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Crave: Jam surveillance cameras with these fashionable LED glasses, Ep. 125

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Crave: Jam surveillance cameras with these fashionable LED glasses, Ep. 125

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The National Institute of Informatics has developed infrared LED glasses that let you slip through an airport undetected by the NSA. We take a quick look inside home theaters built for a king, and Crave introduces a new segment called the Lego Block. Can you guess what it's about?

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In light of all that NSA wiretapping and spying on Americans news as -- -- Researchers at the national institute of informatics have developed these stylish glasses which cataract photographs. In facial recognition software that could invade your privacy. Few little walk amongst the masses and public completely undetectable. Thing get a pair these glasses no one will ever be able to identify. We'll cameras that it. The glasses use eleven infrared only sees -- -- -- into digital cameras making them unable to detect human face. Luckily -- -- have mail impair that I -- a few years back affair. -- explore air terra -- is a bicycle powered parent lighter and camping tent. Designers beginning competing John voting created to kick starter page for the explorer error in her trying to raise 50000 pounds to get the flying bike off the ground excuse the lame -- The fight isn't easy to operate aircraft requiring no license to fly in is capable altitudes of up to 4000 feet. At a top airspeed of 25 miles -- Flying bikes aren't your thing then why not get a 900 dollar portion go Kart. -- -- go Kart Porsche peddle cars actually made by Porsche and is designed for a five year old. We go Kart was exclusively designed by the Porsche design studio in Zell am see Austria it is exclusively sold through your local authorized -- -- It weighs just 55 pounds and was designed with Porsche intelligence performance. -- performance philosophy developed for its hybrid vehicles. -- a new segment I'm calling the Lego -- Everything eventually gets made into -- form in here are few new -- designs you might wanna pick up. The Mars curiosity rover is a 120 scale legal version of NASA's Mars science laboratory. It was designed by mechanical engineer Perry -- who worked on the curiosity for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Or check out this award winning Wizard of -- -- display. Which was being shown off a -- -- 2013 recently it has an actual rotating tornado. And then scientists Sasha -- has created a Large Hadron Collider in -- The kit has 560 pieces and take surround and powered constructive. It costs about a hundred dollars. And finally -- release Sydney Opera House set which consists of 2989. Pieces it is extremely detail. All these legal kids come from a website called who so the site for Lego enthusiasts to share their models that have gathered 101000 -- In order for Lagos considered making their creations as kit. And that's -- show thanks for watching as always you can find all these news stories that gets. Great project -- dot cnet.com. While you're there this week's crave is giving away the pickpocket proof pants for safe travels. You cannot get to pick pocketed in these pants. Go to the blood and enter to win. -- Okay. Do. And the game.
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