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Prizefight: LG EnV Touch vs. Samsung Impression
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Prizefight: LG EnV Touch vs. Samsung Impression

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Two of CNET's most popular touch-screen QWERTY keyboard phones face off in the Prizefight ring. The Impression slaughtered its last competition, so how will the EnV Touch fare?

[ MUSIC AND APPLAUSE ] ^M00:00:07 >> [Brian Tong:] What's up, prize fight fans. I'm Brian Tong, and we have a battle between two touch-screen QWERTY keyboard phones in this week's prize fight. It's a face-off between two of CNET's most popular phones, Verizon's LG enV Touch and AT&T's Samsung Impression. Our judges for this fight are Senior Editor Ken Sherman, Associate Editor Nicole Lee and you know who. We'll take all three judges' scores and average them out to the nearest tenth each round. The final prize fight score will be an average of all rounds using the same decimal system. It's five rounds to the finish. [applause] [bell] First up, who catches your eye. [music] LG's enV Touch has a dual flip screen design that is modeled after the Voyager. It's a solid design even though it's boxy, but not really sexy. Now the Impression has a larger footprint, but its great-looking touch-screen and rounded edges with a sliding keyboard take the cake. The Impression gets [bell] a 4.7, and the enV Touch gets a 3.7. [applause] Next round [bell] is navigation. Our judges were a mixed bag in this round. Both phones have touch-screens and spacious QWERTY keyboards. Some of us preferred the enV Touch with its dedicated navigation control, while others preferred the more responsive touch-screen of the Impression and its TouchWiz interface. It was close, but the enV Touch [bell] takes round two, 4.3 to 4. Now after averaging two rounds the Impression leads by four tenths of a point. The next round is [applause] features [bell]. [music] Both phones offer comparable features with 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and a full HTML browser. The enV Touch was scored higher by Ken and Nicole for its EVDO rev A flavor of 3G, document viewer, and its Microsoft Active Sync. There's no WIFI on either phone, and I'm still waiting for a standalone email app. [bell] [applause] Give this round to the enV Touch, 4.7 [bell] to 4. The next round is multimedia. [music] The enV Touch is loaded with the VCast services and its music service is solid, but its streaming video is still just a throwaway. The Impression's larger display makes all the difference here. The media player is simple and clean, and the video quality surprises. HTML browsers are on both phones, but they function about the same and are above average. 3 megapixel cameras are also rocking on each, but LG has a .2 megapixel edge.[bell] [applause] We're calling this round even at 4, and after four rounds, we're tied at 4.2. The final round that decides [applause] it all is going to be call quality. [music] Verizon has a reputation for the best-sounding network, and it holds true here. The difference was pretty obvious. The enV Touch sounded clearer and there was little to no static. AT&T's Impression is still a solid-sounding phone, but there was more background noise and the call sounded a little grittier. [applause] LG [bell] takes this final, deciding round, 4.7 to 3.7, and in a prize fight that stayed close the whole way through [applause], LG's enV Touch comes out on top, 4.3 to 4.1 [bell], and is your prize fight winner. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching and we'll catch you guys next time on another prize fight. [inaudible] ^M00:03:15 [ MUSIC AND APPLAUSE ]

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