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Googlicious: Is the Google watch coming soon?
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Googlicious: Is the Google watch coming soon?

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A new rumor and details point to the "Nexus" watch potentially coming this year. The HTC One Max is officially here and our Hot List for the top Android phones.

-Googlicious. So delicious. -What's happening? I'm Brian Tong, and welcome to Googlicious. It's everything Google that we could pack inside of a show each week. Now, everyone's getting into the watch action, and the biggest buzz is coming from 9to5 Google, which reports that Google is putting the final touches on a smartwatch of their own. Now, details are slim, but Google Now functionality is rumored to be at the core of the watch. It would really be perfect to adapt this interface on to a smaller screen, with its information for weather, sports and businesses nearby. And according to their sources, Google is focusing on longer battery life with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which supports low power connections. And it's the biggest issue facing the smartwatches for every company. Now, it's being referred to as the Nexus Watch, codename, "Gem." Well, not that Jem. And it's likely rumored to release with Google's Android KitKat announcement according to the article. Now, we're still waiting for a smartwatch [unk] does it right. And this already sounds like it's moving in the right direction. Now, we've also seen even more late pics of Android 4.4 KitKat, and recently, a new video is showing off Google's latest mobile OS in action, running on-- you know what? The hotly-anticipated Nexus 5. Again, it's not a major significant overhaul visually, but from what we've already heard and seen feature-wise, it's gonna be a nice step up. Now, sticking with Android hardware right now, it's the HTC One Max. It's been officially announced and all the leaks and rumor specs were on the money, but its most unique feature is its fingerprint censor that can unlock the phone-- like the iPhone, it is on the backside. But even better, you can assign different fingers to open different apps, and you can switch on the device with that app loaded. That's some pretty sleek stuff. Now, it brings a 5.9 full 1080p HD display, storage of 16 or 32 gigs with an SD card slot for expandable memory. You'll still get dual speakers, but no Beats audio technology after their deal expired. And something a little curious for Android users, a removable back plate without a removable battery. HTC says the battery is directly behind the display, and the processor and other components are right behind it, making it impossible to give users access-- so, it's kind of a tease. Now, curved displays are the new black for Android phones, and I have nothing wrong with curves. We saw the Galaxy Round that was announced last week, curving left to right. And it has this interesting roll effect to check information when it's laying flat. And it will be released in Korea first. Now, LG has already said that bendable and unbreakable smartphone displays are already in production. And we talked about the LG G Flex last week. But a gadget has come across a trio of renders of the actual device that will be coming out some time next month, according to sources. And it's been confirmed to be a 6-inch screen. They're putting their own twist on the curve from top to bottom. Now, the major benefits of a curved screen on a phone remains to be seen. Maybe manufacturers are getting bored or doing it because they can. But maybe you guys are really in to it. Well, we wanna hear what you have to say. Curves or no curves? So, e-mail us at or you guys could just tweet me @BrianTong, and we'll post a couple of your thoughts next week. All right. Some of you have asked for this. And there are so many devices out there, but it's always fun to throw out a little top five list. So, we're calling it the Hot List. And there's really no science to it, it's just my opinion on what's the hottest Android phones out on the market right now based on, obviously, their hotness. So, here we go. At number five, it's the Moto X with its customization that still makes this appealing. But really, honorable mention goes to the Motorola Droid Maxx, that's really a phone. But the Moto X just has more buzz right now. At number four, the LG G2. LG really put out a winner with this one. Number three, the Galaxy S4 is arguably the most popular Android phone, but it doesn't mean it's the hottest right now. Number two-- I may be partial to this, but I still love the HTC One design, and it takes this spot with its new rainbow colors, bringing back some attention to it. And at number one, it may not be the bestseller-- I'm not buying one-- but the Note 3, feature freak of nature, is really the hottest phone on the market right now. So, you guys can feel free to send me all kinds of horrible e-mails unless you agree with everything I said here. All right. That's gonna do for this week's show. Thanks so much for watching all the Google goodness this week. And we'll see you guys next time for another fix of Googlicious. -Googlicious.

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