First Look: Kodak EasyShare Z950
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First Look: Kodak EasyShare Z950

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As long as you're a patient snapshooter, the Kodak EasyShare Z950 is a respectable compact megazoom camera.

>> Hi I'm Josh Goldman, Senior Editor with CNET Reviews and this is the Kodak EasyShare Z950. The main attraction is its 10X zoom tucked in a moderately compact body, otherwise the X950 is a fairly straightforward camera and it isn't loaded down with a lot of gimmicky features. However, it is one of the few 10X cameras with manual and semi-manual controls; plus using them is pretty simple. It's just a matter of putting it in the mode you want to use and using the 5-way joystick on back to adjust shutter speed and aperture. All the menus are easy to navigate to and you get this nice big 3-inch display to do it on. Photo quality is generally very good for the Z950's class, though photos taken above ISO 200 tend to look a little soft and over processed. More of an issue with its shooting performance though, the camera is very quick for the first three shots but try and take a fourth and you'll get hit with a processing screen. You'll eventually be able to take a fourth but then you'll get hit with a processing screen again. So maybe not the best for fast shooting but otherwise it's a pretty solid compact mega zoom. I'm Josh Goldman and that's a look at Kodak EasyShare Z950.

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