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Apple Byte: Is Mountain Lion worth the money?

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Apple Byte: Is Mountain Lion worth the money?

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The secret's out about Mountain Lion; we'll break it down for you. Plus, Apple wants to bring us "5D" TV. What the heck is that?

What's up guys I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple and the big news this. -- tax out of the bag. -- was released OS-X outline for 1995 through the Mac App Store. You can upgrade if you have lion and even snow leopard if your Mac's hardware is compatible and is their -- is operating system yet. Now certainly worth the upgrade and it's a real polished OS that I enjoys -- more than my shapely. My favorite features I think using the most over the past few weeks are the notification that I can access with a quick swipe on the track pad. The VIP list and mail makes sure I never miss an email from all the honey that Holler I mean. And I message it lets me directly message IOS device users like my good friend Charlie. So let's take a first look and more now align with cnet's no nonsense -- there. Senior associate editor Jason Parker. The latest version of Mac OS-X comes more than 200 new features that makes several actions easier. -- make it more connected to your other Apple devices. The most notable new feature documents in the -- gives you a window upon launch of an app that shows all your current documents. This means that whatever -- restaurant you'll have the latest version of -- documents everywhere. Note how iCloud window -- quick -- preview features like in the finder next messages is now on the Mac in mountain. Now they'll be able to send instant messages to friends and coworkers from your Mac directly to other -- devices running IOS five or later. You can also send multimedia message with a simple drag and drop. Don't forget that as long as you're chatting with another Mountain Lion IOS device -- -- -- won't count towards or texting with service -- Mountain Lion also offers reminders. Originally added and IOS five for Apple's mobile devices reminders app -- up with IOS devices through iCloud so your reminders are always with you. Mountain Lion for minors aren't just about time based alerts you also have the ability to send yourself reminders based on your GPS location. Very handy when you have to remember something when leaving work for example. In safari Apple's web browser the company has adopted -- unified Smart search field similar to what you're having Google crawl. -- you can type -- your well or to -- search -- Safari also has a new way to browse tabs with -- -- and I -- sync feature that shows you the current open tabs on your Apple devices. Even better with a pinch gesture you enter a new interface for tabbed browsing mode that lets you swipe between open taps and reverse pinch to go back to regular viewing mode. Sharing is much easier and Mountain Lion as well with a new share button that shows up in many interface elements across the operating system. In safari you can touch the share button and mountain line will list the most appropriate share options for the content. What this web site for example the sharing button -- appropriate ways to share URL that brings us to FaceBook and Twitter integration. Just like the one time sign -- you do with Twitter and IOS five for iphones and ipads. You'll soon be able to sign it once on FaceBook or Twitter and mountain -- and have easy access to Sharon Adams on both social networks. Unfortunately FaceBook integration won't come until this fall is an update but Twitter is ready use right now -- line. Simply touch the share button -- Twitter. And you get what Apple calls a share sheet where you can type in your message at an attachment along with the location instantly update directly with. Mountain Lion is available right now the Mac App Store -- 1995. I'm Jason Parker has been a first look for Apple's mountain -- back -- -- in the studio Brian. You just stop at the -- They aren't -- -- to be sold how do you like adjacent. -- -- -- No one amount lion's new additions game center promises to bring crossing. Between the Mac and IOS devices and the game library will eventually ramp up but for now is pretty slim pickings right now with seven games. Now there have been reports that some users now lined up to date program redemption codes were not working through the App Store and will fall to see how widespread of an issue that is. But before we move on. I thought this'll be a perfect moment to celebrate this new launch with a tribute to novel -- in -- Are sol Q and -- her -- Thought I mean look at them and you just can't take your eyes off them. -- -- -- Supported Wall Street for the first time in a long time for their fiscal third quarter earnings the -- -- an eight point eight billion dollars on sales of 35 billion dollars. Now those sound like big numbers and they are. But Apple fell short of Wall Street's expectations with the weakening iPhone sales from Europe and China. And a slowdown of sales with all the speculation of a new iPhone model coming soon. Now who could be telling people not to buy an iPhone right now. On the flip side Apple sold a record seventeen million ipads in the quarter with Apple's tablet -- 68%. Of the market according to strategy analytics. CEO Tim Cook also decided to give Sam boys -- -- -- orgasm during the earnings call when he said. We are also really looking forward to the amazing -- price we've got in the pipeline. -- Boom -- -- -- one of those new products people are anticipating. Is and how. TV said I still say it's not coming 2012. But a series of wild and crazy patents were recently -- Apple for advancing the TV experience to not greedy but get this. Five. Now Sunday back to 1999 but they include interactive gaming teleconferencing. Tactile feedback technology while watching TV. And virtual reality data gloves which I hope we never seen. So envision this it's like a connect like interactivity with video conferencing that you can recognize your hand -- as -- user while watching T with. A Nintendo power glove that's five. We're just going to -- Alright guys on to the rivers and they have been hot with the MacBook are reporting that the next iPod Touch. We use the same in cell technology that's expected in the next iPhone. But the iPod Touch Apple also moved to the force display with the same longer dimensions and will have a -- aluminum rear shell instead of a glass back. -- the -- stainless steel on the current iPod Touch. But the report also mentions all hole on the lower part of the rear side of the iPod Touch. And I'm not going to guess what that feature could possibly be used for. I'll -- -- securities analyst Ming chi -- went on fire this past week with several Apple related product rumors saying he believes the thirteen inch. Retina Display MacBook pros will be -- in the September October timeframe. He's also sticking with his prediction for iPhone 5 to launch in September along with -- updates for the iPod Touch and you iPod nano. Which is what Apple's been doing with the iPod pipeline over the past several years so there's no surprises there and he also claims the iPad mini will debut after the -- later in that same month of September. Alright guys all -- the quick bites and Reuters has confirmed that Apple will indeed be shrinking their dock connector it's a rumor we've talked about earlier in the show. They say the move was partially made to make space for the headset connector to be placed on the bottom. I really hope. It wasn't just to make space many -- called for. Now I've said earlier I'm all for this and -- -- functionality and a sleeker slimmer device but this is really a business market move with all the new accessory makers. Getting a new stream of revenue from Apple's ecosystem thanks to a new connector. Others claim you were already mad about this I know this. But isn't really gonna stop you from getting the next iPhone. I want to hear -- you the Apple buyers have to say and I promise I will read a few of your responses. That's descent to the applebyte@cnet.com. Or my Twitter app Brian Tong on next week's show. And it one more thing that you guys should probably know about. The Apple podcast that's that's RE excuse. For a podcast that that's just horrible it's a bad Apple is believed to have star ratings. Gap -- all things. He needs help. Alright guys that's gonna do for this -- -- I'm Brian Tong thinks watching send your thoughts your wishes hopes and dreams. And we'll see you guys next -- for another bite of the Apple.

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