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Buzz Out Loud: Kindle Fire: your questions answered

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Buzz Out Loud: Kindle Fire: your questions answered

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The Buzz Out Loud team and Donald Bell get hands-on with the brand-new Kindle Fire and answer all your questions about the device, like Kindle Fire vs. Nook, whether you can side-load apps, and whether Amazon Prime is required for use (hint: no). Check it out!

One game. November 14 2011 my name is Stephen beat him. -- grandson I. I'm Donald bell and I am Molly -- welcome to a special live discussion. Special episode of buzz out loud. We are pretty much all gathered today in this room. The talk -- can define and does that I have to say this and I gotta give credit -- accredited do you a couple of game there it is there's little get hold of this. And that I -- -- This is an experiment for us it was the idea of I gotta say John Falcone who is the executive editor in charge -- in New York. Who basically was like we have that thing. And there's a ton of attention around it and people are really curious -- have a lot of questions. Why not do a special live buzz out loud sort of like discussion -- to talk about it kind of do. Almost a live version of -- review and then of course take your questions in the chat room and on Twitter. And on to Google+ yes and -- and maybe even on -- Has also thinking it's it's perfect opportunity if pressed to freak out about a product that's not made by Apple to this this is for all the people complain about all the Apple -- it. You -- own propaganda that we put on the show. They go just for balance we did want to bring up this process. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because it -- -- -- -- -- this is like this is our gift to you right so let's start with so apparently that you know fire shipped. -- -- -- For those people who were like waiting to get it -- that's a good thing that's already did start out critic. Exactly and that's -- also announced that they are gonna have first thing tomorrow morning to sell mainline Amazon -- -- like and spins on product -- -- -- of its its gonna be sold in stores -- that's actually great people can go get their hands on the hot little hands on and check it at -- that's and the one. It's not a huge drawback with the Kindle in the -- -- that the Kindle does right it's not that hard to figure out but I think you do on your hands on that's pretty great guy does one of the things that when their first. So. Let's start with Donald your official review for those that for those who have not read your review the facts you should stop you doing right now. Well now yeah. -- -- -- -- what it what is what's the verdict on the Kindle it's it's it's the best good enough tablet. -- The variant yeah I gave me the first good enough tablet at least at this price so it could -- epithet at. And fired up -- the first to get -- general public and earth good enough. -- -- -- -- Partly to tablet it's a. It's it's and is a great good enough tablet that this really emphasize entertainment and Mike -- The least amount of friction in today's diving into -- -- that stuff so you booted out. You that you log into your -- past year in fact I just reset the device before the show and -- back up and running it's so quick. You putting your Amazon you know account information the -- we would like Apple ID information on some IOS device. And then all year all of your content they've ever orders -- them digitally -- whether that's ebooks music or videos or whenever. It's kind of thrown onto the device in -- up and running and then -- every little one of the little. Buckets for entertainment whether it's the -- Sander at the bookstore or of the books -- your music -- your video or whatever. Has a store button built into it -- it kind of just jumping back and forth between your contents and as soon as you want something new. News jump into the store and it's right there. And that's kind of it make it doesn't it doesn't have the desktop metaphor the whole thing is built around this kind bookshelf idea. -- arms like a Cover Flow -- zipping back and forth between your. Recent -- stops. Adds yes actually it is unlike and we did a slide show on CNET of just the Kindle frontpage or home page because it is -- -- -- how it. It takes that sort of -- phone and tablet metaphor again which I you know. Bully for them for saying there is a different paradigm -- everybody everybody else who has made a tablet operating system so far. Or a tablet so far as using probably honey cumbersome version Mandarin that basically looks like at and. Yeah I think anyone who really wants in doesn't care about. Entertainment aspect of this thing it pallidotomy frustrated because -- You you can customize the desktop to not have you know you music and videos and you know ebooks as -- front and senator. Categories -- to choose -- and that's really. No matter how much you customize the -- that is going to be the main image and looking at when you do this thing -- Now -- Donald one of the things specific with this product is in popular time now we know it has eight gigs of internal storage and is heavily reliant. On the cloud -- from what you've seen. Do you think that's gonna help it or heard it is etiquette thing a bad thing because you know a lot of people literal content and tech -- they're gonna be. Driven by a what -- -- storage space but at the same time maybe it's not for that kind of user. Yeah I didn't -- itself I I I for the sake of reviewing a try to load it up with as much stuff I even you know. Like I -- HD -- of feel it is movies practice and didn't let out it was like fantastic mr. fox which doesn't sound that you know an agreement -- -- -- And actually just transfer it over. To the device actually took a long way around to see if their whole cloud drive system -- work with even -- giant video transfer and it did ban on. Yet I was a -- gig. For that movie if I really wanted to have that around with me I could have a lot more than that I want I mean. That it is what I like more storage and I absolutely and -- it that's the down tighter -- only eight gigs of built in storage and -- expendable yet memory but. You know the -- -- answer to that and I actually brought that up my meeting with them it's like well you know that's. There's a lot of little things like that where it's -- the difference between a B 899 dollar device. Or 215 dollar -- -- and like that kept prices really important to them you know so they had to make a kind of sacrifices. It took so the other sacrifices and it depends on how you see them right the eighty gig I think it's probably. The biggest drawback. Although Amazon has is really putting a lot of pressure on. Or putting a lot of marketing -- or and the idea that this is a cloud device that yeah all meant to be streaming from Amazon prime that it's not in a local story. I would -- like the first fun thing you do within me has an a month of Amazon prime comes free with it like I authority of a prime number which by means that -- Marty in the pocket -- Amazon. We don't we all are nearly mentally they've definitely friendly oils or how much we've promoted Amazon pray that we might as well and you don't get I've -- you get a free -- here and part of that free month of prime membership is there instant money might -- it. Streaming service seed -- Nvidia's and you can this is whole section is -- -- the top this just all the free. Video as he can stream directly and it's kind of like it's good stuff like a solid -- take TV and video content -- -- content. And that -- put me like -- What's so -- hello there what is so wrong about being children router is awesome you actually you know I was -- statement certain that the children's book thing about it is killing me right now because I. I -- Eli -- a couple of kids books on the iPad. But it's not sort of like that awesome Amazon's selection and I guess I know I could maybe get orbit never -- needs of -- and Alex. Snowy day but I. It's nice and responsive though really snappy you know you don't feel like come because it's. -- own a -- is appealing thing like Android I mean they're deliberately doing that it does feel pretty smooth to use. Yet and that little -- -- -- -- that comes up to IE nothing on the record about that let you know I do you feel like. Amazon sense of using 512. Megs. System ram instead of the gated system mammoths and other products. I am is that they've they've really optimize -- that you don't feel and and the -- -- -- REU kind of feel. The lag when in the web browser a little bit maybe it's something that they can fine -- I'm going forward -- it. Look at the browsers like that new brand new custom cloud based thing -- -- browser -- Says that things are giving outlets student the president -- -- -- -- -- you are giving up as premium features. I -- three G wireless fair no cameras now no microphone no because I'm realistic date to -- -- No GPS and then obviously then no location services at -- Bluetooth -- the screen brightness is only okay. And there are now this was just kind of -- weird one to -- I agree no parental controls. Yeah I've brought that it too because if fight especially hand in hand with Howell. They're introducing these thousands of children's color children's books on the device who else -- just how much people when they talk about. The iPad where ends up in the house is being picked their kids' favorite. You know -- device how the parental control aspect -- and is missing entirely. And how the Internet is -- -- mankind's ever invented that yes so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People -- interest in the fire. Last week was that Netflix pandora and Hulu will be available on something that was actually inquest yes and that was also I think Barnes and Noble's kind of it's like -- -- -- -- -- -- there had been caught a little bit -- that we don't have -- we don't really have and today you know giant absorb but we do have Netflix is really important guys and it is -- And I think that people who who go for via. The nook tablet. Probably me happy to have that Netflix there button -- I would say even without Netflix the whole instant video thing on this is pretty re. And kind of -- par with Netflix are better for words that same -- more about Netflix and -- about. And anything else but now I am. Okay so let's get to. Your question tied to an app and keep them coming in the -- -- -- this before the show that we're kind of here to -- to figure out to help you figure out. -- -- -- -- -- -- So the number one question I gotta say from everybody because so was last week the announcement last Monday the Barnes & Noble. -- tablets yet was announced which is going to be similar. Side about the Nook Color here this particular pair right so pretty so basically now -- -- -- -- You've got another thing -- basically the same deal except it has more memory and that's 250 bucks yet so the number one question was fire or -- to. This is -- well yeah that's now what do we do. Have had been thinking about -- thing about all week I have handled the -- tablet. It is site from kind of a fresh coat of paint -- the design is almost identical to the Nook Color. Even the same thickness it's a little lighter though grant. So that's. You know and that's RIE. I think our cassettes and on line neatly gets if you can't -- colors that the tablets and -- far -- and actually if the differences kind of start that they Kindle fire is a little more I. Phone four initially get sort of that squared off. Brick design and -- a colors sort of a little jingle Leonard and yeah it's a cooler designed to cooler design. I must say it -- edited and is. The it comes down to economics like. Barnes & Noble at the end of the -- a it's makes their money by selling books. You know they they don't have because they don't have their. The hands and all those different ways of making money off of selling media TU they also don't have idea. Motivation I think I -- It all the content you're gonna get video content on the -- -- -- need media through a third party service or some kind of you know maybe arsenals and partner with the service is to get that video content to -- that they don't have their own Amazon prime streaming or you're gonna be ripping -- -- dvds into pampering can side load. Which UPS sites -- I hear that yeah yeah I heard about that I hear is how you today that hypothetically. -- -- -- that the App Store content there's just note like already. Just by the numbers you know and it is -- need more of these devices out there more people developing apps for it. And the Amazon store you can have more selection more games more content that way. Then in an Amazon -- -- -- in their little -- that. Amazon prime universe a lot of all of -- other kind of features. Trickle in too -- at like the Kindle lending library -- like this permanently lend out a book and then deal to -- it for free and then returning -- -- It's just current lending library hang him out on my mind men and other flaws they as a union has also gets a major publishers on -- -- you know eventually we'll see how that happens it it just. -- -- from what you keep you know tell us about everything that you've seen it just. Feels like if a tablet is in fact -- content consumption device. In a technical specs whether or not that's what motivates you're not. The Kindle fire is one that has the content that's. In that's gonna be its biggest play if you if I threw that out to someone. Let's say my -- like I'm looking for tablet. Which one would nine point her to him I probably should -- be a little more comfortable with the Kindle name but then I'd also point -- would -- -- what you wanna -- you actually go out. Mailing email read a book CP movies is probably -- like will the content on the animals at me and it is that is is that what's gonna really. To decide -- But if you ask me which device do you want to lake brute. And -- -- totally customizing it -- in -- Android I would go with the woman has the better more built in memory and more ram and expand on memory size definitely. Did it suit and it does when you look at the nitty gritty it really feels like to different audiences because. The -- the Kindle more than -- feels so much more like a consumer consumer device where the note it is a consumer device but like you said. The reason why the -- took off in the first place -- that color really established itself during the time when the iPad was dominated was the fact that. People to -- with that. Play with that it was the only 249 back then -- it kind of grew of that audience from there as well yeah -- -- and the like hats off the Barnes & -- for creating this market you know the number of other really define this whole thing and that Kindle fire is the like a year later -- more the response to it. I mean it you know you look at the -- on Paper and there's no question of the specs are better but in this day -- We know how that does there's some 199 dollars as such -- -- sort of psychological price point now that I I sort of feel like -- -- fifty it's like mouth it's. And just don't know if it's worth it. Though that has led a lot of our audience to wonder what is the deal with the Android version on the Kindle fire do we have any idea. What -- what the OS is officially yet -- report is a version. I I from what I understand it's based on Android 2.3. The nitty gritty of how. I mean it seems like they went really deep. Through the that the actual stack -- to optimize everything specifically for the device I mean. If you've -- if if you're not gonna how all the hardware there that half that teaches an Android speak to you can do a lot of housecleaning in the in the software to get rid of all that stuff right. So but will. Is is there an App Store experience can you get to the Android market through the browser will it be -- be able to download the Android market. To report -- in him. It's it's a little unclear what so we talk about app development and -- and Amazon Kindle might be in a more -- platform but then again it's -- pretty walled garden kind of unclear what app development will -- out there is. There is the their own Amazon Android store -- write about and that is the -- one category on the navigation is apps which goes in to Amazon App Store -- and and so. Even if you were -- there is that there is a feature in settings here where you can on you can install. Apps from unknown sources you -- yes. Write that down doesn't -- out. Of -- -- -- side load them you're gonna be doing that you know probably two years you know -- browser or by downloading direct from the Internet or -- connect you connect this over as a generic USB device your computer. I -- there's no view in here and where the where you can actually go through my content -- launch something directly. In -- and within that and storage of the device -- but I'm sure people enterprise people can make it happen. Yeah it does not I have to say I I sort of -- getting the impression that until it's less civil walled garden than I would've expected. -- it has flash it's gonna run. All the sites it has it it has the ability to -- from unknown sources you could in theory side load to -- it it will run Netflix Hulu you know I mean -- sort of frankly. From my perspective it does more than I expected it yeah I was wondering how -- Don't tirelessly and that they are gonna be -- at about like they the only way to do anything here is by using our services that it doesn't and that's the case for -- -- good thing. Although that does raise the question of leave it -- -- asked this on. Twitter and wanted to know is it worth it purity and an iPad and lets skip to the second part is -- a region locked device or most of the services US only. I think because Amazon -- is amenity is not in India globe -- device in on the students taking them in -- watch locally stored content on it. But is it worth getting if -- have an iPad probably not no that's not. There's two with look at that question I think -- if you if you you know. If you your kid or someone else in your in your family is -- iPad anyone -- like it a cheap iPad like device. That was let out if you are an item I entered it at 800 dollars LA you know he'd see that -- like what. But I think as it -- more interesting question that's part of that which is like could you just download all of Amazon's Android apps. Or IOS apps onto your iPad or Android device and have the exact same experience and now's the -- that surprised -- -- -- down. That there's a lot having used them yet. Amazon's Android App Store on Android device this is different because it's every every storefront is back to back with the content. So there's a lot of integration -- flipping back and forth between the content. And the stored in -- get -- haven't separate little silent apps on the department's -- And also getting. Amazon and store. -- which they don't have. Available I don't think they do in the same -- -- -- the other devices and Amazon video app isn't there is no app you can on the list to play into the. Video service getting to meet ups and that's an interesting question to that almost a bit of a straw like I -- -- questions almost a bit of a -- and actually don't think. The Kindle fire is intended for. Tablet buyers you know I mean like -- you have an iPad purity chose that that market. That device I feel like Kindle fire is a whole new like we said its its opening up a new kind of market. And a new buyer who really is embedded with. With Amazon very deeply Writely you could argue that this is kind of useless device you don't have the prime subscription. So -- on May be eighty bucks a year as a semi mandatory fee -- or owning your 200 dollar device -- Any amp from Amazon's one to be -- pollinate these convincing that it's it's worth doing that anyways with all of the answer you get with it -- it -- word in the business of the true cost of ownership cost of ownership of I mean nothing goes away if you don't have a prime subscription and many government. -- thinking I didn't mean I would argue with the prime subscription rate you have these exclusive features. Their library isn't that -- and docket I -- know I know I know it but I'm just saying that. And their video libraries still isn't robust enough. To make it like a must have their their Kindle lending library still house to grow to make that service. A must have I think. To me this is still more link cable without even having the Amazon prime service yeah I really don't dots. I don't think that you have to figure that in. As that as big -- of owning this tablet yet to be a prime -- I would of said that that was the question that the case Yorkshire when it was first announced and we didn't know is gonna have Netflix and Hulu pandora or any of those kind of apps but. If it's gonna be able to do other media consumption -- and the universe that doesn't seem like it says -- yet none of yeah look at I think it's okay we can -- at me at Netflix thing in there and also even like the music thing like. They have the whole free Amazon cloud drive service -- -- without buying anything from them. You get five games to which entire wall at that fear -- -- -- can fit. I if you buy one song upgrades to -- -- -- -- accounts and then give to my album as an album yeah give -- outlook and upgraded into anything yet which is yet. Very beautiful and that they enter their all that -- in the music. Little category here you can go to your cloud version of the view -- -- That's how -- we think up on that thing just to test it out I gotta say that there is a thing is pretty amazing like Amazon's cloud drive player is really pretty good -- it could be a little -- it's not as you know sort of advances I -- want it to be but it works very well and the fact that you have that -- for free. And get it for free when you know unlike like we talked about -- iTunes match launching today and it's not gonna match your library its not that kind of a locker service -- -- -- scan and match for you but. Can you tell all your stuff on and on myself and -- -- and I was surprised that they didn't do it as completely as they thought they would like is the cloud drive also has a categories for video and photos and documents. That's separate from a music player. And many -- that like the gallery app on here it doesn't go to like any -- Cloud stored photos. Opinion what when he launched the that app that docs app here which will you know -- in the word docs or PowerPoint docs and things that that not that imagine anyone using this for work -- It's there -- -- back if you want that capability. It doesn't -- got -- yet at least to use any of your cloud stored documents. One tiny bummer for me to is there's still no. In terms of that books themselves Lincoln's and it does it still is a lockdown system in terms of the -- the files that you can put on their although it does support. Text and PDF do you know if you had to do that crazy. Email Amazon for conversion thing do you still is US India but I hope you don't anymore -- -- -- income property should they got rid of that -- -- to -- -- I was gonna say it is loaded on your memory -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aaliyah died and a part of the problem of and no he pubs and bars that was a big question and then -- that every question obviously impacts and hilariously it just came up that I remember I was reading an inner announced. What's the battery life like. It so we haven't onto that that actual CNET labs test results were written -- around. It it seemed adequate it wasn't like it wasn't as good as the iPad and seemingly -- Especially when it comes to -- any kind of flash but let's -- browsing more and games they obvious stuff. But down it wasn't wasn't a I didn't notice -- this being something more. They're claiming eight hours the net tablet is claiming eleven and a half hours these -- -- though with a Wi-Fi off right which is kinda. But yeah I mean let's try it bomber with a cloud device you need the Wi-Fi and -- -- -- These illegal ipads and turning it off atoms can read about -- much like you -- -- is especially with only eight gigs I think I actually think the battery life is going to be a pretty serious question you know are considering airlines on the plan. Yeah and give it Mike Tyson to battery life is being sentenced him on any device in how much you feel like you need to -- the screen. That test is -- done so far should that. Even the last full brightness of the Kindle fire isn't as bright as the iPad two like the Samsung tab -- one to both 500 -- -- Did default brightness is actually pretty good. Compared to how lot of the other devices are out of the box so if that's what they're reading on it you may not need to tweak that the brightness that much. Break but we'll see. -- the Wi-Fi -- -- -- questions going to be pretty serious when I think do you have any idea what it's a couple of -- last questions what. Apps are available they -- they have any clue about that. -- instead you have to do let you know and I'm sure it's under our site and I -- the then. The App Store for the Kindle is exactly the same. Is where you're gonna have the Android App Store them and selection but. They are promised seeing what Hulu plus ESP and I am. -- and it more and emerged -- there had been led. -- -- -- -- others Twitter means that us you know the the kind of classic standards the -- and one is interesting though because most ESPN apps you have to be signed up with their cable provider. With the ESPN under package in order for you even use the -- in apps I -- so. So yes a -- of some of them weren't there during my review period but they're promising them this week. And the press release that I that so. Feel like Netflix wasn't there but rhapsody pandora. Comic solid G they were all there and in the same. Zynga EA game off pop cap Rovio have all signed on -- to get -- -- there as fast as possible so. People seem excited I mean if you're -- if -- app developer -- game developer. You wanna go where the eyeballs are right and so if -- party back ordered now -- a million extra units. You can pretty much. Email called the with the game as far as he's gonna go to win the cheap tableau. More on my all my friends that did not have iPad over the past week the right which one should I get. That the fire or the nook brand you know that's that's that's the question pretty much most people are asking right now it's it's the price point it's just all you know what. Like we saw the HP touchpad it's all driven by low price point a lot of. Is there really isn't in the -- is right there it's really hanging in and I'm surprised how many people like listening to you which ones -- get man such as. I would have thought that for it for years I would've thought that answer -- obvious threat imaginable first came out and apparently. That I think it's surprising -- Heated discussion. And I just -- to see how it if no again want to see if price. And that kind of just driving people to be completely honest I was a Barnes & Noble employee for about a year and I left on good terms -- -- I don't know if there -- -- I had never been employed by Amazon. It. And nobody Barnes & Noble does -- There's something great -- arsenal does which is really that the book experience and and magazines and in store support. All of that it is. Is excellent but is it. -- still that's. Kind of there -- real house race when you get out towards games and videos and use any kind of thing that distract you from buying their content. This is not in the best interest of that team ran along -- -- -- in the money off of the tablet in making the money off the content and the only content they really mean they're selling. Is e-book and magazine content. To -- also should see how arm. If -- is able to keep their current customers because when. Remember we are reading about how -- Who are these people that -- owning these kind of lower priced tablets and was largely the female population you know this does the -- the stay at home moms and if there. Now going to shift their tastes well did the it was -- we got this when -- is when an -- Obama -- like. Will they change their taste Amazon or just stay with that because that's what the family -- -- there is a secret weapon. That hasn't been deployed on you know sent. The some of the zappa sound -- joking -- -- that Amazon would just come out does that those tablet and has all the you have to don't think it. And now there's -- as Apple's app yet. I know this site unless -- hand -- -- Let you can see that happening hypothetically edit they get as Apple is being built in through -- -- It could be done and -- a little zappa is -- combination. You know you can -- -- -- -- -- any new ground with a typewriter if you -- I'm. I think the -- that no actually get one must question. And men anymore well wrapping up our combined well open up an analyst with -- -- are now -- like where -- actually affordable and open. Doesn't -- if you're between. An. A fire -- mean that now there's like this new question right so there's no -- fire in their iPad -- fire in their iPad version of whatever but what about. Do you think people who just really want an. -- I'd say that there's also cases where the Kindle fire isn't that great for. I think Amazon's bad especially with like their whole whisper sync. You know I am seeking your your placing a book cross all the different devices he might be using the Amazon is then. When you go on vacation you would take something like that the Kindle touch or whatever -- you. If they've made the price is so cheap now they're just just by all our stuff and no matter what you device -- pick up if you've got a Kindle. App on it or it is a proper Kindle it's gonna remember where you are he can take that with a -- down. Missile doesn't as a result of that stuff to the yeah yeah but then this is and prizes I like to be I mean this is -- this is interesting to me it's only a 100 -- -- -- of Kindle man and I can see people being like I want -- all the stuff and then you're losing the and I wonder -- boxes. Not I think you know you could still I awesome in terms of battery life I love. I thought I mean I -- audio and ink reader because like I couldn't stand reading books on an iPad or any type LCD screen -- -- that's and I was motivated specifically for that and I use I use -- all exclusively notary I don't really I don't even touch even though I haven't looked -- -- Kindle app. -- when I see income like that's elementary London I think also they get -- built with that price where if you're talking about 199 dollars for the tablet and then 79 dollars for now. Yeah I mean you're still that's -- only getting. Like twenty dollars more than would you be paying for do you have do you have that. The -- digital readers that we do know that they're priced really well. And that -- they are add. -- ad supported that's part of like the help with the price but it doesn't show now but I you might if you ever get bombarded by ads like there was a huge twilight -- and why do I like if you're screen -- is a twilight sad. That's a little turn it on and then and then when you turn it on it was on the banner on the bottom. I'm just -- and sometimes. It's a one and I'm not against it but when they give me an ad for twilight on my ereader might. And while this is the benefit -- not I don't even now -- -- -- you don't have to go to -- bookstore and -- -- off the shelf Brian you can just privately downloaded tears and -- over I wanna spy adventures and he's the -- date we now you know what I -- Edward and not that I know -- -- high. Providing him of his secret chamber right -- I but I would. I would caution people who are only shopping for an. I still think that the. I -- feel -- that is as an English major I do feel there is part of missile that that the -- crotchety old man whose dislike. I can't believe that both of -- via. The that pillars of of the book selling community Barnes & Noble and Amazon ran out about the rushing -- Provide you with everything -- Videos in and doing games on their tablets instead of Reading. Especially parents will no longer come on and now are basically trying to interestingly keep their other businesses alive with these devices are aiming Kindle Amazon has said there are. Analysts say. Actually demons and thankfully we believe him. That Amazon could lose fifty bucks on every Kindle fire that they make and Barnes & Noble has been described as basically making the -- tablet strategy the stores opened -- you know they're trying to support these other giant ecosystems all around them. But that doesn't mean that you don't have to choose carefully. I -- thing you clicked on spending more money than have to yeah I know that sounds crazy coming from a gadget girl but now that I'm like last year's girl -- -- -- And it. Don't spend any more than you need you now -- -- not gonna get the new Kindle. -- No in fact I can't -- I canceled my pre order for the Kindle I was is giving it the Kindle touch net and that I really think -- Tired yet we Kindle smaller Amazon might bundle it is this thin client but it does mean like -- What do I kind of thought what am I going to do with my old Kindle and it's not -- so it's father's treatment and. I think we gotta clear out for the next show bit thank you guys are for hanging with us and -- Donald experts and time to give -- -- -- -- in person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Suggest devices that you think we should doable but I know that. And the floodgates. -- an 866. Created -- phone number if you have questions comments or -- Thursday show. Which is coming soon that's -- and. -- and then to -- Thursday CEO life.

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