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Car Tech Video: LA Auto Show: Ford Mustang Concept

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Car Tech Video: LA Auto Show: Ford Mustang Concept

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Giugiaro, the designer behind the original Scirocco and DeLorean, brings you the Ford Mustang Concept. Get a first look from the 2007 LA Auto Show.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Could this be the next Ford Mustang? You wish. Here's a Concept from Giugiaro a designer known for fabulous products in the past, not just cars by the way. You would know him for his work on the original Shirocko [assumed spelling], also the Delorian [assumed spelling] and some Nikon F Series Camera bodies. This is much more of a rounded shape than those Iconic Giugiaro designs. You can see that this concept mustang is very voluptuous. It's got very large bulging fenders but they aren't tacked on they're very much faired into the body. Of course the gull wing doors probably are not a production likely item. Inside's an interesting technology. We see three LCD display monitors. Those are tied into both the bullet cameras on each door as well as a camera mounted inside the gas cap on the very rear. Many of the other touches here are primarily ornamental, you've got the cowhide seat upholstery, the flat bottom wheel that is all a Audi to be quite honest. The keys that gives this away as a Mustang include the three vertical stripped rear taillights. Those have been retained even though they've been given a rounded shape. And of course, the front nose treatment, the way that traditional Mustang scowl is built in is key to identifying this car as what it is. A lot of the rest of it might throw you for a loop. One last note to point out, look at the top, very low slung, they did that by using a single expanse of a Plexiglas like material that is the windshield all the way to the top and the back light, very dramatic piece. It's a concept only. But, it could be an indication of where Ford wants to go with the next Mustang. ^M00:01:27 [ Music ]

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