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CNET News Video: Leap Motion jumps ahead with new apps

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CNET News Video: Leap Motion jumps ahead with new apps

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In the four months since the release of the Leap Motion controller, the company has expanded its app store to include more than 140 that use the finger and hand movement controller. Leap Motion's VP of Marketing Michael Zagorsek shows us three apps created for the 3D, non-touch experience.

-Just wanted to share just a few apps that we have in store today. What you could see here is that you have that instant ability to control something in 3D with really no learning curve. So, not only can you control it, what they've done is given you the ability to identify what's on here from a learning standpoint and start pulling it apart, and then, zoom in and examine it in 3D. And what's nice about working with 3D digital objects is that you can-- you can basically re-attach them any which way, and you learn about it. So, from a learning standpoint, this is they type of thing that gives you incredible detail, incredible control, and then uses your hand when it's appropriate or uses the keyboard when it's appropriate. So, you really get that augmented experience. What makes each of these apps great is they all pick what element of interaction they want to take, and they use it to their advantage. So, in this case, it's something as simple as controlling a puppet. So, this one should be arriving pretty soon. It's in the final stages, and we'll get some tutorials and some instructions. And here's another one-- something more for a game audience. This is a really great mainstream title-- Air Supremacy. You can see how interacting with something like a flying game is just a lot more mersive and interesting. I will accelerate making a fish-- fist one I get to critical speed, they start taking off. Let me see if I can do this. There we go. And I have instant control and-- -And we go faster. -Faster? Once you get up to speed, it's-- mainly controlling speed. What you're doing is you're getting a-- don't crash. You're getting a-- you're getting a real-- the game is really designed for that maneuverability and staying with your command. But here, if you wanna fire, in this case, you know, it uses the keyboard. Wait. Let me shoot these guys. I'm gonna shoot these guys-- without crashing. Okay. I'm crashing. I got a little bit close. But again, it's a great example of using something as simple as the hand control. And the learning curve was instant. And this is coming out really soon. And it uses the keyboard, it uses the mouse when it needs to, and I control it this way. And it's a full experience. It's using the space in front of your computer in a whole new way. Pretty satisfying.
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