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Just six weeks away from the next iPhone?: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: Just six weeks away from the next iPhone?

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September 12 looks like the magic day, a fully assembled "iPhone" makes it into the wild, and get ready for OS X Snoop Lion.

Global -- that's a good look at the composition of that thing high ranked. Lessons that they need today -- actually -- -- Section. On the web. I don't fight us that's scary but -- replacement doesn't Apple's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Bliss after that Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple byte for everything those goods a -- all of it inside the world of Apple right here. Now we finally have a rumored date for Apple's next iPhone to debut on September the twelve that's a Wednesday. With the release of the phone a bold nine days later on Friday September 21 according to -- more. Other tech outlets have also confirmed September 12 as the date for an Apple announcement but there hasn't been an official confirmation by the big a just yet. -- more also reports that the iPad mini yes. That guy will be announced at the same event along with the new rumored iPod nano and iPod Touch with September historically been the time for Apple's music player announcements. Now I -- chimes in with some details about the iPhone and the new dock connector that some people are still obsessed about. They say it will not be -- nineteen -- sixteen pin connector but eight pins. They'll potentially have the ability to connect the docs and tables in either orientation like a MagSafe so we'll see about that but we asked you the Apple byters tell us what you thought. Now Anthony says. IPhone 5 yes regardless of number of -- Patti says the new design alone is enough for me to not get the iPhone 5 putting the Jack on the bottom doesn't make sense. Now it's about half and half of people who preferred on top. I preferred on the bottom. The headphone Jack that is Kevin says they should wait for a better phone and that's. Blackberry ten. No now -- -- also reports there will be an IOS six and Bluetooth poorly. They speculate will allow an iPod nano to receive messages or emails on its screen for people who are still. -- it as a watch that I promise -- no longer make fun of it would be taking the concept of the -- sort of -- watched for Sony's Smart watch and bring it to the Apple ecosystem. Also with the announcement potentially getting closer. New video footage and still images. From Japanese repair shop I -- factory shows a fully assembled device of what the front in the backside of the new iPhone might look like. Now we know Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about doubling down on secrecy a few months ago but these images are so detailed unbelievable. I'm sorry to believe this is it or could Apple really have just leaked out the -- both five that it. -- -- -- -- a phone. -- let's take out our app of the week. This one's a no brainer it's the Amazon instant video app for the iPad now Amazon prime members who -- -- nine dollars a year. Really get the benefit of having access to bowl of the shows and movies. But if you're not a member you can still purchase content to watch on the app. Now few things you guys should know. There is no search function in the app to find anything you want you have to you scroll through the icons there is no search. Also thinks Apple's awesome rules if you want to purchase any content and -- -- here you have to go to Amazon's web site first to make the transaction. And then it will appear in your library but you can't deal with in the happen. You can thank Apple for that. And at the moment airplay only works for audio. And not full screen video yes it's still -- app of the week because how can you complain about a 140000 videos and shows now be available for free. But it's not perfect. Just like people so check out the Amazon instant video app. -- right there's also an ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung that's expected to last several weeks where Apple is trying to convince a jury that one of its biggest rival Samsung. Copying their designs and technology to get where they are today now Samsung's arguing Apple's iPad and iPhone would have been impossible to -- without their technology. Remember Samsung makes components that are inside of Apple's products making this the best -- for enemies we've seen since Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Now the best part of this by is that we have now been given access to the thinking. And designs inside of Apple with prototype renderings and images that are being made public for this case to look facilities to some pretty cool stuff and some of the design cues. -- even been implemented into the rumored prototype that we've seen already now Apple vs Samsung is constantly evolving it's a long ways to go so we'll keep in the loop with major things that happen. Each week are let's take out some quick bites. Apple TV fans will be happy to get a new addition with Hulu plus -- their paper Hulu plus but I know you cord cutters do so you can check that out. And MacBook Pro Retina -- -- get a little love since the -- -- firewire adaptor is now available at the Apple Store. And also in completely. Unrelated news viewing -- snoop dog you know the rapper Snoop -- is officially changing his name to this new -- -- After he said in an interview I feel I have always been -- -- safari I just gonna have my third I open your third -- Apple whatever we welcome -- -- -- this world and it's also being confirmed as the next -- for OS-X with new features like high cloud. Police -- notifications and -- under. All right I also -- -- if you guys up the Apple by nation with an amazing giveaway. If the total project messenger -- this is really a top not fight for students commuters or couriers. From our friends of Grand Haven and -- 149. Dollar value. It has a waterproof internal compartment bomber water shedding fabric a built in safety like and it's huge. Sitting up to a seven inch laptop -- it all you have to do is tweet -- -- Brian Tong or email us and tell me. Why you would Kerry in this bag. The best answers will be the winners and the good pizza bread haven have also created a 40% off code everything I've read even dot com. Just for us with a code -- -- that's good until August the sixty. All right it's gonna deal for this -- show I'm gonna ask you guys one more thing send me your questions. Comments tweaked pictures -- and videos. Of any weird kind. To the applebyte@cnet.com. Because we're doing a feedback so that's all about you the Apple byters it's your show in a couple weeks and I will be waiting. All right I'm Brian Tong -- rotting old -- guys next time for another bite of the Apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- Good job great job our -- awesome job. And it's. Children. It's still going up -- level.

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