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First Look: Lexmark Interpret S405

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First Look: Lexmark Interpret S405

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The Lexmark Interpret S405 is a capable multifunction printer with respectable output speed and quality, but it's overshadowed by competing printers that offer more features for less.

-Hi, I'm Justin Yu with CNET.com. This is your first look at the Lexmark Interpret S405. This printer would make sense for a multitasking business environment because it can print quickly and it can also scan and fax, but it does suffer from mechanical errors that make it kind of frustrating use, but we'll get into that later. If you can find the S405 for under $100 online, you'll appreciate all its features like this auto document feeder on top and the lower right has a USB port that lets you print out snapshot photos without using the computer as a middleman. You can also print directly from a digital camera using the memory card reader below that. So, you can hardwire the printer to your computer using a USB cord, but you can also connect wirelessly using the on-screen instructions in the connection wizard. We should note, however, that although we didn't run into any speed bumps during the installation, multiple user reviews on CNET product pages report dropped signals that required a computer reboot to fix it. And speaking of those CNET user reviews, we do have to agree with those complaining about paper jams that occurred while loading paper into the feeder. The problem is that the spooling path is so sensitive that unless you have the paper perfectly aligned in the auto document feeder, it'll jam. Now, for this reason and others, we do recommend bypassing this printer and checking out the Canon Pixma MX410. That one operates really smoothly and can do more for actually less money. You can read more details about this printer including speed and quality test results on our full review on CNET.com. But that's gonna do it for me. I'm Justin Yu. You just took a first look at the Lexmark Interpret S405 multifunction printer. Thanks for watching.

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