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LG's trio of new affordable phones each have one distinctive feature: Mobile World Congress 2016

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Find your next apartment with VR
1:32 June 30, 2016 is trialling a virtual reality experience that may help you rent a new apartment without needing to set foot in the...
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Google connects Japan, US with underseas internet cable
1:33 June 30, 2016
The company is a part of a consortium that helped build a 5,600-mile cable that transmits data at up to 60 terabits per second.
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The slimmest laptops of 2016
1:28 June 30, 2016
These new ultra-thin PCs get down to just about 10mm thick, while still packing in Core i7 processors.
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Waterproof, powerful and affordable? The Moto G4 Plus has it all
1:38 June 30, 2016
Armed with a good camera, solid processor and a water-resistant design, Motorola's brilliant budget phone does loads and asks little...
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Huawei Matebook wins the west with fast fingerprint login
1:35 June 30, 2016
It looks like an iPad, it feels like an iPad, but the Matebook runs the full Windows 10 operating system.
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A tour of The Void's Ghostbusters VR experience
2:39 June 29, 2016
Follow us on a tour of the Ghostbusters Dimension exhibit at Times Square's Madame Tussauds that includes a paranormal research room,...
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Don't let Facebook use your location to find friends
1:26 June 29, 2016
Make sure the Facebook app is not tracking your location with these easy steps.
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How to use LinkedIn to get a date
1:50 June 29, 2016
Have Tinder, OkCupid and The League all left you longing for love? Here's how to tap into your professional network to land a date.
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