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Always On: Kindle Paperwhite's beach torture test

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Always On: Kindle Paperwhite's beach torture test

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We torture test the Kindle Paperwhite in the heat, sand, and water. Find out if it survives.

-Time for our beachside torture test of the Kindle Paperwhites. -Yeah. It's going in the sand, it's going in the sun and it's going in the water. -All those things. Let's get it going. But you know what, I think I could easily imagine let's just leaving it on the towel in the hot sun while we frolic in the cool, cool water. Shall we? -Let's put it there. -Let's frolic. -Hey, I bet that thing seems pretty hot. -Yeah, we should probably check it out. -Yup. All right. 132. I think it needs to cook a little longer. We should get a shave ice. -Okay. -Care for a shave ice? Cheers. -Poor Kindle. -Poor Kindle? -Look at that thing. -Been hanging out in the sun. It's a beautiful day. -It's got a nice tan, I bet. -Yes, I hope so. -Let's find out. Flip it over because it's just wasn't heating up enough when it was faced up. 140. You know, I'm saying this thing is been out here about two hours. -Yeah. -Feel like that's about as hot as it gonna get. -I agree, I mean that's a real world situation. -Yeah. -Out of sun. Two hours. It's so-- -Here, here. Why don't you take that? -Yeah that's really hot. -That's hot. -Very hot. All right. When it turn on-- -Swipe to unlock. -Swipe to unlock. -Still perfectly responsive. -No problem. -Wow. -Still Paperwhitey. Look at that. -Not so bad. -I mean we were having a hard time sitting in the sun. -I know. The Kindle was like-- -Kindle could handle it, no problem. -Okay, Kindle. All right. What do you say we drop our Kindle on the beach here? -It's time for the Kindle to get it from here to eternity moment. -That's right. -Ready? -Yup. -Oh no. -Kindle. Oh no. It's so-- That's some dirty water. Hey, let's do that thing we're not supposed to do. -Turn it right on. -Turn it right on. Oh no, Kindle. Oh no. Oh no. Go. Oh no, Kindle is-- Mayday. No. How we're doing here? Yup. -Still happening. -Touch screen is freaking out a little bit but I wouldn't say it's terrible. -Yeah. It's still working. -It's working. Upon further reflection-- -It won't come back to life. -It won't come back to life. I think we may have actually killed it when we did that thing you're not supposed to do. Turn it back on. -Yeah. It was working fine but then when we turn it off and turn it back on, didn't-- it didn't survive. -Not so good. So, we'll dry it out in the sun for a little while. We're still gonna drop it but hopefully it will recover later. -Yeah. -Yeah. We'll see. So we're out a very windy beach off Dakota Highway. -It's kinda post-apocalyptic. -It's pretty crazy. One of the locals told me that he calls this Turtle Beach. Like I don't see any turtle but I do see a lot of dangerous looking lava rocks. -Yes. -It would be a shame if the Kindle fell in one of those, don't you think? -I do think. -3, 2, 1. I missed the rocks completely. How about you have a jolt at that? -You missed the jagged rocks. -I can't watch. I can watch though. I can watch. -1, 2, 3. Oh. -Oh. All right. We have some scratching. -The screen held that though. -Moisture screen, okay. But it's sharp to the touch. -Sharp to the touch. -I think one more? -Yeah, go for it. Maybe we'll hide this time. -3, 2, 1. -Oh. -Oh. A rock almost hit me in the eye. -Cliché. -The speed up plenty but the screen is okay. -I mean, that's when you get with that plastic backing. It really can handle it. -Yeah. I would say, as far as the drop goes, it's pretty tough. I can't really see it but it will come out though 'cause of the salt water. Sorry to see you go, Paperwhites. At least it wasn't yours. -Yes. Thank you for not using mine. Looks like I could finish my books.

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