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CES 2014: LifeTrack R415 fitness smartwatch

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CES 2014: LifeTrack R415 fitness smartwatch

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The waterproof R415 connects to your phone via bluetooth to send alerts and monitor heart rate.

Hi, guys. This is Brian Bennett for CNET. And we are at CES 2014 taking a look at some of the wearable technology that is blowing up the entire show. We've got a look at this new LifeTrack R415. It essentially is a smartphone that also as a fitness-tracker so you can get alerts such as text, e-mails on your wrist. Also, this device will read your heart rate and give you the steps you take throughout the day. So it essentially will kind of merge the two worlds of fitness and smartwatches with notifications in real time communicated from a smartphone over a wireless Bluetooth connection. The only thing that's really interesting about this product is that it is waterproof and you can actually swim with it and will actually measure the amount of strokes and calories you burn when you're swimming. So apparently, one stroke in the pool is equivalent to five steps. So the LifeTrack R415 should be available by June of 2014 and should apparently cost $129.99. I'm Brian Bennett for CNET.com and this is been a first look at the LifeTrack R415.

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