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First Look: LG Octane (Verizon Wireless)

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First Look: LG Octane (Verizon Wireless)

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The LG Octane is a great messaging phone for Verizon Wireless.

I'm Nicole Lee, senior associate editor for CNET.com and this is a first look at the LG Octane for Verizon Wireless. The LG Octane is very similar to the LG Envy line of messaging phones for Verizon Wireless. On the front here is an external display plus a number keypad. When you flip it open, you get an internal display plus a full QWERTY keyboard. With the smaller 1.2-inch display, you can view a limited menu as well as use it as a camera viewfinder. Underneath there, you do get a navigation array as well as the external number keypad like we said. It's very roomy as you can see here. On the back here is the 3.2-megapixel camera lens. Flip it open, you get a very generous 2-inch glass display. On either side of the display are two stereo speakers. Underneath that, you do get the two soft keys here as well as a full four-row QWERTY keyboard. They keyboard is very roomy and the keys are raised above the surface for easy texting. You can adjust the angle for better texting or you can adjust it all the way to 180 degrees to access the camera key and volume rocker. Features of the LG Octane include the usual text and multimedia messaging, mobile instant messaging, and mobile e-mail. It also has stereo Bluetooth and GPS with VZ Navigator. It also has a full HTML browser and Bing search. Entertainment options include access to V CAST Music with Rhapsody and V CAST Video. The LG Octane is available for around $100 with a new 2-year service agreement with Verizon Wireless. I'm Nicole Lee, this has been the first look at the LG Octane.

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