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CNET News Video: Learn to strum over Skype

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CNET News Video: Learn to strum over Skype

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Learning a musical instrument is never easy. Finding a teacher you can groove with is sometimes even harder. Now, thanks to technology, that special instructor can live several time zones -- or continents -- away and still deliver a quality lesson. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on this growing trend.

-The electronic ring of a Skype call is music to Jeff Feldman's ears. It signifies his guitar lesson is about to begin. -Hey, Lance. -Hey, Jeff. How you doing today buddy? -I'm doing good. How are you doing? -Already an accomplished guitar player and instructor, San Francisco-base Feldman wanted to learn the finger style of playing. One that national Tennessee-based Lance Allen has perfected. So after lending an ear to Allen's collection of Youtube videos, the two have connected over Skype for lessons. -'Cause I'm gonna have to do thumb, thumb, first. -So thumb, thumb, first. -Right. -Technology is so good right now. Just with my built-in camera and microphone from my computer, I can see exactly what his hands are doing and he can see what I'm doing. -[unk] first finger come down to the B. -Roughly half of Allen's 50 guitar students take lessons over Skype. He charges them $120 for four Skype lessons, $20 more than in person lessons. But he says that extra fee is for additional materials. -[unk] and then-- What I do for my Skype lessons in all my Skype students is I, after a lesson I'll do a video recap of the lesson and I'll put it in a dropbox. -And for students taking a lesson over the computer allows you to record the conversation for additional help at a later time. -That is something that is an extra value that you don't get in normal guitar lessons without having, you know, a camera setup and everything which nobody does. -With everyone singing the praises of this high-tech teaching method, I decided to give it a try. It's like 1, 2, 3--. Although advanced players complain that remote lessons make it hard to jam together, I saw the benefits. They're easy, convenient and still of high quality. -Yes, that's pretty good. -Just don't expect to see me strumming my Uke on a beach at sunset anytime soon. In San Francisco, I'm Kara Tsuboi cnet.com for CBS News. Gosh. -Yeah, that's pretty good though.

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