving technology forward -- charging people thirty bucks for an adapter and making money on it like that is a joke. And the Apple byters if they'll be on this one what we're throwing out -- bad. -- -- also mentioned the connection currently does not support video out as well so what does that mean. Airplay is -- video out option right now until they make some sort of -- need to USB HDMI break out adapter so. You wanna buy an Apple TV while you make your pre order. You can make the Cupertino -- that -- Now while -- on that Apple's let's talk about the new iPod. For all the good stuff it brings an even thinner and lighter six point one millimeter aluminum body design. With a four inch retina screen a dual core a five chip the rarely use Siri and the new air pods plus. It comes in five different -- so that's cool but -- quarter that allows you to connect an accessory called the iPod Touch loop. That matches the color. Of your touch that's right you could put it around your wrist who's gonna do that. No one now I know I'm not the demographic for the iPod that's what Apple you might as well call this the iPod plus and that's a -- Now the new iPod Touch starts at 99 for 32 gigs and -- and united for sixty politics and let's not get started on the iPod nanos that. Are surely smaller -- and I gotta give them props for -- -- and that. Lets you that nano watch revolution the now the new nano brings skinny five point four -- body with the 2.5 -- multi touch widescreen display that brings back video playback that's a good thing. You got your iPods and Nike plus integration but a whole new design that there's a white front face with eight different colors for the body. It looks more like a Sony product it any other Apple product I've seen. With a circular bubble icons that the PS vita uses now it just doesn't look like an Apple product. It's more of its color and icon choices. That are inconsistent with the rest of the pipeline. So I've added the new nano is 149 dollars for sixteen gigs of storage. -- -- -- for the new touch and analysts -- on the fourteenth and they'll be available some time on them. Two other things. The -- -- -- seven dollars -- made 49 dollars for two gigs plus we're getting an all new iTunes. In October with a simplified interface. -- support built in tracks -- music movies and TV shows a new. View of redesigned mini player we all care about that and a redesign iTunes store. Alright guys that's gonna -- for this show we'd love to hear what you the Apple byters thought about Apple's announcements. As. Disappointed are you getting an iPhone or not we want to hear it all at the applebyte@cnet.com. Plus next week we'll have highlights the special giveaway. Raleigh Apple byters that could make the 200 episode party. I'm -- -- -- -- it will catch you guys next time for another bite of the Apple.

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