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Always On: Is eye tracking the input tech of the future?
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Always On: Is eye tracking the input tech of the future?

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Imagine a world of interaction with just the gaze of your eyes. Molly Wood takes a look into the possibilities.

-The headline feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is something called Eye Scroll. You can scroll through web pages using just your eyes or even pause a video by looking away from the screen. But Eye Scroll just scratches the surface of new eye tracking technologies that could change how we interact with all our devices in the future. So when I look at that asteroid, they blow up? Oh my god. -Exactly. -Look at that. Swedish company, Tobii is building eye tracking into video games. -You realize it's the whole experience. You didn't actually use your hands. -No. I know it felt weird. -No mouse. -Yeah. -I mean, did you see my hands? I was sort of like-- they were creeping up like-- -We can get-- -I felt like I need to stop it. -we can get you a mouse. We can get you a mouse if you go through with all here. -And they've made it possible to control Windows 8 all with your eyes. -So right here I'm gonna actually have our gaze interaction, full and within implementation. -Uh huh. -And so it sort of having to reach out and touch the screen, it knows where I'm looking. The other thing called Scroll here as you notice is I'm reading. I'm not scrolling. It's actually following my reading. It's scrolling down. It's gone to the bottom of the page. -Okay. -I'm selecting the calculator with my eyes. And I'm actually gonna run the calculator. Again I'm just gonna tap. It just says select-- -Right. -but I'm actually not gonna say 8 or 9-- I'm not gonna press the 8 or 9 key. -Wow. -Pretty amazing, right? -Okay. You know what, I have to say I'm starting, pardon the pun, I'm starting to see it. Like I'm starting-- -Exactly. -to get the idea of-- -It's-- -how this would be super useful and natural. -seeing is-- yeah. -Then there's Virginia-based LC Technologies. This is their Eyegaze Edge. The idea here is that you basically type with your eyes. The computer translates the words on the screen into synthesized speech. -Hello, how's it going? -The eyes can point very precisely. So if we can get camera technology that can harness that, then we can turn that into-- say-- the essentially the same thing as a mouse on the screen. -Hello. -I ask one of our producers to Skype with Jeff Cannata to give it a try. -Hey, how is it going? -It's going well. It's a lovely day-- a lovely spring day here in Los Angeles. So how's the weather there? -Foggy. -Well that's San Francisco for you. It's sunny, sunny here. So you are typing with your eyes. What is that like? -My eyes are a little bit petite, but I think overtime you get pretty used to it and you get stronger. But it just gets to show you how cool things are getting me a lot. I could just look at your picture on the screen and hover over you right now like this and I can hang up on you with my eyes. -Don't hang up on me with your eyes. Women do that to me all the time. -I think that makes two of us then. -Eye tracking is part of a revolution in input-- a future where we will control devices with our eyes, our voice. Give me a massage. This is awesome. Our hands-- the possibilities seemed endless. Even our minds-- I am exhausted. It's not clear yet which new input technology or a combination of technologies will turn out to be the most useful or effective. For now I'm just enjoying the R&D phase. Go. I'm doing [unk]-- like an asteroid showdown? -I'd love to. Yeah. -Shoot asteroids by looking at them. I love the future. -Here we go-- all right. -Okay, I got that one. -The duel is on. -Oh no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. I looked right at you. Oh, Earth. Oh, that was a big one. I don't remember asteroids having screening. Was it always this dark? Your eyes were gone. I can't save everybody. -Seeing is believing. -It is. -Exactly. -I see the vision. -Yeah. -I can't stop now, I can't stop.
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