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Is iTunes TV coming soon?: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: Is iTunes TV coming soon?

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Apple's pitching a new digital TV package plan to TV networks, asking them to jump on board; the iPhone isn't doing so hot in China; and there's another Bad Apple to avoid.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 [ Background music ]>> Brian Tong: What's crackin I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Applebyte it's all of the good and bad inside the world of Apple so let's get to the show. Now some of you might be thinking about ditching your cable to save money and just watch your favorite TV shows on the internet but would you pay to watch through iTunes for 30 bucks a month? Well the big news from Media Memo is that Apple has been pitching the idea to TV networks in hopes of delivering TV programs through iTunes. Apple's not tying down the service to a piece of hardware like their red headed step child the Apple TV instead it would be an offering through iTunes to its 100 million customers. Now the key here is locking down the big 5 networks and the cable channels people care about and really that's no easy task but with instant streaming of movies and older TV shows through services like Netflix this is clearly the next evolution and iTunes has the customer base to pitch it so really intriguing stuff and we'll following this as it develops. Now Apple recently announced its App Store has hit the 100,000 apps milestone with over 2 billion downloads. 9 to 5 Mac has a closer look from Apps Fire that shows only 5 apps on half of all iPhones which probably includes Facebook and AIM and others. The 1000th ranked app which represents the top 1% of apps is installed on less than 2% of iPhones and iPod Touches but that still represents about 1 million users. 80% of apps are not even actively installed which probably includes all the fart and burp apps you guys can think ok. Alright Windows 7 has been making plenty of noise and there are many of you who just aren't Mac heads that watch the show so we'll show you the installation using Boot Camp on your Mac. Now first thing you'll obviously need is a Mac supporting a Intel Duo Core Duo and legal copies of both Windows 7 and Leopard or Snow Leopard. Windows 7 is not supported in Boot Camp at the moment but it does work. Now Apple will be offering official support sometime next year but if you have a Mac that's from 2006 or earlier you'll probably have problems installing Windows 7. First up on your Mac let's go to the applications folder, then utilities, and open the Boot Camp Assistant. This is the tool that will allow you to create a Window's partition on your hard drive so you can dual boot. Select the partition size you want or use the options offered and boot camp will do the rest. You'll then be asked to pop in your Windows 7 disk and start the installation, go through the prompts and choose the installation type that you want then make sure you pick the Boot Camp partition for where you want to install Windows. I ran into an issue where it wouldn't let me advance until I formatted the Boot Camp partition so make sure to click on the drive options, you'll see advanced in parenthesis and select format, hit next and Windows 7 will start the installation. Now after your computer restarts and boots up you'll need to select a few more options to finish the process but you'll still need to install the drivers for the Mac hardware. We're here on the Windows 7 desktop, go to the start menu, then computer and eject the Windows 7 disk, now pop in your Mac OS 10 disk and the automatic prompts should let you launch the Boot Camp installer to add all the hardware drivers you need. You are now ready to use Windows 7 on your Mac and here's a couple of tips. The Apple command key is now the Windows key and if you want to right click make sure you have the 2 fingers on the track pad and then click the mouse button for additional options. Whenever you guys want to switch between booty into your Windows 7 or Mac OS 10 partition just hold the option key right after you hear the start up chime sound and you'll be able to choose. [ Background music ] >> Brian Tong: I'm Brian Tong from CNET.com with your how to for installing Windows 7 on your Mac, use it wisely. That's right for all of you that said I'm totally an Apple freak, I go both ways on my computer that is. Alright now in the quick bytes we mentioned in past episodes how Apple was taking active measures to try and block jail breaking on the iPhone 3GS. Well he came of cat and mouse continues after the black snow jail break was released. App developers probably aren't too happy about this especially after Fish Labs recently claimed their latest game Rally Master Pro 3D a 95% piracy rate thanks to those jail breakers and my favorite pirates of all my friends in China. They might have had an impact on iPhone 3G sales. Since its launch last week China Unicom has only signed up 5000 users. Now it might be attributed to the fact that the Chinese version offers no Wi-Fi and many people already got their hands on full featured unlocked phones or they've purchased those bootleg knock off iPhones instead. I mean look at those things those look like the real life phone to me, no difference. Alright the App Store might have hit 100,000 apps but I have a big problem with one of them. Eliminate Pro is a smooth looking first person shooter and it's free to download but it's not really free to play. You earn credits to upgrade your weapons and armors with in game kills and wins. Each game you play uses up part of your energy and you need energy to earn credits. Now once you're on empty you can either wait 4 hours to recharge or you can pay to play again sooner. It gets messy with pricing and units of energy blah blah blah but the bottom line is this is an app where you'll constantly pay to play unless you want a crippled game. I normally love NG Moco [assumed spelling] with the creators of my beloved Rolando but this is ridiculous and stupid and guess what I'm throwing out the bad apple at them. Paying to play each time. What a joke. Alright that's gonna do it for this week's show. Send me your questions and comments at the applebyte@cnet.com. I'll get to as many as I can. I'm Brian Tong thanks for watching and come back next time for another bite of the apple.

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