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Jawbone's Big Jambox: First Look

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First Look: Jawbone's Big Jambox

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The Jambox grows up and, not surprisingly, sounds a lot better.

I'm David Carnelly Executive Editor for CNET.com and I'm here with the new Jawbone big Jambox. That's right. Jawbone kept it simple and simply called it the big Jambox. It's about three times the size of the original Jambox which is a bluetooth speaker. This is also a bluetooth speaker. It's obviously not as portable as the original Jambox but this one is designed to be portable and offer a better sale. It does definitely offer a bigger, richer and better sale on bigger base, more detailed. Obviously when you go to a bigger speaker size, you can get better sale. This one does not come with any sort of carrying case or anything like that. It does come with an AC adapter for charging. You do need to use that AC adapter the smaller model can be charge via USB. This one also has a USB connection but that is simply for (firm more?) updates. This one charges at about 2-1/2 hours to get a full charge and it goes for up to 12 hours on a single charge. The big Jambox weighs at 2.7 pounds but Jawbone did (watch?) be able to carry it with one hand, it comes this in graphite color here as well as a white version and a red version. Like the original Jambox, this is a peachier called live audio you enable it by pressing the volume up and down buttons together and that feature's enabled and basically widened the sound stage. If it digital trickly that makes the speakers sound a little bit more three dimensional, I have that wider sound stage. You can use your Smartphone or tablet as a remote when you using this with bluetooth to stream audio or your movies. There are also some buttons on top, that allow you to skip tracks forward and back and new to this model is a dedicated pairing button. You press that button to set the speaker into pairing mode, that's really all the risk to it except for the price point. This one is rather expensive at $299 that puts it right out there with a (boze?) sound like wireless, another very good performing portable bluetooth speaker. Well I can't say it's a bargain at that highest point, I can certainly say that it is a very well designed speaker. It also sound very good for it size and this is a premium bluetooth portable speaker. So if you're looking for something like that, this certainly fits the bill. I'm David Carnelly. And that's the Jawbone big Jambox Bluetooth Speaker.

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