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Tech Culture: Kent German's top cell phone picks

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Tech Culture: Kent German's top cell phone picks

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For the last show of the year, Kent German joins Molly Wood and Brian Tong to offer an exhaustive list of cell phone recommendations. In the end, we hold him down and force him to pick just one. Also, find out why the Zune has the best music subscription service of all.

[ Background music ] >> Hello everyone! >> It's you! >> You totally busted me dancing, dancing to the music. Welcome to the Holiday Help Desk. The last >> Yeah! >> The last episode of the Holiday Help Desk. >> I mean it's really saddening and disheartening that we won't be able to do this 22 more time. >> 22 more times. It's the last day that I will have to sit here and obsess about how weird my bangs look when I'm wearing these headphones. >> I think they look fine. >> No they look weird, they look weird. >> We do have a special guest in the house. >> We do, we do. I'm Molly Wood by the way and that's Brian Tong in case you're watching this later and you've never seen us before and we have a special guest in the house as Brian was saying. Go ahead. >> Do you want me to introduce the one, the only Senior Editor, cell phone review editor extraordinaire Kent German. >> Kent German. >> Thank you Brian for that nice introduction. >> I could have made it a little nicer with music and all that stuff. >> It was more than satisfying. >> I thought it was good yeah. >> We call him [inaudible] >> I give it 4 stars. >> Not editors choice yet. >> You mean 4 dots, 4 dot that's how we measure [inaudible] >> He's doing the editor he's doing the editor review ranking though. 4 stars I need to work on a little bit so. >> And he got a present just now. >> Yes I have Brian Cooley bought me a Droid and a Droid Eris. >> Ooh! >> Shut up! >> Well that's pretty lucky. >> It is. >> Why are you really holding the boxes up though? >> Dear Brian Cooley can you come back here with more presents for everyone? >>Oh ok. >> I can do that though. >> Yeah I know you can. >> Kent you can do anything you want. >> Kent is definitely our I mean this guy he knows everything about every cell phone and he is supremely unimpressed so don't look for like you know don't look for him to . . .>> Several things actually. >> . . . to inflate your grades I guess. >> The best thing about it is he has the best poker face when he talks about you would be a really good poker player actually. >> Actually I'm not very good. >> Really? >> Cause when I get a really good hand I get that smile or you know that >> Haven't seen that with a cell phone yet but we're waiting for it, waiting for it. >> Well cause in that case money's typically involved. >> That's true. >> Absolutely. >> This is your last chance to call us live at 888-900-cnet 2638 and that is assuming that you can see the live stream, we've had some problems with it but I think some people are starting to get it so give us a call we do have a couple lines open. 888-900cnet 2638. >> You can't email us anymore. >> No don't email us anymore cause you know we won't answer. >> But yeah I mean this is 22 out of 22. We're good to go. >> I know and we are though even though you can't email us we're still giving away the prizes. We have 1 left to give away. >> We do! So we know we have our daily Crave prize giveaway wow it's really the last show. >> What was on today? >> Today's well that's what I was going to tell you right now. Are you gonna let me talk? >> No. >> Geeze thanks for coming in the studio. >> Adorable! You guys are adorable. >> Thanks for coming in. >> I'll be here all week. >> We'll get back to you later. >> So cute! >> So the Crave giveaway of the day is the Insignia digital picture frame. This is Best Buys branded picture frame that you can find in their stores. It has a remote, it's a I think it's an 8 inch screen. That street price is around $130. It does come with a 1 gig of storage. The nice thing about this is yes this is a 4x3 ratio digital picture frame. A lot of times people aren't really for whatever reason some people just don't like the widescreen format that cuts off a lot of >> It makes the pictures look weird. >> Yeah it's kind of you know it's kind of weird so this is going up. This actually is a very winnable we don't have too many people what have 2000 commenter's. >> Not bad. Decent chances I think. So you go to crave.cnet.com and you basically just comment to win. >> And we want to thank our friends at Best Buy you know I don't know why we would thank them maybe cause they helped us out with free goodies. >> And Vizio oh really did they help us out with all? Oh so Best Buy pretty much hooked us up with all of the prizes. >> No they didn't give us all the prizes. >> Oh ok they gave us a few of the prizes. >> The picture frame and the Blu-ray player. >> They just gave us a few things. >> They gave us a few things. Anyway nice looking digital picture frame would make a very good after the holiday present. And then of course we're still doing the deals. We're still doing that because there's like 2 days left to get some presents. So what do we got? How many dots do we have on shopping today? >> We want to look dot hot. >> Why can't I see dot hots right now? >> I want dot cause you know what not every not every hot has a dot. >> Ok well. >> I don't know why. >> Either way I'm gonna start off I'm gonna start off the bat. This one you know getting a nice affordable surround sound these days you don't really have to pay too much if you're in a small room like an apartment even in your bedroom to get some action going on so this is a Phillips 5.1 home theater system. $100 80 bucks free shipping. > Wow that's pretty cool. >> Did you say? No never mind. >> What did I say? No tell me what? >> No. >> Something about you bedroom. >> The action going on in the bedroom. Ok so anyway I like this this is good 180 bucks actually that's really great. >> And $22 lower than any other price currently available online according to shopper.com so that's a pretty sweet deal right there. >> Yeah that's not bad. I actually I'm pretty excited about the No! No Professional Hair Removal System for $79 plus free shipping on the 3 dots. >> That's 3 dot hot. >> 3 dot hot. No actually the best 3 dot hot going on today is right above that the Dell XPS M1330 product red 13 inch laptop. This is a great laptop and it is 649 plus $10 shipped. That's actually a great price for this. >> But let's talk about the No! No! Hair what's really cool about it? >> I have no idea. >> Now how does it remove hair? >> Apparently I looked through at the website it just burns it off. You are warned that there will be an odor. >>Not like a [inaudible] >> Look at this thing. This is a lethal weapon. >> It's dangerous. The No! No! is dangerous. >> You're not supposed to use this on your face. So this is probably more for a female or you know those hard to reach places that's all I'll say. >> The buyer >> The area >> and hair I don't think they mix very well. >> So anyway. >> I really want to get into the technology of this product. >> Did we mention that there will be an expose after CES but in the meantime we're gonna go ahead and talk to Rick our Cheapskate blogger and see if he can beat the hotness that is the No! No! hair removal [inaudible]. >> I kind of need some No! No! hair action today. >> I don't want to know. >> Oh that's right oh the cowlick yeah. >> I thought he was gonna start like lifting his shirt up and I'm like no we need to cut this string. >> I know mayday we're kind of getting Rick in slide show right now. >> But we can hear him, we can hear him alright. >> We can hear you ok. So what do you got? This is your last chance to impress us with the 5 dotters, Rick. >> Alright let's close it out with some 5 dot hotness right [inaudible] not sure what's going on. Anyway the deal of the day is a little fun for the holiday weekend. Valve is having a big fat sale on PC games. Grand Theft Auto you can download for 749. You can get [inaudible] try to say that 5 times fast for a buck 99. You can get World of Goo for 5 bucks. They just have some really nice deals going on today. Some of them are today only. Some of them are good through the end of the month and you know some just great, great games for a sweet price. >> Now I would probably not recommend you purchasing Grand Theft Auto 4 for your 12-year old kid but >> No but World of Goo thought but World of Goo, that's my favorite. >> I mean even though $7.49 you might want to you know not. You might not want to get that for the kids but I'm excited that you can get them the Goo Balls. My favorite game my favorite game of the season. >> Molly likes Goos. Molly likes goo balls. >> That's not bad Rick, not bad cause you know this is pretty much it like if you haven't bought your presents now >> That's 5 dots of hotness right there. >> That is well I'm gonna give it 4 dots cause you only listed 4 games. I'm a little bit of a stickler for that kind of thing. >> Fill in your own 5th Dot. Fill in the blank. >> Fill in that's right fill in your own dot. Thank you very much Rick. You can find his deals all year long it's not just a holiday thing, CNET.com/cheapskate. They just keep on rolling. Happy Holiday's Rick! Thanks for being on the show every day. >> Thank you guys same to you. >> Alright now we're going to go jump the calls. You want to hit the calls a little bit? >> Yeah I think let's do it. >> Now we do have the mobile guru Kent German in the house so we're gonna throw you a fastball right now ok? Do you think you can handle this? >> We'll see. >> Ok alright we're gonna go to Rob, Rob in New Jersey and it looks like you have a few questions about mobile phones. >> Yes I do. Hi. >> Hi. >> How's it going? Hi, hello. We forget niceties like hello on the last day. >> Merry Christmas anyway may be a not so quick question. Looking to get a smartphone for someone who is completely sick and tired of AT&T and the iPhone. >> There's people like that. >> I've narrowed it down to maybe a Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, HTC Eris, Nokia N900, HTC Touch Pro 2 what do you recommend? >> Narrowed it way down there. Just about every other phone. >> Pretty much though pretty much. What's your budget? >> Well for the phone you know between 1-200 dollars. >> Well the 900, the N900 is unlocked so that's gonna cost you quite a lot, that's gonna cost you about $6-800 depending on your retailer. >> Ouch that one's' out. >> Unless you really I mean it's a decent phone. Bonnie Cha who also does not like a lot of things [laughter] liked it quite a lot so I would so if you could if it was in your budget I would recommend it but I would actually be more probably leaning more toward the Droid or the Touch Pro 2 personally. I like the Palm Pre I think it's a decent device and I certainly think web OS added a lot and I'm not crazy about the design, I don't like the keyboard and I don't like the display very much and it just don't really like the overall look of the device I know that's a personal thing so you may think differently or the person you're buying from may think differently but I like the Droid a lot. I really prefer the Android operating system over web OS and the Droid is really the premiere example of Android right now. The Droid Eris also a good option just doesn't have the keyboard and cheaper as well and too you can get it with a variety of characters I think that's the one you can get with almost all carriers if I remember right. So decent device. I haven't personally looked at that but I know Bonnie liked it quite a bit. >> The HTC Touch Pro 2 and that's gotten pretty good reviews and it is that one is $200 though. I'm thinking that probably the Droid or the Droid Eris are your best choices cause the Droid you can find now for like 119, 150. >> Yeah you can get it pretty cheap. >> And the Eris if you know if the recipient doesn't care very much about the keyboard the Eris is 99 bucks and that is a great little phone in fact I think Brian Tong is absolutely in love with it he was telling me earlier. >> Yeah if there was a phone that I had to go for that's not iPhone I'm down with the Droid Eris. The main thing the UI the sense UI it makes Android sexier, sleeker, cleaner and I love it. >> The Eris also is a lot lighter so you can see it's just a lot lighter, it's a lot thinner, it's slimmer. >> Why do you have to show us off like that Kent? >> It's just a little less complicated. So and especially if you're someone who's used to the iPhone who is used to using the touch screen only they probably won't mind not having the keyboard which really what the Droid brings and I don't even really like the keyboard anyway on the Droid I think it's too flat and not very tactile so I would kind of be leaning toward the Droid Eris personally. I just think it's a little bit of a simpler device. It has basically almost all of features. It just doesn't have the Android 2.0 but it will get that eventually. >> I think it will and it just seems like it just seems like a really good value actually I think the Eris seems like a really good bang for the buck. >> Absolutely. >> So I think go ahead. >> Sorry I was just gonna say would it be worth even just waiting a few more weeks for this Google Nexus 1 or an HTC Dragon? >> Yeah what are your thoughts on the Nexus 1? >> The problem with waiting and I know this is a question I get a lot is well maybe I should wait a little longer to come out, see what else comes out and that's always that can be good advice but I think you could always say well I'm gonna be waiting cause something always is going to come along. I you know the only time that I ever thought uh oh I should have told somebody to wait was when I think the click came out over the mytouch but in this case the Nexus 1 we really don't know how it's gonna be sold. It's certified for AT&T at least SCC documents show but I'm sorry T-Mobile, but T-Mobile's not commenting that's gonna be the case. We don't know if it's gonna be sold with a contract, we don't think so, but how much it's gonna be exactly, who will get it. Report came out today, actually Bonnie wrote about that it's gonna be invite only retail I haven't looked at it much so I don't know how that's gonna work but the Nexus 1 is a little shaky just because we don't know how it's gonna work and with the other HT device we just don't know when we're gonna see it. >> It depends on how long you're willing to wait really. >> Yeah I mean it could be January, it could be middle of January, it could be CS we don't know but it could be well after that. >> Yeah if you don't have it you can't use it. I just say that every day. >> That's true. >> At some point you need a new phone. >> Alright. >> So we're going for the Droid Eris and if you feel like you know if you feel like you gotta wait then it's up to you buddy but I think you're gonna be happy with the Eris. We actually alright we're gonna take a break. Good luck. Happy shopping Rob. They're giving us the hook we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back we're gonna talk to Kent a little bit more about some of the top cell phones of 2009. ^M00:13:14 [ Music ] ^M00:13:22 [ Background music ] >> If you think all batteries are the same consider this: These Duracell batteries were given to the Mattel Children's Hospital, UCLA because when it comes to kids and healing you're not just powering a toy, you're powering a smile. Duracell trusted everywhere. >> Everywhere you look new gadgets are popping up. To get the real story on them there's really only one place to go, CNET.com. Discover something new at CNET. >> Last FM now on XBOX live. Discover new music and explore endless personalized radio stations. Find out more on www.lastfm.com/xbox. ^M00:14:05 [ Music ] ^M00:14:11 >> I'm gonna miss those tunes. >> You are? Well you might be the only one. >> I want them on a CD. Welcome back to the Holiday Help Desk. We are here, Molly Wood, Brain Tong taking the calls live for the last day of the season and we have Kent German our Senior Editor of cell phone reviews in the studio and Kent you have one of the greatest jobs at CNET, seriously. What are some of the top phones of 2009? What are some of your top recommendations if people are still looking for a phone? >> Well we went through recently and we actually put together a lot of lists. One list we put together was readers top phones and we did that by just popularity and then we the editors went through and chose our top phones as well and there's still some things that actually are out that were introduced a lot earlier this year that I still really like though. Of course on the messaging side kind of whenever I talk about phones I like to sort of break it up just a little bit cause I think it's easier but I really like the any of the LG Envy's. I think those are still great devices. They're available with Verizon. The NV Touch and the NV3. I kind of prefer the Touch a little bit. I like the Samsung Impression a lot still, that's still around, had a great display. Like the Samsung Rouge, that is still I think that's with AT&T if I remember right. I think so. Yeah. And it is >> No that one's Verizon >> Verizon yeah sorry about that. >> Even better. >> There's one like the then as far a camera I really like the Samsung Memoir, there's a Casio Exilim phone we liked. If you're looking for more of a midrange option the LGV 8360 is still a pretty good option. >> So you're saying you like all the phones. >> There's a lot of phones. >> So ok if you had to pick 1, let's start with messaging phone, 1 messaging phone what is the top messaging phone that you would tell people to get? >> I would say either the Samsung Impression which is with AT&T or if you don't want to go with AT&T and I think you know AT&Ts reception is better on other phones than the iPhone I would probably go with the Samsung Rouge. >> Ok yeah that is our editors choice actually I think that ones in the >> We're getting there. >> It's getting there. He mentioned like 19 phones in a row so we were trying to bring them all up. >> Every time he said one then I would change to another one. >> I put that one in the chat room for you there, the Rouge. So the Rouge is the top messaging phone and then when it comes to the smartphone is such a tough one right cause you've got the iPhone which is a great phone always on top of kind of the best cell phones list but maybe have those network problems >> Depending on where you live. >> Yeah certainly and how you use the phone. You know when you're making I think my iPhone experience and I'm using the one that CNET owns and I don't use it for calls that much so I have to look it out there but I don't really have that many problems. I do on the data side sometimes but I don't really have these iPhone horror stories that we hear about. >> You're a lucky dog. >> I still think I don't use it day to day you know like some people so I think it's a great still a great device in so many ways. So it always goes into the top of our lists simply because it's a good has a good video player, web browser so forth. >> And so what do you use? >> Well I have been known to use an Android phone. >> Oh really? >> Which one? >> Most recently yes. >> Dish the dish. >> Sort of alternating sometimes just cause I like to spend a lot of time with a device just to see you know to get the good experience from it but I spend a lot of time with the My Touch 3G which I liked a lot and then I like the Click a lot as well. I like the keyboard even though I'm a person that doesn't need it, the physical keyboard I do like it and the Moto Blur I've grown to like actually. >> Now what is the Moto Blur? That's the interface right? >> Yeah that's the Motorola's interface that sort of takes all of your email, social networking and sort of pulls them all together and the one thing that was overwhelming until I realized I could just delete it from the display was that there's this happenings widget that constantly blinks and shows you know your friend on Facebook has uploaded a new photo or somebody updated their status and you know it just you have a lot of friends it just got mind you know sort of mind numbing and also you don't really care half the time so I just deleted that, the little light on the phone stopped blinking so much and actually having all the emails pulled to the universal inbox was great and then being able to you know update your Facebook status right on the display was great and seeing other things like someone responded to you, it's great. So I do like the Moto Blur, grown to like it. >> Alright. >> And overall [inaudible] Motorola device as well. >> A social phone. You can find all of the reviews just go to CNET.com click on cell phones and you can just click on the best cell phones list and they're sliced and diced in a million different ways so if you can't find a phone that you like you're just not looking hard enough. >> Yeah Nicole Lee posted top messaging phones today. >> Oh good. >> There you go. >> And we have our top worst phones as well. If you just you know what to take a trip down that lane. >> Oh that is always a favorite. >> Ok let's hit the phones yeah> >> Let's do some calls yeah. >> Ok here we go. >> Cause it turns out our lines are full. Go! >> Alright here we go. Line 2: Nathan how can we help you out? >> Hi you guys I just want to say my favorite phrase real quick. >> Ok. >> If you don't have it you won't miss it. >> If you don't have it you won't miss it. >> What was that from? What's your question? >> I can agree with that in some ways. >> Maybe I don't notice a difference. >> That's true. >> Yeah that's true that is the actual the good opposite to if you don't have it you can't use it. They're both true. Everybody wins. >> True axioms of life. >> Alright what's your question Nathan? >> I'm getting a new laptop for Christmas and I wanted to get the best software to put on it particularly free antivirus. I was looking at AVG and Avira. >> Ok so this is what you can do Nathan. If you go to download.com there's a section down in the left hand corner that's called our security starter kit and Seth Rosenblatt was here just yesterday and there's 2 top free antivirus apps that they recommend. Avira was one of them and then the other one was AVAST Home Edition. I personally you know we've always heard of AVG as well has always been like a top antivirus that's free as well but both of these Avira and Avast were received 5 star editor ratings so they're both gonna be able to handle it and they're free so I think if you look at one of each of these I can't even speak right now cause I'm looking at 2 screens. Now either of these would be fine for you. >> Yeah so check out download.com and actually check out yesterdays show for Seth's good recommendations cause he was just on yesterday so I'm gonna go with Avast I think that's probably the one for you. Alright let's keep this train rolling. Next up we have Emilio [assumed spelling] who it sounds like might be looking for a new MP3 player. Are you there? >> Yes I am. >> Hello how are you? >> What's up Emilio? >> I'm doing great. How are you guys doing? >> Good, good. >> We're rolling, we are rolling. What's your question? Are you MP3 player shopping? >> Yes but the thing is I would like one that has to go with a subscription service. So I'm just still I guess kind of lost because I know the Zune has a subscription service and it seems pretty well but I mean anything out of that everything's just kind of muddied out there. So I was wondering what you guys know about other subscription services. >> Yeah we did a recent Prizefight awhile ago on some of the music subscription services. Really the 2 outside of Zune that a lot of people use are either Rhapsody or Napster and so when you have a combination of which service you want to use Rhapsody is pure subscription. Napster is very interesting because you pay a $5 monthly service but you also get 5 individual song downloads on top of the access to the entire library which makes it unique so essentially it's covering the cost for that monthly fee. Do you have a specific preference of device? Or are you more curious about just which subscription service matches your needs? >> Well I have a Zune now and I tried their there's a 14 day Zune Pass trial and I really liked it but after that I didn't read up on it but now I've noticed that they've added like a whole online component that you can stream so I was wondering if you guys have experience with that to see if it's actually even worth it to start paying the $15 a month again. >> Yeah I mean my big complaint about the Zune Pass is the price. It's just a little bit expensive. I think Rhapsody is more like $10 and Napster is a little bit cheaper but honestly I think that that Zune hardware is so great and I think that that subscription service has really a lot to recommend it cause I thought you also got to keep 10 songs a month with Zune Pass. >> I can't remember off the top of my head. >> I might be wrong about that maybe I'll ask the chat room but I thought you got to keep some songs with that too and was BT was mentioning earlier that one also has TV and video with that. >> Yeah you have a ton of access to multimedia so these other ones are music specifically but here on the Zune and that screen looks hot as well. I mean it supports, it's a multimedia device. So that's another reason why you might you know think of hanging it out with a Zune subscription service. >> Yeah and the chat room is telling me that yeah you do get 10 free songs you get 10 songs a month to keep with that Zune and that I mean that's a ton of music, like 10 songs a month that you get to keep on top of the subscription so I gotta say I think the Zune hardware plus the Zune Pass is very tempting. I'm all over that option. Alright. >> Yeah that's actually the way I was leaning to but I see you guys just confirmed it for me. >>Excellent your instincts were right on Emilio. Happy shopping. Good luck to you and it looks like I think we have a very similar question on line 4. Nicholas, hey! How's it going there Nicholas? >> Good how about you guys? >> Good. >> Good good. >> So you probably heard the answer to the last question but is there anything else we can add it sounds like you're looking for. >> Yeah well you know as far as like durability of the 2 devices is the iPod Touch versus the Zune HD I mean they're both one's aluminum the others steel I believe. Are they durable? Cause I mean I don't put a lot of abuse but you know >> Yeah they're both primarily screen based so the tougher of the 2 if you're talking about the backside is gonna be the Zune. The Zune's a lot tougher more industrial but both of them completely expose the screen so on the front side I wouldn't say there's a victor there. >> But then you can always get a case for either one of them. >> Yeah you can always get a case. You know I will say the Apple the iPod Touch has slightly worse user reviews than the Zune and I'm not sure what that's all about but I think it might be that the Zune you know even though the iPod Touch has so many great features >> Right. Is there like software bugs. Are there any known real bad software bugs between the 2? >> Not really. >> They're pretty baked at this point. I think the main differentiator is do you want apps and Wi-Fi on the iPod Touch or do you want that subscription service on the Zune and it's just kind of between those 2 at that point. >> Is the Zune compatible with Rhapsody or? >> No just Zune Pass. The Microsoft Zune Pass is the software for that. Alright so good luck Nicholas and you might just have to flip a coin at that point at some point. Alright we're gonna let you take a little break and watch a video real quick. We put together these great blooper reels every year, a little holiday treat for you including some from Kent German. Here we go. >> A lot of bla bla bla bla. >> Our CNET Editor Bloopers. [ Background music ] >> Ready. Ok. >> Don't stop. Jerry Crew >> Here's where you can find information on the model and capacity. I can't do it. >> There's also a USB [beep] >> Comes in multiple colors. This is red you also can >> The headphone market is swamped with ultra portable. >> While the Dell 24 [beep] >> Somehow look weird I just don't feel like it's good you know? >> And >> Ultra portable ultra portable. >> And press the but the entire content of or was it entire content? >> Dedicate sorry. On the back there's no on the >> Something's [beep] wrong with me. >> Users can brown. >> The most appealing selling point of the 30 inch HP L [beep] >> Here's where you can find information on the model and capacity of your. It's like pacity. >> Oh no I have pen on my hand I just got a manicure. >> It already has 2 USB ports to support extra storage [beep] Something wrong with my. >> iTunes will likely grab. >> It's actually a different phonebook that it's missing. >> I'm looking at the prompter and I'm talking. >> Press that and you'll let's make sure I get that right. >> I'm talking and I'm looking, I'm looking and I'm talking. >> You cannot just put any of these drive. >> God I feel like I'm reading front lows. I have small hands ok. >> You cannot just put any of these drives out by accident. A very good design actually. The [beep]. I can't do this. It's weird. I can't do this! >> And although yep [beep] Mother [beep]. You. >> I don't know why. I can't do this. Can we use the old text? Yeah done forget about that. >> For CNET.com I'm Donald Bell try it again. >> Happy Holiday's >> That's a wrap. >> Get outta here! Get out of here! Stop! I don't want to sit here ok! I don't want to sit next to you guys! >> I don't know why you didn't throw that flower pot. >> Oh that was your big chance. >> Cause you weren't standing across the room. Oh Wow! >> KG I'm glad you came on the show on the last day. You're not coming back. >> You should have seen us like usually we talk through all the videos and do plans and stuff but that we were just watching like oh that's so funny. I love that part when Dong gets so mad like he gets really mad! >> He's taking off the glasses, rubbing his eyes. >> Oh man. That was a rough day for him. >> It's good stuff. >> Good stuff. Alright we're gonna, we gotta go. >> We're done. >> I think we're good. I mean but we're gonna as usual for the last time we're gonna announce the last CRAVE winner or you won't find out. >> Oh my gosh you're right. >> You'll never know who won the Best Buy digital frame but >> So who's gonna do it? >> Yesterday's >> Yesterday's winner >> Yesterdays prize was the Flip Video Mino HD, the second generation >> That was a nice one >> That was a nice one right? That was a good present. You're jealous. I know there have been a couple that I kind of wish I could win. Anyway the lucky winner was not either of us it was Zeus 12669 better known as hey we have a name Shane in Texas. >> Shane! >> Congratulations! >> Shane! Yeah. >> Awesome, awesome. >> Check your email for the email per month letting us know how you can claim your prize and wow Merry Christmas! That's a good one. >> That is a very nice on. >> Alright. >> That's it. >> We're done. We have to thank so maybe we should switch the camera a little. Jason Howell [assumed spelling] >> Yes Jason Howell our engineering producer extraordinaire who has been here literally every Damn day >> He's about to cry today like he has >> He's tapped out. >> Nobody needs a vacation more >> He is tapped out >> than Jason Howell >> We love him and Bonnie, Dan and our executive producer here at CNET >> Yes who sat here valiantly every single day telling us to move on, take a break >> Shut up! >> Get to the calls. >> You just can't hear that. We can. >> Keep it moving, you're killing me. And also to Lynn Foo [assumed spelling] and Jamie for helping us out every day on the phones for dealing with you callers and trying to interpret your questions. >> Dealing! >> Dealing! Come on you know some crazy people call. You know it happens. >> We got crazies. >> And thanks to everybody who watched and called. >> Yeah absolutely >> And emailed. >> So we're gonna be done off for this week and next week. We'll still have video content, all of our favorites, bloopers, wish lists running, >> Special episodes. >> And we're off the CES. >> We are after that. The next live show that you will see at CNET.com/live is gonna be Monday January 4th you'll see some Buzz Outloud maybe a couple of other things. >> Yeah. >> And then we'll see you guys in Vegas. >> Vegas baby. Alright have a great holidays. >> And Happy New Year! ^M00:30:23 [ Music ]

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The future of mobile, according to Kyocera
1:41 March 5, 2015
At MWC 2015, Kyocera exhibited some of its concept and prototype devices, including a handset with a built-in solar film.
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Geneva Motor Show 2015: CNET's editors choose their favorites
7:49 March 5, 2015
Things are drawing to a close here in Geneva, and soon the lovely concepts and exotic hypercars will be rolled away. Before we packed...
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Valve sets sights on the living room with Steam Machines
1:50 March 4, 2015
Valve's Steam Machines will be coming in all shapes and sizes, and aim to bring PC gaming to your living room.
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Tomorrow Daily 139: Nvidia Shield, an online comic book class taught by Stan Lee and more
27:48 March 4, 2015
On today's show, we discuss the new set-top box future of Nvidia Shield, explain how you can take a comic book course taught by Stan...
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The Sony Morpheus VR headset gets more comfortable and more immersive
2:39 March 4, 2015
The redesigned Sony Morpheus VR headset fits better on your head, has a better screen, and its demos are more compelling.
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