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CNET Update: Is this Amazon's game controller for a TV box?
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CNET Update: Is this Amazon's game controller for a TV box?

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Photos leak of a possible video game controller for Amazon's rumored media box, selfie mania sweeps Apple's App Store, and #Whaling makes a splash on Vine.

The world's gone crazy herself and and there -- whales on -- and I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET up -- You ready for Amazon to come out the system that can stream shows and games. Because there is now evidence of Amazon Bluetooth -- controller. Digital media tech blogger deeds that published the status of the controller at -- block. You can see -- has tons of controls there are shoulder buttons triggers. There's this center button that -- and taking to a menu of other injury games in Amazon's -- circle store. Information suggests that this -- similar arrive sometime in March or April. City campus next story because what I'm about to say make costs -- and revulsion and high rolling. In Apple's App Store on iTunes there is -- section dedicated apps for taking self -- This sharing -- section includes all sorts of programs to add -- -- edit your photos. Lake east and there are apps for sharing therapies like the popular snack chat. So the app section is probably popular in the -- CD in the Philippines which is this -- capital of the world according to time magazine. Time built a database of all the photos marked with hash tag -- -- the and it listed which CDs have the highest concentration of -- -- Manhattan. And Miami where the second and third most -- cities. Being -- is there stale there's always -- -- People are posting media's online of them acting like a whale might -- backward with their whole body like a whale -- the surface of -- ocean. I even did my own research to better understand this phenomenon. Planking -- -- going may have been hot before but the trendy challenges get more complex with videos. Along with -- videos you'll start to -- 152 commercials in Facebook's news -- The network -- that 152 video ads that will automatically play in your feet. A compass would have to pay anywhere between 1000000 and 2.5 million dollars a day for one of these commercials. So you'll likely see -- associate with companies that have deep pockets. Just like the idea is that your friends post ads will play on mute and it's happy to XP and hear the sound. And -- you -- app check out a game call three. It's popular iOS but it just recently hit the Google play store and cost two dollars this casual puzzle game -- -- -- and as you try to -- matching numbers beginning with -- That your tech news update me get more details at slash update from march -- in New York I'm Bridget Carey.
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