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First Look: LG Tritan (Alltel)

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First Look: LG Tritan (Alltel)

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The LG Tritan is a full-featured touch-screen phone with customized home screens and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

>> Nicole: I'm Nicole Lee, Associate Editor for CNET.com and this is a first look at the LG Triton, which is available from both U.S. Cellular as well as Altell. The LG Triton is a touch-screen messaging phone. It has a very nice 3.0 inch touch-screen display here, very nice and colorful. There are 4 items at the bottom of the screen here and they correspond to the messaging menu, the phone number dial pad, the main menu as well as the contact's list. The cool thing about the LG Triton's touch-screen here is that you can have up to 4 different customizable home screens. For the Widgets home screen you can just drag and drop whatever widgets you want on to the main screen area. The same goes for the contact's screen as well as the multimedia home screen. You can tap the top of the home screen to access a series of shortcuts for things like Bluetooth, phone settings and more. Underneath the display are a few actual physical controls as well. Also very handy is this joystick toggle on the far right here. However, the joystick toggle is set a little too deeply as you can see here, so it is a little difficult to use at times, but we're glad to have a physical all the same. When you turn the phone sideways and slide it up you will reveal a full QWERTY keyboard which is great for text messaging. There's a separate home screen for when the keyboard is slid out. The LG Triton has a lot of features they include the 3 mega pixel camera and camcorder, GPS [inaudible] NAV with turn by turn directions, messaging, an HTML browser, a document viewer, stereo Bluetooth, a music player and more. Despite a few quirks we think the LG Triton is overall a pretty good phone especially for around $80.00 from both U.S. Cellular as well as Altell. I'm Nicole Lee this has been a first look at the LG Triton. ^M00:01:53 [ Music ]

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